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2017 October Horoscope

Free October 2017 monthly Horoscope

Monthly October 2017 Horoscope
Monthly October 2017 Horoscope

Get ready for an active month of October! All signs are in the thick of new opportunities here. Autumn is underway, and the seasons are transitioning before our eyes. As we enter October, the sign of Libra reigns. Libra is known as the lover of beauty and harmony. It is as gentle as it is kind, and it encourages us to find peace in the world. Since Jupiter has been in Libra since September and will be until the 10th of this month, it influences the world to strive for balance and cooperation. Some people may feel inspired to enact social change and even become leaders for peace. Jupiter tugs at our highest desires and ability to be true citizens of the world. The Universe is aligned for great success as the scales of justice balance out. Take this opportunity to get involved in campaigns, advocacy, or volunteer work. The first two weeks of October may feel energized and persistent for most of us, followed by a more passive and gentle week, as Libra makes its final appearance. The intense Scorpio sign enters on the 23rd and dominates until next month. The last week in October will be intense for many signs, so energy must be conserved here.

On the 6th to the 10th, major planetary shifts take place. The Sun will square Pluto at a 90-degree aspect. This will manifest as a conflict between a person's outward identity and their subconscious self. Fear not, for these internal struggles will bring great rewards! In observing our dreams, we can consider our subconscious workings. To all signs, ask yourself, who are you when no one is looking? To merge the outer and inner self is to express the entirety of the soul. It is important to feel confident in decisions and actions here. Each one of us is a powerful god/goddess warrior. Mercury also sextiles Saturn on the 6th. The symbiotic flow between these two planets predicts smooth sailing ahead. At work, this may manifest as tasks and projects going exactly as planned, with a supervisor's utmost approval. Some signs might feel a sudden burst of clarity, becoming master planners and communicators. Others may receive admirations or become the center of attention.

On the other hand, Mars also opposes Neptune. The difficult aspect between these two planets creates an air of competition and reactivity. When a difficult co-worker may be really getting on your nerves today, for example, take the high road and use this energy to focus on your own pursuits. Or, to those signs who are highly critical of themselves, you may experience a rise in negative self-talk. Remember that you are a child of the Universe and can fulfill your destiny no matter what! On the 6th, the full moon emerges, representing the peak and maturity of our efforts. We can look forward to calmer energy throughout the next couple weeks, as Earth approaches the new moon.

On the 10th, Venus squares Saturn. For those in a relationship, now is the perfect time to do something special and unique. Go for a long walk to connect with your partner, or plan a romantic evening by candlelight. The planets will assist in intimacy here, so get ready for a sexy night! For those of you who are single, admirers may come out of the woodworks over the course of the week. A potential partner is right around the corner. The rest of the week will be useful for tying up loose ends and unfinished business. At some point we could ask yourself, what projects can we put the final stamp on? Are there any lingering conversations that you'd like to resolve with people close to you? Now is the time to clear out and let go of all the old energies. We must create the space necessary in our minds and lives for new and better things to come.

The new moon on the 19th and 20th may leave signs feeling nervous and frustrated. Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) may have particularly challenging emotions here. This might be intensified when Mercury squares Pluto on the 22nd. Don't obsess! Feeling restless opens the opportunity to create something new. One may get pleasure from redecorating today, especially inside the home. Starting on the 23rd, Scorpio wears the crown. The energetic Scorpio brings with it a multitude of social events and parties. Be mindful here to schedule enough time for everything! Scorpio manifests magic and mysticism wherever it goes, so especially pay attention to psychic intuition floating around this week. This fixed water sign encourages us to be seductive and wild in our romantic pursuits. With all signs feeling the heat, prepare for some wild play time. On the 28th, Mercury sextiles Pluto, creating a symbiotic but probing connection between inner thoughts and actions. Take the time now to reflect on the bigger picture. Evaluate core beliefs and attitudes. How are they presenting themselves in life at this moment? Does anything need to be changed or revisited?

The 31st will be the perfect way to end the month with Halloween celebrations and playful festivities. The planets encourage everyone to be daring and unique today. Steer clear of black cats and dark magic, but do let your freak flag fly!

With this month, full of new opportunities in the aspects of love, social, work, and home life, all signs are sure to be entertained and stimulated to the fullest. Enjoy the highs, and know that the lows will disappear as quickly as they came. We are all sparkly creatures of the stars this month, and the planets are happy to rejoice in celebration with us!

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