Capricorn Horoscope for October 2017

October 2017 Horoscope Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn for October 2017

Monthly October 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn
Monthly October 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Capricorn

The month of October begins with some seriously influential aspects! Mars trines Pluto on the 1st in your sign, dear Capricorn. You might feel particularly innovative today, thinking of solutions to problems that have been bugging you for weeks! Take advantage of this delightful alignment and use this time to apply yourself. You may feel extra connected to your goals today. On the 3rd, Venus trines Pluto. There might be a person whose intention you have thought to be questionable. Today, their motives will be revealed to you, and you will have to make a decision about how to confront this situation. While this dynamic relationship between the two planets initially can cause tension, the alignment is necessary for you to clear the air between you and this person, which will ultimately improve this relationship. Pluto, the planet of subconscious transformation, transits through your house all month long, so you can look forward to its lingering effects. It's only day three, and you've already had some real shifts this month!

Saturn, your planetary ruler, retrogrades your twelfth house until December of this year, and the planet also remains in Sagittarius most of this year. Jupiter transits at the very top of the northern hemisphere in your chart during October. Jupiter brings its good luck and opportunities for growth with it. These two planets will affect the most change for you during the course of October, lovely Capricorn. This alignment between Saturn and Jupiter will influence many areas of your chart, especially your career and professional life. If you are in a profession that is fulfilling, you will see your hard work be rewarded and recognized. If you are in the middle of changing careers, you will have an influx of opportunities to showcase your talents and skills this month to prospective employers. This period of expansion may bring with it new financial opportunities. Because you are so ambitious and practical, you will flourish in this sector during October. You are in high demand right now, so choose your projects wisely!

From October 10th onward, Jupiter transits into your 11th house. This sector is the house of friendships and personal achievements. Jupiter will work to expand your friend circle, either in number or quality. You might have an opportunity to join an organization that you are passionate about, where you will meet other peers to connect with. Jupiter will also call upon you to complete your destiny and engage in higher learning. Pay attention to your dreams during the middle of the month. Your subconscious activities will be at work here, especially while your body sleeps. Lucky you, because Jupiter will remain in your 11th house until next November of 2018! Jupiter is such a confidence booster, and you will be making moves to fulfill your desires to the fullest. This new growth will assist you in setting the foundation for your future. You will benefit from writing down concepts, ideas, and analyzing their potential. Make sure to stay present and grounded in your earthly ways. Check in with your current routine and habits. How are they serving you right now, and how will they serve you in the long run?

As Pluto continues its journey through your sign, the Universe encourages you to look deeper into your psyche. Are there any goals that you have put on hold in your life thus far? Now is a good month to reflect on these hidden parts of yourself. Observe the nature of your inner reality in comparison to your physical one.

On October 14th, Venus enters Libra. This is a perfect opportunity for you to be playful. Take the day off from being responsible, and go have some fun! On the 19th, the new moon entering Libra is a good time to evaluate the relationships in your life. Which ones are serving you right now? With all the energy you are putting in at work, are you able to balance your social commitments? If you are a single Capricorn, keep your eyes peeled over the next two weeks for a possible love interest. If you are in a romantic relationship already, expect this love to expand and renew again, as the new moon brings new energy with it! When Mars enters Libra on the 22nd, you may have a surge of creative and sexual energy, fueled by the aspect with Venus in Libra's sign. This third week in October will be one of the enriching experiences in your personal sector. Allow yourself to let go and be free!

October 27th will be a big day for you. Venus squares Pluto in your sign, on the cusp of Libra. There will be something you may need to let go of in a love relationship, whether it is familial or romantic. This tension between the two signs signifies a need to "move on" from something you are holding onto. It may be an attachment in the relationship or in the relationship itself. This can apply to a current relationship or a past relationship. Take the time today to evaluate what needs to be shifted in this aspect. Luckily, Mercury sextiles Pluto in your sign, on the cusp of Scorpio on the 27th as well. This indicates that you will have success in communication, especially when it comes to deeper issues in relationships. You will be able to find the root of the problem and address it diplomatically. Use this energy to your advantage when you encounter that tension between you and the other person. The planets have aligned to help you today!

The month of October for you will be filled with wonder. While your career and financial life seem to be taking off, you are also growing internally. This month predicts good fortune in love and friendships as well. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! You've definitely earned it!

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