November 2017 Horoscope Gemini

November 2017 Horoscope Gemini

November 2017 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

Jupiter is well into your sixth house of work and responsibilities this month and will remain here until November of 2018. He is wise and makes sure the work you are doing in your professional and personal life goes well. This kicks off your path of service and dedication throughout the entire month, dear Gemini!

Venus will begin in your fifth house this month. The fifth house is the sector of self-expression and creativity. Venus here makes for a wonderful alignment, as her beautiful and vibrant energy will inspire you to be the most stunning version of yourself! Your path here is aimed towards creation in a feminine essence. Anything you touch with seemingly be more beautiful simply by your influence. Venus wants you to be as passionate in your creations as you are in your relationships. Let yourself go and express yourself to the fullest! Whatever your creative outlet is, make sure you take time every day to practice your art. Venus' planetary reign in the fifth house will keep you balanced and at peace throughout your artistic process. When she enters the sixth house on the 8th, you may transition from this creative path to more of a routine one. The sixth house embodies job and responsibilities. This includes the work you do in your professional life and at home. Venus brings her diplomatic energy wherever she goes, so this alignment will bring you joy throughout these aspects of your life. You may find that you are getting along more with co-workers, or are quicker to come to a compromise. At home, you will enjoy daily chores and common activities, finding that even they contain some beauty and happiness.

Mercury enters your seventh house of partnerships on the 6th of November. Mercury, the planet of communication, will encourage you to communicate more within your relationships. Mercury understands the need for openness and understanding, and this will aid you to communicate with compassion in your partnerships. This alignment may also give you a better handle on managing conversations between co-workers. People may ask you to mediate discussions, or even speak publicly, seeing how efficient you are at getting your point across. In your personal life, this alignment may manifest in the form of a mediation between friends who may not be getting along. You will be ideal here at identifying issues for your loved ones that they may be having with another person. They will turn to you for advice and clarity, as you have the keen ability to explain both perspectives this month!

Your financial sector will benefit greatly from planetary alignments, and you should be flush with cash until the middle of November! The beginning of the month is a great time to get some early holiday shopping done. Feel free to go out to a nice dinner or two. It is important to treat yourself when you can! However, this luck may shift later on. Mars turns retrograde in Cancer on the 15th, a sign that you should cut back on your spending and be more mindful about upcoming bills and commitments. This will be a reminder for you to focus on only what is necessary. You may have loved ones who need financial assistance, and they may turn to you during this time. If you are able to help them, without compromising yourself, this will be rewarding both for you and the other person. The planets have aligned so that you will be of great service to others this month, either emotionally, financially, or physically.

On the 22nd, the Sun enters your seventh house of relationships, which is also the house of Sagittarius. This is an extremely strong alignment, and you may suddenly feel as though having a relationship is a top priority. If you have a special someone, thoughts of marriage or deeper commitment may run through your mind. If you are a single Gemini, you will crave that twin connection! While you may indeed find your soulmate this month, this alignment merely gets the ball rolling for a deeper relationship. Because of your apt for communication, you will be able to identify how you are feeling and apply it as you wish. Either way, you are in good hands on the romance front, as this is a positive alignment for you, dear Gemini!

The full moon takes place in your sign on the 25th, dear Gemini. Today is a great time to reflect on this past month. What were your biggest accomplishments? What were you most challenging setbacks? How did you grow as a person? What are you ready to let go of to get ready for the new moon cycle? The Universe encourages you to communicate and be as clear as possible here. Write these thoughts and ideas down on a piece of paper. You can hold on to them as a reminder, or, you may choose to completely let them go into the ether to be washed away. It is the perfect day to start anew, and you are ready!

You may feel low energy towards the end of the month, as you have been working hard in all aspects of your life. Take the time for self-care, especially during the last week of November, and make sure that you are getting enough shut-eye. It is also a good time to start a new routine in your workout schedule or be more health and fitness conscious. Commit to making yourself a nice dinner at least twice a week. If cooking isn't really your thing, then go out to a restaurant with quality, fresh foods. Your body needs nourishment to continue your life's work! It isn't selfish to focus on yourself, and you absolutely deserve it now. You will be focusing on others a lot this month. Family, partners, and friends will need you. Because of this expended energy, it is important that you don't lose track of your own needs!

Overall, the theme of giving is the most predominant this month. This feeds your soul, as you are always compassionate and wise, generous Gemini!

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