October 2017 Horoscope Leo

October 2017 Horoscope Leo

October 2017 Monthly Horoscope for Leo

You are a lucky Leo this month! Jupiter will be in your third house until October 10th, and he has been there since last September of 2016. The third house is focused on communication, and Jupiter brings his good fortune with him wherever he goes. This means that your communication abilities with those around you have been stellar, and you are able to engage in these relationships more positively because of it. While you are always the center of attention, lovely Leo, you have learned over the past year to listen and be patient for another person. This has helped you mature and grow into a well-rounded individual who people can count on if they need advice and support. After the 10th, Jupiter moves into your fourth house of home and family. He will remain in your fourth house until next November of 2018. Take this month to adjust to his new position in the sky, and understand that this alignment can take on many different forms on the earthly plane. For example, if you have been thinking about expanding your family, Jupiter will ensure that this happens over the next year! This could be in the form of a new relative via marriage, a child, or a pet. Be open to the possibilities, as whatever the Universe brings is exactly what you need. Your home sector is destined to expand as well. You may choose to invest in new real estate, or expand on an existing property. The month of October is perfect for making plans instead of taking action, so take your time here to think about what your true desires are.

The full moon on the 5th of the month will bring out an especially fiery side to you! While you are already the loudest and proudest king of the jungle, you will feel extremely adventurous and sexy today. You may choose to go out on the prowl and spice things up in the bedroom with a lover! Today is also a great day to get physical exercise in nature. Get in touch with your inner animal and run! While you are getting out this excess energy, know that you are purging what no longer serves you in your mind, body, and spirit. These are just fun ways to get all of this old junk out so you can make room for the good stuff yet to come.

When Uranus squares Neptune on the 7th of this month, you may hit a bump in your relationship with someone close to you. This could be a colleague, a romantic relationship, friendship, or a relationship with a family member. Be mindful that this alignment brings up old karma, and you may unintentionally involve this person in your baggage. Take the time to sort out your emotions before you start to unload on this person. Once you feel more in control, approach them with the trust that Jupiter in your third house will balance out any unnecessary discrepancies in your conversation. After this, your relationship should be in the clear for the rest of the month, so sit back and relax, Leo!

Your health is predicted to take a bit of a dip this month, dear Leo. The stars encourage you to focus on self-care and renewal during this time. You might be prone to feeling fatigued or getting colds easily. You might need more sleep than usual this month, so do not be afraid to get more rest by getting to bed earlier than usual. October will be a great time to detox as well, so drink a lot of water and herbal tea to encourage the body to flush out toxins. Get into the practice of doing something kind for your body every day. This can be as simple as eating healthy food or soaking in a tub. Nourishment will be enjoyable this month, and you absolutely need this tender love and care!

Saturn is in your fifth house of love and romance! You are bound to meet new potential mates this month, and you are encouraged to be adventurous. While you don't need any help gaining the affections of those around you, you may want to be discretionary about who you let in your personal space. Because your health is on the fritz, it is important to conserve your energy and make plans wisely. You need enough time to take care of yourself, too! Saturn also encourages you here to be disciplined and work at your relationships. Even though these romances may start off casual, Saturn's loyalty might make you want to settle down with a partner soon. Be mindful of the energy you are giving off to this potential partner, as leading them on may be easier than you think. It's hard not to love you, sexy Leo!

The new moon on the 19th may feel extra emotional for you, so it is vital that you listen to your thoughts and feelings. What is bothering you the most today? This is your subconscious' way of telling you that you need to let this issue go. Know that you have been living a life of purpose and each moment creates something wonderful and new. You started off as a naive cub and are now growing into the fierce lion you were always destined to be. Trust in the Universe and you will be guided to greatness!

The end of the month will be focused on your career. You may find yourself taking on more projects than before, and you will be busy for sure at work. Your work may also be in conjunction with your home life, as there might be opportunities for you to continue working from home to spend more time with family. You are blessed this month with Jupiter's good fortune, Saturn's fatherly wisdom, and auspicious planetary cycles making their way through the skies!

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