Monthly Horoscope for Taurus sign

Taurus horoscope
momo 2014-12-14 11:32:59
omg okay my sched's been delayed a lot, things came up and shit. people came to hate me. i would either be late or miss things all together and til now, plans are getting canceled. i dont even want to plan anything anymore hahahaha

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chan 2014-11-26 14:04:24
rely on god,..god will take care of every trials we are facing ..problems come and go so it depends on how we handle it ..  :) best thing to do is to pray ...

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xxo 2014-10-27 15:23:57
its a little frusterating.

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sehri 2014-09-26 06:53:05
 ?) may allah bless us with success guize

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sumaiya 2014-09-09 15:00:36
Em not finding luck en life em really frustated from dis em not getting wht 2 do..pls guest me

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Donna 2014-07-18 19:27:48
It is actually funny to read this I have been unexpectedly late for many things this month even when I have left extra early! And it has become quite frustrating for myself family friends bf and work. No matter what I do I can't seem to avoid it these past few weeks  :(

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Veera 2014-06-17 16:53:42
Quite correct forecast for taurians

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Anusha 2014-06-02 21:26:45
I can not wait to see what my fate dertemines of my life.

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Taureans never leave a sudden impact on another; radical change may fit a raging bull, but not the Taurus. Taureans never slap of sting. Rather, they suddenly come out of nowhere, affecting you deeply, leaving their undeniable impression on your life.

Heartfelt creatures, the Taurus make long meaningful impacts on the world around them. Warm impact such as a long sensual kiss, a very tender bear hug, or a blanket covering you on your coldest night. Despite their passion for money, the Taureans can make great friends and lovers, but if you are one then your path is tough.

Ardor, patience, determination - they are all on your side. You most likely do not lack positive traits, such as a strong logic, industry, and importantly sensuality. These are innate, and the horoscope for the next month will not promise change. However, if can offer guidance as to avoid the effects of your negative traits. Languor, gluttony, prejudice. Complacency, intractability, jealousy.

Everyone wants to be successful at work, but it is especially important for a Taurus. However, you do not take kindly to sudden change. This kind of change tends to leave you on the sidelines. Others seem to reap the benefits, the bonuses, the promotions. The Taurus is hardworking but he likes foresight. This change is your true enemy, not your competition. The horoscope is a weapon in your hoofs, one that can help you prepare for what is coming. If good things are coming, you can prepare to ensure it is you who reaps the benefits, if bad ones are coming - you need the time to build protecting barricades. The horoscope can be generic, murky; it is not perfect vision into the future. However, it is advice that can definitely add clarity about what may be coming.

Taureans are romantic creatures, often characterized as amorous without being flighty or maudlin. They are tender and do not mind public displays of affection. You can achieve the greatest peaks in love, but you may also easily get hurt. You must know that not every period is equally as ripe for starting new relationships. Not every time is right to ask someone to a date or to consent to one, to propose or marry. True love will find its way and does not depend on dates - but you finding that true love just may. The horoscope does not know better than you in what do you or your lover need. However, it is a start to find some issues that may arise and to prepare well. The family hearth may see clouds due to the energy of the time, or perhaps it will not be the best time to start something new. Or maybe, it will be that perfect time. A lot of factors can affect that. What you are ready for, the chemistry. The weather even. However, the celestial influences may certainly play a role and while you cannot protect yourself from all the possibilities, it would make sense to take five minutes to protect yourself from some. Read the horoscope for the next month, and be prepared for what work and love may bring you.