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Dream Meanings

Dream Meanings

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Dream Analysis

It is true that with our increased understanding of dream meanings came a departure from the realms of clairvoyance and the supernatural that dreams were usually associated with, but this does not mean that Dream Dictionaries shouldn’t be taken seriously. Simply picking up and flipping through a Dream Dictionary, or going through a dream interpretation on the web can be very therapeutic. The reason that dreams are seen as insignificant these days is because the inner workings of the mind are understood to have no effect on the outside world, but a dream symbol that can be seen and labeled within a dream still affords immense significance to you on a personal basis.

Techniques that Help Remember Dreams

Unfortunately some dreams can be very elusive to record, even though you may remember bits and pieces. Rather than going on feeling frustrated, there are three things you can do to try and improve the odds of recording these dreams before they vanish from your mind.

A Guide to Interpreting a Dream Involving Water

No matter whether you dream of a glass of water, a river, or taking a shower, water features in many different dreams. If you are serious about using your dreams to decipher the future, or work on other areas of your life, knowing how to interpret the presence of water in your dream is extremely important.

The Three Stages of Dream Interpretation

Even though many people use dream interpretation as a form of divination, it can offer powerful insights into many other areas of life. This includes solving inner emotional issues, or even developing creative resolutions to problems in your home and work life.

Using Dream Control to Cope With Nightmares

When you are working with dreams from a divinatory perspective, nightmares can easily leave you more frightened than usual. That said, once you learn how to take control of a nightmare situation, it can also teach you valuable lessons for empowering your waking life.