Leo Horoscope for November 2017

November 2017 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for November 2017

Monthly November 2017 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly November 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

You will have an interesting month, dear Leo! Your energy will greatly focus on your personal life. Most of the planets are in the western portion of your chart, influencing your personal and domestic matters the most. This month also focuses on dealing with the past. The stars encourage you to examine issues in your family and close relationships, and understand how the present is a reflection of your past choices. Since last month, Jupiter has been in your fourth house of family, roots, and all things domestic. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune. He will be here until November of next year. This is an extremely lucky alignment for you. This planet influences your desires to grow your family unit and get back in touch with where you came from. This will inspire a deeper sense of identity and a desire to move forward in some way. You may find yourself getting ready to move again, or investing in a place that will be your new home for the long-term. If you are considering having children, November is a wonderful month to try! Jupiter creates luck on your side in this process. This alignment may also encourage you to dig deeper into your ancestry or lineage. Get inspired by this, and consider traveling to a "homeland" or new place that calls to you!

Venus begins in your third house this month. The third house is the communication sector. If you are dating someone, you may feel eager to get to know them better during this time. Venus and her harmonious nature will encourage you to ask questions about your loved one, that is much deeper than playful chit chat. If you are a single Leo, you may find yourself getting closer to friends, who also may turn out to be intimate partners in the future. Now is a great time to be social, as your outgoing nature shines among this alignment!

When Venus moves into your fourth house of home and family on the 8th of November, your focus will shift from dating and friends to domestic affairs. You will feel inclined to create a loving, nurturing environment for your family. You may feel extra emotional and sentimental, recalling happy memories with loved ones and close family members. Memories from childhood may also arise here that you may need to process and let go of. It is a great time to make space for relaxing, calm moments at home. Buy a new house plant to renew the energy, or warm up your bedroom with essential oil mists. Venus brings beauty and peace wherever she goes, and this will be your motto for the home this month, dear Leo. On the 28th, Venus transits to your fifth house of pleasure and self-expression. This is where the lion loves to be! Venus brings her optimistic energy in your pursuits of pleasure and happiness. You may feel especially sexual towards the end of the month, and will want to channel your inner lion or lioness in the bedroom!

The Sun begins in your fourth house of family and domestic affairs. Do you detect a theme here? The Sun only reinforces the need to be with family and in the home now. It is vital to create a happy home this month, as your emotions are greatly influenced by the Sun. If you have an unhappy home, this will affect you more adversely. Put your energy into patching up issues in your familial relationships, whether these relatives live with you or not. Once you do this, your emotional burdens will be lifted. On the 22nd, when the Sun enters Sagittarius, he moves into your fifth house of pleasure and creativity. You will feel an intense need to be adventurous and expressive now. You may feel restless and crave a social, romantic, or stimulating outlet. This is a great time to explore something that you are passionate about or that is new and exciting. Is there a hobby you've always wanted to try? The stars dare you to jump in now and take a creative risk!

Because your focus will be on personal matters this month, you are not predicted to see much activity in your professional sector. You will be in a solid routine at work, and while this job may not be as fulfilling as you'd like, it is important that you see your position as steady rather than exciting. The time will come for a career shift, but that won't come until later on. For now, you are paying the bills and getting the job done. It's important that your finances remain stable during November. From the 6th to the 10th, Mercury your financial planet, moves into your fifth house. If you have a position in which you get paid commission, expect to get an influx of cash during this time! You will be extra expressive in your communications because of Mercury's influence, and this will help you secure earnings in your job. The money will come easily to you, and you will have no problem spending it either. You may also have an opportunity here to create art for profit. From the 11th onward, your financial planet is out of bounds. This indicates that while you will not have any absence in money, you may feel impulsive and buy an expensive item. You will be especially drawn to luxury this month. Enjoy yourself, but don't go overboard, luxurious Leo!

You are predicted to enjoy steady health all month, with no major illness or issues to arise. From the 23rd on, you will need to focus on eating a more balanced diet, exercising, and taking better care of yourself in general. Your activity level will also increase around this time, so make sure to get solid 7-9 hours of sleep. Again, this month will be filled with family affairs and personal activities. You will get great satisfaction through taking care of loved ones and being in the home the most!

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