Yearly Horoscope 2018

2018 horoscope for the year of the Dog
In 2018, earthlings will be ruled by the Dog, whose nature includes humaneness, kindness, and a tendency to be demanding towards her fosterlings. While the world is under the authority of such a strict and stubborn mistress, each individual person will have to maintain control of their own behavior. The dog will not tolerate craftiness or lies (dishonesty will be punished severely). However, the mistress of 2018 will readily support anyone who is willing to fight honestly for success, and she will give a whole host of opportunities to such people.

The Dog is an unusually peace-loving and humane creature. These qualities will set the basis for the most important trends of 2018. Our planet will have far fewer armed conflicts and wars. The Dog will force the fiercest enemies to make peace with each other, not only on the international scale, but also on the individual scale. Under conditions where literally everything is resolved in a peaceful manner, it will be a lot more comfortable to live and work than it was, say, a year ago. The tranquility and emotional comfort of 2018 will encourage many people to take on creative hobbies, work which is aimed at self-development, as well as a rethinking of their life ideals. Under the influence of the Dog, who is a stranger to pathos, many of us will renounce the desire for luxury, learning to find positivity in simple human joys (including loyal friendship). It couldn't be any other way - it's not without reason that the Dog symbolizes faithful friendship. In 2018, another significant trait will be discernible - a tendency towards collective activity. As a result, during the period of the Dog's rule, many creative alliances, business partnerships and other similar collaborations will be organized.

The Dog is sincerely pleased if everyone has a home, a bed, and the opportunity to provide themselves with a dignified existence. In 2018, many new jobs will appear, which means that, thanks to the Dog, many people will have a chance to escape from unemployment. People who decide to change their professional role completely right now by giving up their low-paying and the unpromising job will also have good luck. The Dog appreciates honest people, which means that every opportunity to succeed in 2018 will be based exclusively on a high level of integrity. People who are accustomed to succeeding by standing on the heads of their competitors or colleagues will be punished in the next few months. The Dog will force them to profoundly rethink their attitude towards life, and to learn independence. The mistress of this year will also be quite strict towards everyone who tries to acquire prosperity through risky deals. In 2018, risks are unlikely to have the necessary effect, and everyone who tries knowingly to invest their capital in a risky venture should keep this in mind. Only honest labor, carried out to the finest details, will be welcomed in every way by the Dog. The spheres of activity which will be most in demand will be the production of industrial goods and products and the sphere of education, science and teaching. Those who turn their gazes to the ground, realizing that agriculture and livestock farming have not lost their relevance, will not be mistaken either. While the Dog has mastery over the world, our planet will have many new private farmers. Some farmers who are just beginning will go so far as to organize a whole community of people who are united by shared goals. The Dog will support and condone collective work, and so if you want, you could earn quite a decent sum. Another matter is that the mistress of 2018 will disapprove of anyone who is inclined to splurge. Everything which is achieved through hard effort should be deposited in a special bank account, or invested in your own business. In this case the profit will continue to grow, giving you hope for a stable, comfortable tomorrow.

The Dog is a monogamous creature, and she requires this from all of her fosterlings. By creating a strong family environment, you will protect it, and stop any third party from invading your life. Traitors and liars will be punished cruelly by the Dog (she will doom them to long-lasting isolation). In contrast, couples who live in harmony, with loyalty and mutual passion, will be showered with all kinds of good things. Many children will be born in 2018, conceived in love and vested with superb health. At this stage many people will manage to escape loneliness. In order to encounter love, you first need to open up to this world. This doesn't mean you need to visit all the hot spots inhabited by all the frivolous members of the opposite sex, this means something more profound. Travel around, changing your location as often as possible, getting to know lots of new people, and gaining fresh experiences. The Dog will give all the representatives of the Zodiac circle the opportunity to encounter love, and this love will be surprisingly passionate.
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2018 Horoscope Aries Aries 2018
Arians will spend 2018 in a productive and lively fashion, without discovering serious problems in any area of life. Representatives of your Zodiac sign will become confident in your tomorrow, and will stop being apprehensive about the future. However, the horoscope for 2018 warns that all of the favorable changes in your life will not start overnight. You will have to exert some effort in order to lay the favorable groundwork for them.

2018 Horoscope Taurus Taurus 2018
In 2018, Taureans' lives will change for the better in many ways. You will immediately see in front of you several attractive prospects, but you will have to settle on only one possible course of action. The congenital wisdom which all representatives of your sign are endowed with will quickly and successfully help you to overcome the matter of choosing. Then the astral path will truly begin, and you will be accompanied on it by everyone who is dear to you.

2018 Horoscope Gemini Gemini 2018
In 2018, Geminis will manage to free themselves from some of their long-standing problems. In the first half of the year it will already become clear to you that Fortune has finally remembered that you exist. Even though 2018 will be favorable and successful in all respects, it doesn't mean you won't have to work, think, run ahead, or control your behavior carefully. You will not be opposed to becoming much more serious and thorough than you used to be.

