2017 Love Horoscope for 12 Zodiac Sign

2017 Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope 2017 for the year of the Red Fire ROOSTER

2017 Horoscope

They say that love is an unusually sincere feeling, bestowed upon us from above in order to fill a person's life with meaning. Others say that love is a dangerous sickness, which is still better to have as soon as possible, since the later it comes, the more dangerous it is... Still others maintain that love is a gift; it can't be demanded, taken on loan, or bought from a dealer in a shop. However, just like a free lunch, love comes to us with a long list of conditions and obligations which we only find out about when no trace remains of the first madly affectionate feelings. People say so many things about love because it is not a simple thing! For some people, love interferes with life, for others it is the meaning of life, and still others try their whole lives to find it... But nobody knows exactly what love is, although the answer seems to be obvious: love is life! Love is that connecting substance which ties everything in our world together, gives meaning to existence, defines purpose and guides conduct. Love is God, and just as all existence seeks its own creator, we seek to become like God in this unique, really divine compulsion - to find love in one's own heart by harmoniously uniting the two absolutely opposite essences of two people.

2017, the coming year of the Red Fire Rooster by its very nature will be excellently suited for laying the foundation of a long-term strong union. As regards the sphere of feelings and emotions, the year of the Red Fire Rooster will favor people with clear direction in life, in the sense that if you realize perfectly where you are going and why, you possess a sustainable, morally strong base, and for you family values are not an illusory notion, all other things being equal, the situation will develop in your favor. Of course we should mention two nuances here - on the one hand, the Fire Rooster tends clearly towards dynamics per se, that is, only concrete actions will result in concrete results. However, you must understand that again we are certainly not referring to thoughtless actions. Just matters of a philosophical, esoteric nature, discussing things which are not strictly relevant - all of this will slow down the process at this stage. It makes sense to focus only on strategic planning, on permanent analysis of what is going on. In other words, in broad terms 2017 will prove to be a very productive year, a period of great opportunities to implement your plans in the sphere of love and relationships with those who are close to you, but it will nevertheless be necessary to make an effort, with all your heart. This widespread trend will probably be a bit frightening to some, especially since the year's energy itself will tend towards a high level of dynamics in general, and the "romantic front" will naturally be no exception in this regard.

With respect to the signs of the Zodiac, and also certain groups of people, it is hard to say who the forthcoming year 2017 will be the most successful for. Those who are single will get certain preferences, as will those who are already romantically involved or even have family ties. It is most likely that in 2017 everything will be quite harmonious. In this connection it is important to mention that the sun and Venus will come into coherence with the Fire Rooster in 2017. The position of the rest of the planets will prove to be individual in relation to each Zodiac sign. These, however, are the general trends: the intensity of solar energy implies that in 2017 all representatives of the Zodiac circle will have a lot of new contacts in the sphere of close relationships. In this regard we must, of course, mention that for some Scorpio-misanthropes two new contacts really could be "a lot of new contacts", whereas some cheerful Cancers could be enriched with a list of friends several dozen names long. That is, everything is quite individual, furthermore, you shouldn't forget about personal characteristics which vary not according to sign but according to date of birth. And yet, in 2017, year of the Red Fire Rooster, for the overwhelming majority of cases, the emergence of new relationships, the appearance of new contacts and the development of existing relationships is likely, and not their coming to an end. In practice this means that every break in the relationship will most likely prove to be temporary (all other things being equal), and virtually all new contacts will be promising with regard to the development of long-term relationships. So the only thing which you should not forget is responsibility! By making a person a part of your life, to a certain extent you are determining his fate, and you will have to live with this, irrespective of your relationship. Remember the story told by Exupery in the novel "The Little Prince": by taming someone you become responsible for that person.?

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