Cancer Horoscope for November 2017

November 2017 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for November 2017

Monthly November 2017 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly November 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

Jupiter remains in your fifth house of freedom and self-expression, and he will be here until November of next year! You can look forward to his good fortune and intellect leading you into creative endeavors that may mean more than just artistic expression. You may find that you learn great lessons from delving deeper into your expressive nature. There is also a possibility here for your artistic passion for becoming more than just a hobby. Over the course of Jupiter's cycle in this house, you may be presented with opportunities to do your passion for monetary gains. If you have been shifting your career focus, this may be a sign for you to commit to your art as a professional path. Take your time to consider the options, and know that the Universe has your back, dear Cancer!

The Sun will be in Scorpio, your fifth house, until the 22nd of this month. This alignment denotes an air of pleasure and fun. You may feel the need to go on an adventure, be silly, or do something that is a little daring! The Sun's alignment here will make you more social as well, so you may be more inclined to attend parties or social gatherings. You will find that you are the happiest when you are being artistic and expressive. Now is your time to shine in whatever hobby or passion you have dedicated yourself to. While you are generally not the center of attention, quiet Cancer, you may feel like you want to be noticed and seen for your uniqueness this month. Your personality will be more whimsical and romantic this month, as you are in search of freedom and expression!

Venus begins in your fourth house for the month of November. Your fourth house of home and family enjoys Venus' alignment here. This will manifest as a desire to create beauty in your home and family life. Whether it involves decorating your spaces, creating more meaningful relationships with your partners, parents, and children, or simply viewing your domestic life in a more positive light, this alignment is sure to create beauty wherever you go. You are naturally inclined to nurture as a Cancer, and Venus in the fourth house is extremely loving and compassionate. Feelings of needing to reconnect with your roots may also arise, and you may be inclined to revisit your past in some way. What lessons have you learned from where you came from? Is there anything you can let go of or choose to see in a new way? On the 8th of the month, Venus transitions into your fifth house of creativity and self-expression. Venus here will make you feel beautiful, inside and out! You may attract new people in your life, romantic and otherwise, due to your radiant energy. It's important for you to be creative in whatever sense that means to you. Cancers love the water, so you may find it extra wonderful to swim and be surrounded by your natural element. This can sprout feelings of joy and creativity all on its own. Find ways in which you get pleasure out of life, and let yourself be free!

Mars enters Libra on November 12th. This will be a challenging aspect for you, as Mars fiery side will be very aggressive in Libra's reign. It may be extremely difficult to talk to those who you are having issues with, as you are likely to let your emotions get the best of you. Honor your feelings as real, but know that you are extra sensitive and most likely quarrelsome at this time. When you are ready to approach your loved ones, coworkers, or friends in a more balanced way, you can have confidence that you will know exactly what to say and how to say it without making anyone feel bad or misconstruing your point. Mars can be a great competitor and action taker, so he may also influence you in a positive way in the workplace, if you are in a competitive environment or need to get many projects done.

Sun enters your sixth house in Sagittarius after the 22nd. This is more related to work, responsibilities, and service. You may focus on your duties at home just as much as in your professional life. Your personality here will shift from one of freedom and creativity to wanting to be more grounded. You will find that you get great pleasure giving back to others and being of service. The end of the month is a perfect time to donate to charity, commit to volunteer work, or advocate for a cause that you connect with. The Sun will ensure that you are able to make a difference, however big or small.

Your planets are balanced between the upper half and lower half of the chart, and this is an auspicious period for finances. You can enjoy good fortune and plentiful monetary funds throughout the month. If you have been worrying about money recently, this preoccupation should come to an end soon, as the planets predict you will have real financial gains over the next month! Given your financial security during this time, it is wise to plan a trip at the end of the month if you desire to travel.

You will enjoy good health this month, as there are no serious stresses or challenges to set you back. Overall, the planetary alignments will provide you with beauty, joy, happiness, and creativity throughout the whole month. The solar system is quite dominant in your fifth and sixth houses, denoting positive aspects with your artistic expression, family, and home life. Your dedication to work and service will also be very strong throughout November. While your career doesn't see any major setbacks, you may have the opportunity to reevaluate your professional goals. Whatever you decide, the Universe is on your side. The stars encourage you to be free and merry, lovely Cancer!

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