October 2017 Horoscope Scorpio

October 2017 Horoscope Scorpio

October 2017 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

As a Scorpio, you will see significant shifts in the month of October. Any unresolved issues from September will be sorted out this week, as Jupiter remains in the twelfth house of your subconscious until October 10th. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and higher learning. Your growth and expansion of self-identity over the last year are in part thanks to Jupiter, who makes his transit through each house of the horoscope for an entire year before going to the next. The planet comes full circle every twelve years. You have done a lot of deep work on yourself and have learned a lot from your life experiences thus far. The biggest lesson Jupiter wants you to learn now is to "love thyself". Your ability for compassion and kindness has strengthened, and you must show yourself the way. Your belief and confidence in yourself will send you soaring to the greatest heights in this lifetime! During this time of spiritual and psychic renewal, it is important to trust in the process.

As the full moon dawns on the 6th of this month, reflect on old habits you can replace with new ones, as this is a good time to improve upon your choices. Can you make healthier lifestyle choices, like eating better or getting into a structured exercise regimen? When Venus enters Virgo on the 8th, you will need to probe this idea further. In what ways are you practicing self-care? All work and no play make Scorpio go crazy! Treat yourself to a day of luxury and relaxation sometime soon. You deserve to be pampered!

When Venus squares Saturn on the 10th, it will be as if the Universe has created a planetary aphrodisiac! Your sexual energy will feel super charged today, driving you to be more passionate and creative. If you are in a relationship, it is the perfect evening for intimacy. Spend some quality time doing something sensual with your partner. Start with a candlelight dinner, a couple's massage, or a romantic film you both enjoy. You will most likely end your night in the bedroom anyways! If you are a single Scorpio, tonight is sublime to do something kind for yourself. Take a long bubble bath with essential oils like lavender and rosemary. If you aren't the soaking type, treat yourself to a fabulous meal paired with a glass of wine. Your senses will be delighted!

From October 10th onward, Jupiter enters your sign's house, dear Scorpio. He allows you to tap into your most intense intellectual and spiritual potential, assuring good luck along the way. Again, this planet only comes into your sign once every twelve years, and it will remain there until November 2018. This is your lucky break, serendipitous Scorpio! Now is the beginning of a new year in Jupiter, and you can look forward to reaping the rewards of your hard, internal work. What is to come for you is all about actualizing your dreams right now. This applies another year from October 2017, so get ready for an amazing ride!

Due to this surge of creative potential with the help of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, use the next week to do or plan something out of the ordinary! Is there an idea or dream you've had on hold? Have you abandoned an activity that allows you to express yourself? Write in a journal to jot down your inner dialogue. Now is the time to see how far you can reach towards these goals. Your creativity is a sign of awakening. The Universe calls for you to rise and shine!

You may feel even more energized at work right now, which will motivate you to complete more projects and be more present with your co-workers. Your supervisor will notice how valuable you are to the team, and they may give you a more lucrative assignment. However, your professional achievements are quite different from your financial gains. You may continue to struggle with finances this month, regardless of your hard work. Because planetary conditions are not in your favor in your money house, you may need to reassess your spending and saving habits. This is especially true for those Scorpios who made an investment over the summer. You might not see enough cash flow right now, so keep discretionary spending to a minimum. These adjustments will not be permanent though, so there is would be no need to panic!

The new moon on the 19th into the 20th will be somewhat challenging for you, as the old energies that do not serve you anymore are wiped clean and you are left with a blank slate. Your watery emotions may get the best of you, and it is normal to feel more empty and discouraged. This will pass when your emotions reintegrate into the moon's waxing cycle over the next couple of days. When you feel particularly low, be mindful that you will also be more tempted by destructive behaviors. What are the vices that you need to be aware of and avoid over the next few days? The Universe trusts in you to ride the wave, you ocean-loving creature! It would never give you more than you could handle.

Libra rules until October 23rd, when your sign takes over the skies! Don't be surprised if everyone is drawn to your energy over the last week of the month. You will have many opportunities for social outings and get-togethers with friends and newer acquaintances. While the stars encourage you to celebrate, don't go overboard! Be more mindful of drinking too much alcohol this month, given the intense planetary transitions in your sign. Halloween is especially your time to shine, you deviant Scorpion! You may choose to attend a costume party or hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. Either way, dressing up is a great opportunity for you to feel mysterious and mischievous, traits that your sign embodies so well. This is a great way to end your month of energy, creativity, confidence, and renewal!

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