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for September 29th

If your Birthday is September 29th and your Zodiac Sign is Libra

September 29th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 29th of September are predicted to be very naturally instinctive and resourceful with plenty of the typical Libran charm. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is our Moon gracing you with a friendly fair temperament that aims to be respectful of the opinions of others. If you have this birthday your creative imagination
and sharply observant and perceptive mind is likely to have a real appreciation for beauty and the wonders of nature. Cooperative and usually rather good at negotiating you make a great understanding listener. Intelligent, idealistic and practical you like to stay busy and organized but emotionally you tend to be quite fragile and seem to constantly seek stability. Individuals with a
September the twenty ninth birthday are just as charismatic and stylish as most of their zodiac group yet ordinarily not as confident. You possess an unselfish caring attitude but can sometimes be intolerant, moody or pessimistic too.

Work and Finances

Teaching is often a popular profession choice to a person born on the twenty ninth of September as you appear to have a
high regard and continual thirst for knowledge. Learning and increasing your wisdom is frequently an important part of any preferred career choice. Business minded skills are among your many capabilities so you may contemplate self employment at some stage. Your ample degrees of practicality make you willing to try various different jobs in order to find your ideal occupation. You are
not commonly motivated by money and adept at budgeting effectively so financial difficulties are usually rare.

Personal Relationships

For a Libra, the person born on the twenty ninth day of September is typically likely to trust their instinct in the search for a destined soul mate. You are inclined to greatly value close friendship and loyalty so in your idealized expectations of
romance you look for someone special whom you can really depend upon. A perfect other half will realize and always account for the sensitivity of your emotions as well as being fully attuned to your heightened perceptiveness to form a strong emotional bond. They should also share similar intelligence and interests in addition to having the same long term outlook. When
your occasional moodiness or pessimism strikes a loved one should be capable of cheering you up with a bit of TLC. A protective supportive partner yourself, you are deeply thoughtful and as a result highly unlikely to stray in a loving stable partnership.


Some minor illness experienced by those born on September 29th can be encouraged by your proneness to be somewhat
inconsistent concerning health habits. Although you aim for optimum overall healthiness you can soon lose enthusiasm in your fitness routine so exercising or other calorie burning activity with a friend should help. A fine balance of healthy food and adequate fluids are needed in your diet otherwise your skin and energy levels are disposed to suffer. People born on this day
have a tendency to be fairly active but this may sometimes make you a tad accident prone especially if you do not get enough sleep.

September 29th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably best seen in your practical ability to deal skillfully with newly presented situations or adversity. This forte intensifies your capable alertness and enhances your charming, sympathetic and insightful side. All your positive qualities go towards making you an interesting, kind and considerate companion. The personality weaknesses for those born on September 29th
are often stirred by an unexpected event and can cause you to be noticeably unlike your usual chirpy self. This temperamental irritability could emerge as isolated, insecure or slightly obsessive behaviors.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 29th of September destines you to be quietly but strongly determined providing lots of motivation to accomplish personal or professional goals. You are inclined to
have a few unrealistic aspirations but this does not stop you from dreaming of doing something unusual to make your mark in the world. Precise and thorough you are able to adopt a very disciplined approach to see anything you start or attempt through to conclusion. Dreams will probably tune into your power of imagining and consist of visions of
achieving success and happiness in all areas of life surrounded by those you love and respect.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty ninth day of the month the two and nine in your birth date equate to a Root number of Two. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Harmony' highlighting your predilections for order and
consistency alongside your benevolent view. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 2nd card illustrating the Priestess is linked to your specific birthday. This is a symbol of your intuition, thoughtful decisions and quest to be as knowledgeable as possible. The lucky gemstone for September the twenty ninth birthdays is a Pearl, wear it to promote balance and heighten willpower and


The general descriptions of the probabilities of all Libra personalities are believed to be astrologically influenced by the planet Venus's presence. The actual day you were born on, the twenty ninth of September is governed by the Moon's influence explaining your distinctiveness as an individual. Your alert senses and blend of mindful friendliness and fairness present you as efficient, amiable and
equitable. Your negotiation and organizational talents express and accentuate your helpfulness. If you can conquer your over reactions to unforeseen circumstances it should assist you to stabilize your mood and emphasize your maturity. A summarizing thought for people born on September the 29th is that getting to know yourself much better could possibly gain you more confidence and learn you to
be a little more spontaneous.

September 29th Horoscope Comments

It's so much happy to about my zodiac sign.. Im so proud to be..

[ Kite ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday, Us! We are AWESOME!

[ Lovely Libra ] [ Post Reply ]

This is all about me and I am proud to be a Libra awesome lol

[ ebby ] [ Post Reply ]

This is great, really hapi with this,its just illustrate who iam.Great write up

[ Adeola ] [ Post Reply ]

So serious it as if the writer was with me while writing,hmmmmm so poited to the fact that i am a teacher and so talented with the skill of writing song/music, engaging into politics or social activities that could cause positive change in the life of the people and my self is what i love doing, tha
nks to the great author or astrologer, you have just convince me that i have not been doing wrong.

[ This is so serious, it is as if the author was wit ] [ Post Reply ]

" ."

[ the day of unlimited 09-29-1990 diana cristine ] [ Post Reply ]

really amazing!!.

