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Cartomancy Card Meanings

Cartomancy Card Meanings

Cartomancy reveal you future with a help of simple deck of playing cards as do the gypsy fortune tellers.

Popular Fortune Card Spreads

When it comes to predicting the future using fortune telling cards, there are three spreads that you can use for almost any purpose. Once you understand how each spread works, you are sure to find that you will use one or more of them often as you try to learn more about what the future holds for yourself and others.

Can Cartomacy Predict the Nature of Your Love Life?

No matter whether you just met someone or are actively involved in a romantic relationship, you will always find yourself wondering what the future will hold. Rather than try to work with all kinds of complicated divinatory methods, you may want to try working with a deck of regular playing cards.

Finding Your Future Fortune With Cartomacy

If you cannot find a tarot deck that you are comfortable with, an ordinary set of playing cards may be more appealing. In fact, if you go to a party, or some other event, telling futures with a regular deck of cards may be an ideal way to enjoy the time.