November 2017 Horoscope Virgo

November 2017 Horoscope Virgo

November 2017 Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

Lovely Virgo, you are predicted to be quite studious and curious during the month of November! Most of the planets are shifting from the eastern to the western part of your chart, and this is an opportunity to delve into more intellectual pursuits.

Jupiter remains in your third house until next November. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. In the third house of communication, you are strongly influenced by the intellectual drive. You may crave learning something new and challenging. It's not uncommon for Jupiter in this house to encourage people to learn a foreign language. You may also become involved in writing, reading, research, and heavy analyzing of a specific subject matter. This could present itself within your professional sector, but as this sector remains empty all month, these pursuits will most likely take place during your free time. Because Jupiter brings his good luck with him, you may apply for a higher degree in something of interest to you. Your work ethic towards a subject that you are passionate about will help you achieve your educational goals! The third house will be of great influence to you all month long.

The Sun also begins in your third house of communication this month. Your personality will be very tied to uncovering hidden truths about yourself and those around you. Again, this will manifest in an intellectual way. You may have the tendency to over analyze, and the Sun in this alignment will make this trait even more pronounced. Make sure that you aren't going overboard, as people around you might be overwhelmed with your sudden interest in their lives. The third house also influences your immediate surroundings, and you may take pride in keeping up with the neighbors this month. The Sun shifts to your fourth house on the 22nd when we enter the sign of Sagittarius. The fourth house rules all things domestic and family-related. You will feel especially connected to your roots during this time, and the planets encourage you to contact your siblings, parents, and any other close relatives you grew up with. As you grow and change, the stars remind you to remember where you came from and to root yourself in your identity. You will get extra pleasure from the 22nd onward in tidying up your home space and making it inviting for guests and family. Channel your domestic god/goddess, dear Virgo! You may also connect with neighbors and find common interests among them toward the end of the month.

Venus begins in your second house to start off November. The second house rules our values and possessions. Values are often linked to financial status and material possessions, although this is not always the case. Because you are so modest and minimalist, you may find that your values focus on other aspects of your life. Venus in the second house indicates a harmony between your inner values and your outer life. You will try to make your physical environment embody what is the most important to you. You may put great value into your house for example, and focus on making this a peaceful and loving environment. You may relate to a specific material possession and may focus on that as well. While Venus in this house does not necessarily indicate wealth, it does indicate balance. On the 8th, this loving planet shifts into your third house of communication. You will see the beauty in words and expression and may be inclined to write poetry, listen to music with heartfelt lyrics, or watch romantic movies. Your propensity for words and how they impact the soul will be strong this month. Feel free to revel in Venus' romantic energy! If you are in a relationship, you may feel the need to communicate with your partner in an extremely honest, loving way. You will want to know more about them and your relationship is destined to grow during this time. On the 28th, Venus enters your fourth house of family. You may feel nostalgic about the past and will want to revisit memories of childhood.

No planets are in your career house this month. While no activity in the tenth house is not necessarily a good or bad thing, you will not see anything special happening here during this time. There is a lack of professional development this month, as your focus is geared towards personal learning and relationships amongst loved ones. Your emphasis will be mostly on your intellectual pursuits, emotional processes, and domestic affairs.

The full moon on the 25th in Gemini is quite auspicious for you! Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house, and this full moon represents fulfillment in this sector. Because your planets have been transiting through this house during November, you will find a culmination of your efforts on the 25th finally coming to fruition. You may be presented with new learning opportunities today. During this full moon, ask yourself what you have learned over the past month and where you would like your pursuits to go. Your path is your own, dear Virgo, and the stars love to help you along the way!

If you are a single Virgo, the 18th to the 28th will be especially good days to explore the dating scene. You may meet potential partners through neighbors, close friends, or in an educational setting. This pairs well with your domestic and intellectual interests this month.

Finances are predicted to be great during November. With your financial planet in practical Capricorn, your judgments in monetary affairs are spot on. While you are not eager to spend money on luxuries or frivolous items, you will invest money in education somehow. This can be as small as buying new books or attending lectures, or as big as attending school again or traveling somewhere abroad. Feel free to make plans and do not let money hold you back. Jupiter is in your favor this month and all throughout the year, so take advantage of this alignment!

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