[ nelfa ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born in the 29th of september thumbs up to us ,, i rarely find anyone with my birthday date

[ Norah ] [ Post Reply ]

lol i'm born in 29th sep too

[ someone ] [ Post Reply ]

I am happy to read that. This is so me. I am really strange and I love to read horoscopes, kinda searching for answers why I am this way. I've gotta say that I not confident and this really annoys me, cuz I have always been concerned about what others think of me. And sometimes I feel isolated from
others even if I am not. This caused me to lose people that might be my friends. That's super annoying and I hate that part of me. However I am really good friend. I know that. I'll do anything I can to make people happy and even leave behind my needs just to help others. I am not very social. I ca
n talk to people but because I don't have enough confidence I can't truly connect with someone that fast as others. I need time, like a lot of time. This is making me crazy and that's why I don't really like meeting new people. I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and socialize but I am finding
it really hard. Anyway, I always see the good parts of everyone. Absolutely everyone . Even in people I don't like . I am very thoughtful. I always think before I do something. The only times I can be spontaneous are when I feel completely comfortable with the people I am around. Now bout the style
. I love fashion and i am very stylish. There were times when I was hiding behind my clothes cuz I thought I was fat but this times are gone. Well not exactly. Haha. I am not fat but not skinny either . I seek for perfection and I feel very disappointed when I don't find it. I am looking for the p
erfect partner. I am dreaming for perfection. Now about intelligence . I am inteloggent, great psychologist. I can say what people r trying to do or what kind of emotion people r trying to hide just by looking at then. I analyse absolutely everyone. I am very good at it and 95% of the times I am rig
ht. However, I am not so good at school. I was till 8th grade but I found it really hard to focus in 9 grade. Anyway, I am giving my best and let's hope I can do it. I have really high expectations of me for the future .

[ josepha ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!!!!! Everything about u is everything about me!!!

[ Johnny ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm so glad I read this!! It made me realize how much potential us 29'ers have as individuals and how we shouldn't waste it over a simple small lack of confidence! :) I'd also like to note how annoying and confusing it is to be ruled by the moon on this day (but the Moon is also my descending sign,
so that might be why I feel this way). Cancers (ruled by the moon) and Librans are completely different and I personally have a hard time being friends with a Cancer on a daily basis since they're so sensitive, over-protective, JEALOUS, and don't see things objectively. But I've realized that I can
also be that way in personal situations - I'm protective, sensitive, possessive, and very temperamental with those that I care for and in intimate situations. It's like my usual Libran qualities that I portray in everyday life (logical, unbiased, cold, stable) just disappear and I become my opposi
te. Consequently, this made it very hard for me to understand myself during my entire childhood and adolescence (I'm now 21). I always got mad at myself for being so passionate, sensitive and thoughtful; I would put on a mask to hide my true emotions, thus missing out on opportunities to express mys
elf and be more confident.However, now I'm realizing that I need to embrace and be proud of my moon sign and its positive qualities, since that's the only way I will truly understand myself and be proud of my uniqueness. My unpredictable mood swings shoes others not to mess with me - I'm capable o
f intimidating anger despite my typical graceful faade. My "clingy" and thoughtful side makes me an amazing friend, always there for others. My tendency to be optimistic and see the best in others makes me have a sunny and friendly personality. My amazing amount of intuition gives me the ability to
read people and instinctively predict the outcome of any situation.I know that I am confident and assertive in school and in business-like situations (basically anything that's not too personal), so I simply need to apply this side of me to every type of situation in order to conquer the negative te
ndencies of my personality and make all of my positive qualities shine.

[ Samie ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to me and all the 29ers on this page today!!!

[ Barbara ] [ Post Reply ]

great it is fact......

[ rajesh ] [ Post Reply ]

Can't believe that's me. I am so grateful to know more about my self. thank you for this amazing facts. !;) #29'er

[ ARIEL ] [ Post Reply ]

I have a close friend whom born In October 29He is so much a like to This....I like how accurate this site is ......thanks a lot :)

[ Nouran ] [ Post Reply ]

This is for Sept 29. Totally different sign.

[ Pinky ] [ Post Reply ]

i love the fact that im born on the 29th of september

[ linda ] [ Post Reply ]

spot on

[ kat ] [ Post Reply ]

Proud to be a person of libra

[ Nivy ] [ Post Reply ]

Awesomeness I can't believe that! :like:

[ Coby Smirh ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm so glad to learn of the positive characteristics of my unborn grandchild!

[ lulu ] [ Post Reply ]

Whaooo!!!I'm enternally grateful to God, my Parents,my Siblings and to You;that I was born September 29th 1981. I'm overwhelmed with Joy because all what you wrote on your Page has been What God has been Crafting in my Mind for Years;and You wrote comfirmed it. I'll live my Life to the Fullest knowi
ng that I'm never a Mistake. I have an Accurate knowledge of Why I act the way I do. I will also work on my weaknesses to be a better ME!!! Thanks for this Insight;It's really Inspiring!!!

[ Olagunju Rachael Oluwakemi ] [ Post Reply ]

Ditto (Age 42 Years)

[ Laura2 ] [ Post Reply ]

Im thankful to be a Libra. I am grateful to be a 29'er. I am grateful to be me at this very moment in time. I am grateful for tomorrow. I am grateful for you.

[ Laura ] [ Post Reply ]

I am grateful for you too..

[ Hisham ] [ Post Reply ]

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