September 2017 horoscope for Scorpio

September 2017 Scorpio monthly horoscope
For people born under the sign of Scorpio, September 2017 could be an extremely favorable month. What will this be caused by? At the very least, by the fact that not only Mars, Scorpioís primary celestial patron, but also the moon, who under normal circumstances is quite radical towards representatives of this sign, will ďplayĒ on their side now. In other words, right now virtually all the external factors will unfold to your advantage, starting from circumstances, and ending with the decisions of competitors (or other enemies). This does not, of course, exclude the possibility of difficult situations emerging, but it reduces it to a minimum. So now it would make sense to be as proactive as possible, and sometimes it will even be profitable to take risks when you only have minimal information at your disposal. When it comes to the area of work, the risk will really be minimal, although we will examine several nuances in more detail. In the sphere of personal relationships, the first month of autumn will prove to be too active for you, but right now itís hard to imagine circumstances which you wonít like, so thereís nothing to worry about here. The only thing is that you mustnít forget that Venus, who in her normal position is not very friendly, will be especially strong right now. So be careful when showing your emotions, donít trust people you donít know, and learn to keep a tight rein on your tongue, otherwise the ďheavenly priestessĒ will create many problems for you.

Dwelling on the sphere of business and finances in more detail, we canít avoid mentioning that in September 207 the first and the third ten-day periods of the month will be particularly favorable for Scorpio. The middle of the cycle could seem a bit more restrained to you, but thereís virtually nothing bad about this, on the contrary, this will be a good time to gather your strength for the next burst. If you have your own business, in the first half of the month it would be logical to act quite confidently, but prudently. Save all your fervor for the third ten-day period. Pay special attention to the financial side of things, because now a problem with resource allocation could become severe. If you donít have your own business, donít be in a rush to implement your own initiatives, first carry out all the tasks your managers give you carefully, because many things depend on this now. And donít forget that Venus is not on your side. Donít speak without reason. Behave in a reserved fashion at corporate functions and other similar events, otherwise, you could lose all your potential.

In September 2017, the ďromantic frontĒ will bring Scorpio a lot of developments which he himself (Scorpio) could consider fundamental, even fateful. In actual fact, you shouldnít rush to conclusions. Right now many things will work to your advantage, many developments will be unexpected, but they will surprise you in a positive way. Just donít rush to do anything, until you are well aware of where other people stand. In this regard, itís important to separate deliberate, well-considered actions from risk taking. It would really make sense to support several risky ventures because it would be a sin not to make use of the opportunity when there is a favorable confluence of circumstances. Just donít be overzealous, and donít forget that you are not alone in this world, other peopleís opinions should also have a certain significance to you. Simply put, donít shut yourself off, and remember that your egoism could ruin everything. On the whole, this will be an extremely favorable time, but the position of Venus indicates the possibility of a negative outcome if hypocrisy and deception are your weapons in the quest for your own happiness.?


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