Taurus zodiacal characteristics

Taurus meaning
The zodiacal Sign of Taurus commences on April 20th, but for seven days it does not come into its full power until on or about April 27th. From this date onwards it is in full strength until May 20th, and is then for seven days gradually losing its strength on account of becoming overlapped by the "cusp" of the incoming sign Gemini.

Taurus is the sign of practicality and possessions. People born under the sign of Taurus tend to be very patient, practical and dedicated people. Such people are usually very cautious when dealing with people, life and money. They have a curious power of dominating others, even when not conscious of trying to do so.

People who were born in that time are extremely faithful, with a strong need for security and a settled routine. Although they are very earthy, they can also be highly romantic and sensitive when it comes to love.

They have great power of endurance, both physical and mental, and can pass through enormous strains of fatigue as long as the excitement or determination lasts.

They make wonderful hosts and hostesses, and have great taste about food, and in the management of their houses they can make much out of little.

These people often become excellent directors, have good business intuition, but are generally considered richer than they really are, as they always dress well and look well.

They are governed by their sensations and by their loving nature, but affection has a greater hold on them than passion. Such people are also warm and sensual, with an appreciation of the fine things in life. Taurus is motivated by a need for security; this sign is good for business matters and can be trusted to carry things through with absolute care. These people are very strong-willed and often quite creative. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, giving success with matters to do with the public and, combined with the influence of Venus, a passionate nature endowed with a strong sense of loyalty and fidelity. They are kind and generous with friends, with whom they develop an unspoken rapport.

If they love, they are generous to the last degree, and will consider no sacrifice too great for the person they care for; if they are enemies, they will fight with the most determined obstinacy. But they always fight in the open, for they hate trickiness, double-dealing, or deceit.

They are easily influenced by their surroundings, and become morbid and morose when trying to live under uncongenial conditions.

They are also too easily misled by their emotions, sensations, or affections.

As a rule both sexes are jealous in their disposition, and their jealousy often drives them into acts of violence or sudden exhibition of temper, which they bitterly regret when the storm is over.

They are at their best are typically strong and silent, but often appear ignorant and willfully obstinate to others.

They have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and color, and often are very successful in music, poetry and art. Those born in this sign have an ability to become the most faithful, loyal friends. They also make good, patient nurses and healers, and almost all have a keen love of gardening and flowers.
Taurus - The Sing of the Bull
Typical Taurus is a warm , gentle , passionate and friendly person , though he/she never shows it . The bull - is the absolutely exact symbol of the sign.People of this sign usually use force to achieve their purpose . They frequently named " as salt of the ground ". They perfectly know what they want and persistently work to achieve this purpose. It is difficult for them to understand other people. But in general the Taurus a positive sign. People born under the sign of the Taurus are usually friendly, though sometimes and is slightly boring because of the restraint and reticence.
They will find their most lasting friendships with people born between August 21-27, and September 20-27, December 21 and January 20-27.
In health, although, as a rule, endowed with a splendid constitution, they suffer with all things that affect the throat, nasal cavities and upper part of the lungs.
The most favorable colors for them are all shades of blue. Red is an exciting color for them, and they should use it as little as possible.
The birth stones for this period are emeralds, turquoises, and lapis lazuli
Ewanz 2016-05-29 11:48:08
And what about 9 Feb..

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Skylar 2016-05-11 19:13:04
May 20! Last day of Taurus!

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Silver shade 2016-05-08 01:52:04
Um some is off like me I'm so not patient but the rest fiys me perfectly cool site

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Dalia 2016-05-05 09:10:05
yessss so glad i'm a Taurus!!!!  :love:

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Andy 2016-04-30 04:21:50
Only thing that's off for me is the fact that it says we don't understand people. May/1st

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Sam 2016-04-29 17:12:57
These attributes almost perfectly fit me, except I'm not jealous and I'm smart, it did not include that we are smart. I also don't feel love mostly. May 1

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Looney 2016-04-20 02:08:58
May 7....Love being a Taurus!! I'm a Taurus born in the year of the Dragon...I'm soooo crazy ehehehehhe  :D

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QueenA 2016-04-14 11:47:48
May 17th

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Rachel 2016-04-01 15:33:45
May 13 and blue is my favorite color

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Orlando 2016-03-31 09:54:18
MAY 11  :D

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Honeyboo 2016-03-27 10:24:35
May10. SO spot on. My old car was Red, now I drive blue car haha;-) Ill be coming to this website more often.  :cool:  =)  :cool:

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Arul 2016-03-25 22:46:13
• Yha Its True

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Taurus 2016-03-21 01:30:24
Im taurus also. I completely agreed on that information about taurus. If you observe yourself so, you can definitely find this things in yourself. belive me its true.

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Pixie 2016-01-28 15:12:19
This description of taurus fits me absoulutly perfectly  =)

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Sonny 2016-04-10 05:16:24
That's me all over I hope the top para ain't true I've got school

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Cheetah 2015-12-31 08:47:48
OwO this fits me almost perfectly, though I'm not exactly purely sane XD a but mostly I am. I'm actually very surprised, because this is the first Taurus description I've found that fits me almost perfectly. The others I've seen are wayyyy off.
Amazing!  :)

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