November 2017 Horoscope Capricorn

November 2017 Horoscope Capricorn

November 2017 Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

You are in for quite a serious month, dear Capricorn. Most of your planets are in the eastern hemisphere of your chart, which contains the first three and the last three houses. It is now the time to exercise your free will the most. You will be very self-motivated and assertive this month, taking action where it matters the most.

Jupiter has transited into your eleventh house since last month, and he will remain here until next November of 2018. This is an auspicious alignment for you, dear Capricorn! Jupiter will work to expand your circle of friends and open you up to deeper friendships. You might find opportunities for making money by joining alliances with a friend in a skill that you both share. Your personal achievements are also important in this sector, and Jupiter assists you in fulfilling your desires for the future. You may take a sudden interest in science, especially astronomy and physics, as these are more "other-worldly" than the other hard sciences. You will also be drawn to technology, as you see it as an extension of the human body. You will be able to employ your technological skills in a way that promotes your interests and studies. You may also invest in a new technology or buy replacement equipment for a job or interest of yours. Jupiter is also your spiritual planet, and he will encourage you to read more about religion, spirituality, and ways in which you can grow in this aspect.

Uranus has been in retrograde for sometime, but on the 4th, it begins to move direct. Progress is being made, and you are definitely on your way to seeing improvements in work and money! Uranus is your financial planet and you can expect your finances to remain steady, if not increase throughout November. While your career sector is not a major focus this month, you will definitely enjoy the perks of getting overtime payment or bonuses coming up!

Saturn is also moving directly this month after being in retrograde for several months. He remains in your twelfth house until next month. Saturn in the twelfth house indicates that you have been exploring spiritual outlets and disciplines. While Saturn is rigid, his presence in the twelfth house is much more ethereal than in other sectors. Because Saturn is your natural ruler, you actually enjoy having a strong routine and specific duties. In this aspect, you may be continuing to explore meditation, yoga, martial arts, and other spiritual outlets that thrive on being disciplined. Because Saturn is moving direct, you will gain clarity on your spiritual practices, and this may restore your faith in a bigger sense. You may explore how your spirituality can come into your professional life, and this may indicate a career change for you. Instead of taking action on this now, take the time to reflect how you might be able to connect to your highest self while paying the bills and growing in a potential job.

There is no activity in your love house this month, so you may not encounter any potential partners or go on any romantic outings. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may be rather distant with each other this month. It has nothing to do with the strength of your relationship. You are much more focused on yourself, higher learning, and spiritual potential. You and your partner will reconnect next month, but November is for you, dear Capricorn!

Neptune has also been in retrograde since June, but will start to move directly on the 22nd of this month. You may have experienced heightened sensitivity, or became extra psychic during this retrograde period. While your intuitive influences remain strong throughout the month, your paranoia and emotional turmoil will subside once Neptune moves direct again. Throughout the month, it is important to listen to your inner voice and not to drown out your emotions with mind altering substances. You are extremely grounded, earthy Capricorn, and you will get great perspective from the retrograde period, but will also feel relieved when it is over!

Venus begins in your tenth house of career this month. This is an extremely auspicious alignment for you, as Venus indicates great success in areas of professional development and diplomacy. You may have the opportunity to meet someone at a high level in your career, and under the guise of Venus, you will have extremely diplomatic and harmonious relations with this individual. If this occurs, they will see you as a major asset to your organization, and this will put you on their good side! On the other hand, Venus can influence this sector by leading your focus away from your current profession toward one of the artistic ambitions. Venus loves to emphasize the beauty in all things, and your focus may shift to something that brings you great beauty and joy in this world. When Venus shifts into your eleventh house of friendships this month, her loving attitude is a very positive aspect within your social circles. People will turn to you to mediate arguments, and as you are already so polite and diplomatic, this will be easy and rewarding for you. You will also see the ways in which your friends have grown over the years, and may feel very proud of your loved ones.

The Sun will be in your eleventh house this month, until the 22nd. Your ego and personality are greatly tied to your friends, and your emphasis will be on socializing as much as you can. You will get joy out of helping friends and being there for those who need your support. You will feel fulfilled through your connections with other human beings, and your faith in humanity may be restored during this time.

Overall, this month is filled with friendships, financial stability, pursuits in the sciences, and a deeper exploration of your spiritual path. You are definitely in your most interesting and expansive element during November, dearest Capricorn!

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