2018 Horoscope Cancer Cancer 2018
In 2018, Cancers will subject their priorities in life to a major revision. The energy of this active annual cycle will inspire you, and you will decide to renounce your philosophically contemplative attitude to life. Over the next few months, you will persistently lay down your astral path, forgetting about laziness and fatigue entirely. Such enthusiasm will help you to change many things in your fate for the better, and the results will definitely be to your liking.

2018 Horoscope Leo Leo 2018
In 2018, Leos will receive additional bonuses from the planets who are the patrons of this sign. The Sun and Mars will illuminate your life, and their guardianship will help you to achieve major successes in any area you choose. You just need to want to turn your brightest dreams into a reality.

2018 Horoscope Virgo Virgo 2018
In 2018, Virgos will have to reassess this world and think about their own purpose. Representatives of your sign hardly ever think about the primary meaning of their existence, but in the coming months, life itself will force you to philosophize. When you encounter a number of minor problems which knock you off balance, you will start to look for a new path which will lead you to true happiness.

2018 Horoscope Libra Libra 2018
On the whole, for Libras 2018 will have a positive color, but for all its positivity it won't be a particularly productive period. All of the positivity prepared for your sign will be allocated exclusively to matters which are not fateful in nature. Thus you will have an unforgettable time with your best friends, and thanks to a proper change, you will significantly improve your image. If you are single, you will find a proper way to approach members of the opposite sex. Other aspects of existence (family, work, finances) are not expected to change much in 2018, which is also positive to some degree.

2018 Horoscope Scorpio Scorpio 2018
Scorpios will encounter 2018 in a state of emotional upliftment, and go through the year clearly realizing that the time has come for them to achieve great things. Throughout the upcoming months you will demonstrate everything your powerful character is capable of. You will have weeks of mad rushes without a single day off, and periods of intense labor for the benefit of one of your loved ones. On the whole, this will be a difficult period for you, but it will bring about colossal results.

2018 Horoscope Sagittarius Sagittarius 2018
In 2018, Sagittarius will discover facets of themselves which have been dormant in the past for certain reasons. This could be a creativity which will arise in all aspects of your existence, becoming something like air and food for you. As soon as you let creativity into your life, many things around you will change. Firstly, you will completely change your circle of friends, becoming friends with colorful, creative and original people. Secondly, it will become clear to you that it's not a stuffed wallet which gives incomparable satisfaction, but something else (which can't be measured in money).

2018 Horoscope Capricorn Capricorn 2018
Capricorns will have peace and comfort in 2018. The energy of this annual cycle will correspond completely to your own sense of peace. You will have the opportunity to drift leisurely wherever you want to go, without worrying that your castle will be toppled by storms. There won't be any such storms in your life, except perhaps in your inner world. There is a risk that at some moment you will decide to rebel against yourself, calling to mind all your previous mistakes. You can nip this excessive self-criticism in the bud by calling to mind not only your failures, but also your grand victories.

2018 Horoscope Aquarius Aquarius 2018
In 2018, Aquarians will see before themselves a multitude of tempting prospects. This abundance could make you feel out of your depth. When choosing only the right path, take into account all the finer details (including important things like emotional comfort and your movement in various areas). Representatives of your sign are accustomed to living not according to reason, but according to emotions. If your reason insists on one thing, but your emotions on the opposite, you will still have to find a compromise which satisfies them both.

2018 Horoscope Pisces Pisces 2018
Pisces will spend 2018 wallowing in everything the stars give in abundance. Out of all the representatives of the Zodiac circle, it is you who will become one of those lucky people before whom no doors are closed, and whose wishes come to life. The only time you will have to strain yourself and experience discomfort could be when you have to choose new priorities in life. In principle this shouldn't actually cause you discomfort, since whatever you choose, you can still expect success.
The Chinese New Year 2018 of the Yellow Earth Dog

2018 is also the year of the Earth Dog according to Chinese astrology. Dog has traditionally been associated with rising up with the dawn and being out- and- about and this indicates why hard work and discipline will be the key to success in the year of the Earth Dog. Dog years are governed by the fire element which will create tension and imbalance due to conflict with Metal Earth is the main element of the Dog. Yin (feminine) energy predominates this new cycle.

Yin years favour maintaining privacy in personal and business matters and spending time quietly with close friends and family. Dog years are great for building the virtues of good judgement, sense of righteousness and patience. New insights can be gained in the areas of public administration and business by those who endeavour to cultivate the virtues that the Dog holds dear. Risky ventures and impulsive investments should ideally be avoided this year. The political climate is likely to be unstable and any haste in business matters can result in failure. You'll be greeted by success if you persevere and strive to remain honest and organised to reach solutions to problems this year.

The year of the Fire rooster brings warmth in relationships and is generally a good year for new romance and weddings. This new cycle from February 16th, 2018 to 5th February, 2019 can be a productive and rewarding time for the Chinese sign of Rat, Ox (Buffalo), Snake, Goat, and Rooster. It is likely to be a moderate year for the Chinese sign of Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse and Pig. However, the Chinese sign of Dog and Tiger need to be a little extra careful in most aspects this year.
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