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2017 September Horoscope

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Monthly September 2017 Horoscope
Monthly September 2017 Horoscope

For several Zodiac signs, the first Autumn month will be a surprising and unexpected time, absolutely successful and promising for everyone. Of course, in September 201 we will have to make an effort in order to achieve what we want - the favorable planetary combination hasn't done away with hard work at all. On the other hand, the guaranteed absence of massive problems and obstacles which could be insurmountable at the current stage is a lot already! It's important to point out that our primary patrons will be the Moon and Neptune, that is, we're talking about a combination which contrasts radically with the planetary alliance which helped us at the previous stage. It's hard to overestimate the importance of this aspect, and this is why. There will still be dynamics, and a focus on progress and powerful development, but their essence will change in a significant way. In this regard, it's hard to make a more concrete prognosis, because everything will develop as uniquely as possible due to the position of the moon, and there will be too many external factors. Nevertheless, these are already nuances, because the key vector is constant - the result will be directly proportional to the efforts invested, and fairness will be a key pattern. This will be more than enough to enable you to act confidently and successfully.

As far as additional patrons are concerned, in this respect, September 2017 will allot a "heavenly leader" to each Zodiac element. In particular, signs which represent the element of Fire (these are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) will find themselves under the patronage of Mars, a forceful and strong-willed planet. This means that fire signs will have to put an emphasis on bold, once-off projects, and profit "here and now". Of course, this trend could have significant variations, but it should be taken into account in any case. Signs of the element of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be in just as profitable a situation because they will be helped by Pluto, the "dark planet", quite secretive and often possessing an ambiguous influence. All the same, at the current stage, water signs will get all conceivable and inconceivable advantages from Pluto, so in this regard, they can totally count on success. In September 2017, earth and air signs will have one and the same patron - the Sun. At this stage, the solar influence will not have outstanding dynamics or power, but it will prove to be quite enough to protect the king of heaven's fosterlings from external negativity. In other words, in critical situations (if there are any), circumstances could unexpectedly work to your advantage. However, it should be pointed out that the "heavenly patron" offering additional opportunities also imposes additional responsibility. There's nothing difficult about this, you just shouldn't forget about discipline or the likely consequences of your actions.

On the whole, September 2017 will prove to be really successful for all Zodiac signs, without exception. It is, however, important to understand the specifics of the current stage. Planning, especially directed towards the most distant horizons (two years' time) will be far from the best option for investment now. The thing is, at the start of Autumn, the position of the Red (Fire) Rooster, the patron of all of 2017, will show itself to the fullest extent. We're talking about a creative impulse which can be realized in a specific place and at a specific time. In other words, the more your plans are thought out, and the less there are external influences and factors in them, the more successful they will be. And that's exactly why it would make sense to think through your strategy for the next few weeks, or a month in advance at most. This will enable you to correct the nuances if necessary and to get out of a difficult situation without any kind of damage. You also need to understand that even the most "carefree" period will not be entirely devoid of negatively aligned planets and even entire planetary combinations. In September 2017, Venus and Mercury will take on such a role. This will be a powerful astral alliance, which will, however, be in a "dormant" passive state. It could be activated by excessive obstinacy, rudeness, or an attempt to deal with something forcefully. What this means is that you definitely shouldn't "flex your muscles", instead you need to act thoughtfully and coherently, as a team. Failing this, success will disappear like a mist, and a significant chance of total collapse will take its place.?

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