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2017 November Horoscope

Free November 2017 monthly Horoscope

Monthly November 2017 Horoscope
Monthly November 2017 Horoscope

The month of November is eventful for all zodiac signs! With Scorpio reigning the skies until the 22nd, still waters are running deep for everyone. What we see on the surface may not reflect what lies beneath or as a greater whole. Therefore, the Universe encourages us to see the bigger picture this month. Scorpio is a sign of great sensitivity and has a heightened awareness. Scorpio also brings with it immense transformation. This includes the cycle of death and rebirth, which our lovely autumn zodiac sign knows all too well! As the seasons change, the solar chart changes with it. After November 22nd, Scorpio leaves the skies to let Sagittarius reign on high. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign who encourages us to be optimistic during difficult times. All the planets are quite active this month, with significant activity on Mars and Mercury.

On the 2nd of November, Venus conjuncts Mars. This is an excellent day for romance! While Venus is feminine and loving, Mars is passionate and fierce. With this perfect recipe for love, all signs will enjoy being intimate with their partner or lover. This day is also ideal for a romantic rendezvous. Do something spontaneous and maybe even a little bit crazy! The stars encourage you to be totally free today. On the 4th, there is a void-of-course moon, meaning that the moon pauses in her transition through the signs. Today is not the best day to initiate a project or try something new, as this pause in transit can often leave people with feelings of being stuck and indecisive. Let today flow, and try not to force what doesn't want to budge!

On the 8th, Venus enters Libra, her natural home. This will encourage all signs to be kind and diplomatic. Venus in Libra brings in her energy of harmony. Today is a good day to compromise with people in close relationships. One may find their work environment feels calmer and cooperative, or even their home more jovial and light. Venus will be in Libra for the rest of the month, so enjoy this opportunity for working together in light and love!

The 10th is an important day for the planets. Mercury sextiles Pluto to let us all know that we need to communicate what is deep inside of ourselves and our most unwavering opinions. The Sun also sextiles Jupiter on this date. This aspect is positive, and will help signs look at themselves and their beliefs with faith and confidence. The new moon in Scorpio the next day on November 11th will be in conjunction with Mercury. This is exceptionally virtuous given that Mercury, our communication planet, encourages us to voice our feelings. The new moon in Scorpio often brings on sudden and unpredictable moods, often towards the negative. While Scorpio makes us feel very deeply, this new moon will bring up insecurities for many zodiac signs this month. The truth is bound to come out, and Mercury will help us dictate these ideas, feelings, and opinions about oneself and others. It is important for signs to take the next few days after the new moon to decompress and not take matters as seriously. When we have emotional releases, it can make us feel exhausted! The stars encourage all signs to keep a positive outlook in Sagittarius, and have a little faith that everything will work out for the best!

On November 12th, Mars will enter the sign of Libra. Libra is steadfast in fighting for equality, and Mars will give this aspect a boost with his aggressive energy. It is the perfect time to advocate for what we believe in. The lesson here is to use our power and love to do good in the world. The next day, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, giving all signs faith in their ideas and communication abilities. It is important to write ideas down here. Venus also sextiles Saturn on this day, which is a completely different aspect than before. Saturn encourages all of us to be disciplined in our relationships. The Universe encourages us to ask ourselves what rules apply in our different relationships. These partnerships are reflected in work and personal life, and this aspect relates to all walks of life. On the 20th of this month, Mercury enters Sagittarius and will remain there until December 9th. This will inspire all of us to have confidence in our dreams and ideas and not be afraid to say them out loud. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius and leaves the watery Scorpio.

On November 24th, Mercury has two major aspects; Mercury conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune. All signs may feel extremely disengaged today. It may be difficult to listen to others, as we may feel bored very easily and are prone to be distracted. The next day on the 25th, the full moon takes places in Gemini. Gemini is also prone to the conversation and this may be another opportune time to talk about issues with oneself or others close by. During the full moon, signs may experience a feeling of restlessness and uncertainty. This will be especially true for air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Instead of running, the Universe encourages signs to pay attention to what is causing this nervous energy. Everyone here benefits from identifying the source of their issues and discussing them out loud. Geminis are notorious for being able to talk through challenging issues. With this complex reasoning sign in the full moon, it is important to take the opportunity to have a deep conversation. Mercury also sextiles Mars on the 25th, so beware of using words to hurt others. This fiery combination can be used for good in a friendly debate, though.

This month is filled with communication! With Mercury in many aspects, all signs will be forced to talk about the big issues in their relationships and their lives. The Universe keeps an air of optimism though, and the stars want all signs to have faith this month!

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