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Chinese 2017 Horoscope

The 2017 year of the fire Rooster

Free Chinese 2017 Horoscope for the 2017 year of the fire Rooster.

2017 Chinese Horoscope

According to the eastern Chinese calendar, the Red Fire Rooster will rise to claim its legitimate position on 28 January 2017 and from there it will manage the development of events in our world until the onset of the following year. In Chinese astrological tradition the sign for 2017, the Rooster, symbolises the direction of the West, sunset, the sun going
down beyond the horizon and the time when domestic fowl settle down to roost. Ancient manuscripts and astrological treatises which depict the Rooster sitting on a nest confirm this interpretation of the Rooster symbol. However, the same Rooster is also depicted standing next to a jug of wine, making reference to the fact that with the evening comes a period of
rest and recreation, when after a hard day's work you can relax, drink some wine and enjoy a beautiful sunset, anticipating the somnolence of evening while listening to relaxing music. The fact that in Chinese astrological traditions, the 2017 year of the Rooster is associated with relaxation and all kinds of uplifting entertainment does not at all suggest that we will
spend the coming year in a state of laziness or "drunken stupor"! In addition to the central theme that will undoubtedly have a significant influence on events in 2017, the Rooster rules other aspects, which may have far greater value for the individual. In particular, the western direction inherent in the year of the Rooster was, even in the astrological traditions
of ancient China, associated with the element of metal and as a consequence with coinage and increasing abundance. It was believed that the year of the Rooster was a protector of trade, favourable to the setting up of new businesses guaranteeing their profitability and luck in subsequent periods. In other words, from this perspective, the 2017 year of the Red Fire
Rooster presents us with an active, creative period in which reference to a time of prosperity is linked to the availability of resources that enable a person to build and create for the benefit of family and society.

It is equally important to mention that the Rooster sign is an impressive representative of Yin energy, the extrovert feminine essence directed
predominantly towards the outside world. In its earthly manifestation, the energies of 2017 will portend a period that is most supportive of everything that is connected with the world of women. Even in ancient Chinese horoscopes one finds advice given to traders to develop areas related to fashion, jewellery and clothing. But that is not all! In this year, women themselves
will be especially enchanting, highly sensitised to the slightest external shift, skilfully adapting to constantly changing external circumstances and trends and able to win any man over. No-one will be able to resist your charms! In the year 2017, it is only an excessively "loose tongue" that might let you down. Getting carried away with the fun you are capable of
blurting out things that are enough to erase the benefits of any previously achieved heights. During this period getting excessively carried away by the process may make it is easy to forget the boundaries of what is permissible.

Despite their clear advantage, in 2017 it is not only the female sex that may gain the Rooster's favour. This year representatives of the
men will have the opportunity to get more closely in touch with Yin energy, acquiring advantageous qualities such as a developed intuition. In fact, Chinese astrologers consider the Rooster the female incarnation of the Tiger sign, the strong representative of fierce masculine energy. For example, in the past, in the year of the Rooster astrologers predicted their rulers easy victories in
military affairs, and dignitaries, promotion through the ranks. Nonetheless, the favour of the sign of the year 2017 can only be won by reaching into the essence of the Yin energy. It is not enough simply to grasp its meaning. One must fully comprehend the quality of the feminine Yin energy, which represents the main component of the forthcoming period.

No less
striking is the fact that in accordance with the Chinese astrological almanac, the 2017 year of the Red Fire Rooster will be the 34th year in a 60-year circle of regenerating energies, called Tin Yui.

2017 Year of the Red Fire Rooster:

34th in a 60-year circle of regenerating energies.

Heavenly stem: Tin, Fire element, colour Red, Bitter taste

Earthly Branch: Yui, animal Rooster,
season mid-Autumn, direction West

In Chinese astrological tradition the 34th cycle, corresponding to the year 2017, is figuratively described as the "Lonely Rooster". Despite the name this is a kind and friendly animal, willing and able to make friends with anyone, anywhere, even in the most unexpected places. It is said that friendships and relationships arising in the period of the Tin
Yui cycle may not last forever, but without doubt they will play an important role in a person's fate. There is a sentimental component to this cycle, a vulnerable and emotional element. Sometimes events of this period can only be explained in terms of the emotional influence that is affecting any given moment. And still, the most important of all 2017's
characteristic features will be Luck. Despite the challenges a person may be faced with,, Luck will remain the key leitmotif of the 34th cycle, multiplying individual wellbeing with every passing year.

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