Taurus Horoscope for October 2017

October 2017 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for October 2017

Monthly October 2017 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly October 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

This month will be filled with love, spirituality, and guidance for you, dear Taurus. You have been doing a lot of work over the past year to make strides in your professional development. While this focus on career will remain steady throughout the month, your focus will shift to more personal matters. Jupiter has been in your sixth house since last November. The sixth house rules job, service, routines, and responsibilities. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign Virgo. More than half the planets reside in your sixth house right now, so the month of October will be one of the significant opportunities on the career front, and you will be introduced to lucrative people along the way. You may have recently made a big transition in your career, or are soon to make one, ultimately serving your highest purpose. You will be completely settled into your new role by the end of this year. Jupiter will leave your sixth house on October 10th. He has been by your side through and through, so you can thank him for your growth in this sector!

Jupiter will enter your seventh house on October 11th. Your seventh house is the house of partnerships and love. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will bring his prosperity to you in this sector. You may see budding partnerships in different aspects of your life, well into next year, as Jupiter remains in your seventh house until November of 2018. Auspiciously, Mercury follows suit on the 17th of this month, transiting into your seventh house, too. But that's not all! The Sun makes its way into your seventh house on the 23rd! Can you see the focus here? Love, love, love! There is nothing like a Taurus in love, and you will certainly have your fill this month, which will last you until next year. If you are in a relationship, you may see your partnership blossom with this person. If you are a single Taurus, you will have the opportunity to meet many eligible partners, and they certainly won't be shy about coming to you! Understand that while you are free to have fun, this alignment will ultimately lead to a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Venus, your ruling planet, oversees the seventh house of love and partnerships. On the 5th of October, Venus and Mars will be in conjunction. This is a fabulous day for being intimate with your partner or lover. The surge of feminine and masculine energies with ignite a fire in the bedroom. You are certain to have a romantic evening! This alignment breeds raw creativity as well. If you are an artist or enjoy working with your hands, today is perfect to venture into a new project, or completely let go in your art modality. The planets encourage you to express yourself, baby! Venus has her solstice on the 16th of this month. The solstice encourages you to reflect on your relationships. Who do you feel most connected to at work and in your personal life? What about these relationship gives you strength and harmony? This is also an excellent day to feng shui your office and home environments. If you have sensed that there are energy blocks in the room, figure out the best way to create openness and calmness in this space. Sometimes, the position of objects needs to be changed to invite in a different perspective. With your eye for beauty, making your space look amazing will be a breeze!

Your social life and friendships will be equally active and fulfilling during this month. You are sure to have a lot of outings, focused on having a good time. You may have the tendency to overcommit to making plans, especially with a loved one. Make sure to schedule enough downtime for yourself this month! While you enjoy making everyone in your life happy, generous Taurus, it is important that you pay attention to your health during October. If you see signs of fatigue or stomach issues, common for your sign, you need to rest and take it easy. There will be plenty of socializing opportunities for the rest of this year and next to keep you busy! Make an art of self-care or a beauty routine. Enjoy soaking in a luxurious bubble bath or rubbing your skin with gentle emollients. A detoxing regimen once a week is important this month, so schedule it!

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th, and you can be sure that any communication you have with someone else or with your internal self will be honest and open. While Scorpio's energy can be cutting, the truth is bound to come out. Scorpio encourages us to be real, raw, and truthful, even if it hurts. Following this, it will be a time for conflict resolution when Mars enters Libra on the 22nd of the month. If there is an issue at work, you can anticipate having a conversation to solve this problem. There may be activities happening on the backend as well to make positive strides. If you are encountering a problem in your personal life, you may get clarity today and feel like you can move forward. With Libra balancing out the intensity of Scorpio's sign, you will be able to trust your judgment today.

The last week of the month will be focused on spirituality. While there have been a lot of activities here on the physical plane lately, lovely Taurus, the Universe urges you to connect with your higher self now. The growth over the past year in your personal and professional life has given you the confidence to trust in yourself and the cosmic nature of life. In your quiet moments, reflect on what your purpose here is. Take the time to meditate and take walks in nature to spark your spiritual connection. Trust that the Universe is always here to guide you, and the stars are certainly in your favor. This month is full of love for you, dear Taurus. Rejoice in the planetary alignments!

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