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2015 horoscope for the year of the Ram
Have patience, and you shall be rewarded tenfold. This phrase is the best possible way to sum up the horoscope outlook for 2015.

All of the strife, and all of the turmoil of the past few years, dating back to 2012, will soon be over. This is a huge promise, and it is a promise given generously from the forecasted horoscope for 2015. The year of 2015, also known as the year of the Wood Goat, has many signs that are pointing to a virtuous and promising year, and possibly more years to come.

This crucial upcoming year promises high hopes for our future as mankind. Specifically, it boasts the following positive changes: educational, political, technological, economical, and personal. It seems that 2015 has some very big responsibilities to uphold!

Patience is a virtue, and that cannot be stressed enough with this forecast. It seems that we as humans have forgotten what it is like to live in good times-times that are not bogged down by negativity. According to this forecast, it will be beneficial to start having hope for the future. There are many, many signs pointing to a prosperous 2015, and it would be extremely foolish to brush them off, especially with this kind of positivity practically dripping off.

Before moving on to the positive changes, let us focus on the Chinese horoscope for a second. 2015 is the Year of the Ram according to the Oriental calendar, and will go from February 19 of 2015 to February 7 of 2016. According to many of the Far East horoscopes that have been forecast already, 2015 holds practically the same promises that our Western horoscope holds. One major change that stands out is the faith in economic growth, and it will be stable, not coming and going in a burst. Traditional Chinese astrology has labeled the Year of the Ram, or the Year of the Green Wooden Ram as it is known in the traditional sense, a time for wellbeing and prosperity. Ladies and gentlemen, it does not get much more positive than that! Usually when both the Western and Chinese horoscopes agree like this, it will be a much better year for all of us, and that is definitely something to look forward to!

First off, let us take a look at how the planetary movements will affect our positive changes in education. We can see even from the very beginning that 2015 will prosper for us all. Starting in January, Saturn will make its move and transition into Sagittarius. In fact, this event will happen sometime at the end of 2014, so 2015 is guaranteed to start off right! Education will be placed in the forefront, with special emphasis on post-graduate education and furthering people's knowledge for the better. There will be many innovations coming up this year in relation to education, including structural innovations in educational institutions that will take a turn for the better. Order for all educational affairs will also be looked at and structured appropriately as opposed to as it is now. Unrelated to education (although it could probably be looked at as education in a non-traditional sense), country relations between one another will also be changed. Possible changes in entry between countries will happen, including visa-free entry for some and border-restriction in others. Although this is great for all of us, especially those who are teachers and students, these changes are only going to be talked about in 2015. In the upcoming years, we should see these changes start to unfold and make a huge difference. As a transition into the next topic, Saturn's movement also shows that there will be many political and economic problems that will be looked at in a totally different way.

In the past years, there has been big-time tension between Pluto and Uranus. This tension can be linked to many of the problems and strife that has occurred over the past couple years. But, thankfully, this tension will seem to ease up. With this easing up, all the conflicts and all of the issues that have occurred from 2012 to 2014 will finally come to an end. Many of these "wars" and conflicts that have been fought have been political in nature, and with the change in political thought coming into play early on in 2015, these conflicts are sure to come to an end. Countries such as Egypt, Syria, Ukraine and a number of African countries have been dealing with political issues for forever it seems like. These aforementioned countries are slated to go through changes in the way they handle their countries' politics. Will they be positive changes? If our pattern of positive changes in the horoscope holds true, then they can look forward to positivity taking reign. Technology also comes into play with this planetary event unfolding. 2015 promises technological innovations that will change our lives, similarly to cell phones and the Internet.

Jupiter and Uranus in 2015 horoscope will share a harmonious aspect in the first half of the year, making these technological innovations mentioned above possible. Space industry progress is also on the table with this planetary event, and there may be some news that will change the way we see space exploration and research. Jupiter's expansion quality is what makes this all possible.

Last, but most certainly not least, is the positive changes for economics and our personal health. In August, Jupiter will transition into Virgo, making for a highly positive outlook for the global economy. Instead of being all over the place, like they have been in recent years, the economy will stabilize, and will help us to recover from the huge losses that we have experienced over the past years of turmoil. Moving on to our personal health, it seems that there will be special attention paid to this. Ecological and environmental issues will come into play, as will our eating habits and lifestyle. Huge improvements are expected to be made throughout this planetary event, including changes in modern medicine that were before unheard of.

As we start to wind down 2014, just remember to have patience. What is coming next year will benefit us all, for a very long time. From the very end of 2014, to the summer of 2015, we will see changes that will show us that we will have a prosperous future that we can all look forward to.
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The Chinese New Year 2015 of the green wooden Ram

The 2015 Ram Chinese Horoscope and 2015 Chinese New Year Customary Celebrations: The year 2015 in China will be celebrated as a Ram year and does not traditionally commence until the 19 of February. The Ram in Chinese Astrology signifies strength and good luck so in 2015 these are believed to be the main focuses of the year. The celebrations for any Chinese New Year last for 15 days beginning with family gatherings, this is followed by praying and visiting relatives to pay respects. The 5th day is considered a day to stay at home and is called Po Woo. On this day it is advised that you wait in for the God of Wealth to ensure adequate finances for the following months.
On the 7th day of the Chinese New Year Farmers prepare a special drink from seven different types of vegetables to mark the occasion. The 10th to 12th days are times for inviting people to a meal. Two dishes are especially popular, Noodles are eaten for longevity while raw Fish is enjoyed by those seeking success. The finale of the 2015 celebrations is on the 15th night with a Lantern Festival, sometimes known as Yuanxiao, featuring a Ram dance. Lanterns are carried in the light of the full Moon and hung from peoples houses, creating an atmosphere of new beginnings and togetherness that will certainly be embraced in 2015.

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Horoscope 2015 year of the Ram - heavenly stem
Stem: Yi
Element: wood
Color: green
Taste: sour
Horoscope 2015 year of the Ram - earth branch
Branch: Wei
Animal: Ram
Season: late summer
Direction: South South West
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