Zodiac sign Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo Love
Virgo are born between August 24th and September 22nd
Virgo and Leo love compatibility
Here is a good chance for a happy partnership. Magnanimous Leo will overlook Virgo's tendency to be critical, while Virgo will take pride in Leo's accomplishments, good humor, and lovable nature. Virgo will bring in that couple's sexual life large amount of emotional heat and understanding. Leo will respect Virgo's clever and alert mentality. Virgo will try to excite and satisfy the partner. Leo is also persevering person, so the chances for mutual satisfaction are really big. This is one of those relationships that depends on the type of relationship it is. The connection is usually "nice" and a long union also is possible.
Virgo and Aries love compatibility
The bravery of the Aries will probably intrigue the imagination of shy, reserved Virgo for a time. However, their sexualities are so different, that they will have to be very patient in order to succeed. Aires's passions are impulsive and direct. Virgo's sexuality is more enigmatic and takes time to be revealed. In other areas Aries is full of exciting new plans and ideas, and insists on being boss. Virgo is critical and fussy, and likes things to be done the way Virgo wants. In case the charts are well aspected for these two it could work, but it will take a lot of effort on both sides. Otherwise the relationships will not be very pleasant and chances for a successful marriage are fifty / fifty.
Virgo and Cancer love compatibility
Cancer's responses are emotive while Virgo's are analytical, but their personalities mesh so well that it doesn't seem to matter. The Virgo is practical person and gives a basis for this union. The Cancer is more emotional creature but they are capable to feel pleasure from their relationships. They perfectly fit each other in the bedroom. One of the dangers in this relationship will be too much caring! Each one of these signs love to look after, and fuss around the person they love, which will go far in making life intolerable for both of them. Together these signs do a lot of talking about things that need doing; each one needs to be paired with a positive personality for anything but talk to get accomplished. This can turn out to be quite interesing connection in case the Virgo is little less demonstrative and affectionate with cancer.
Virgo and Libra love compatibility
Virgo lives according to her/his rules while Libra is absolutely different creature. There are also other discrepancies of characters. Virgo is more interested in money, than in sex. Libra finds it inexcusable. Stay-at-home Virgo resents Libra's socialbutterfly instincts and pursuit of pleasure. Libra's tastes are expensive. Virgo is careful, not to say miserly. Libra finds Virgo fussy, critical, completely inflexible. Virgo can also be a grumbling and tiresome person with dictatorial propensity. Libra will not stand it too long and start searching for support somewhere else. Virgo, is more straight forward about his/her approach to sex and Libra methods of the "dance" can drive him or her up the wall. This is a doubtful connection and extremely complicated marriage.
Virgo and Taurus love compatibility
There will be love at first sight- Both are homebodies and they share the same intellectual pursuits. Virgo, while making love prefers simple ways/positions. The Taurus is not against simplicity, but his/her style in sex can be disturbing for Virgo. But in the other aspects of life they don't have many problems. Taurus's tenacity and Virgo's sharp mind are a good combination for success as a team. And Taurus keeps a careful eye on expenditures, which pleases thrifty Virgo. A good connection is possible, but it demands to be more patient from the representatives of the both signs.
Virgo and Scorpio love compatibility
Their interests are the same in many areas, but they are too different when it refers to the sexual sphere. It is difficult for them to establish good relationships. Virgo can become captious. Restrained Virgo has trouble keeping up with highly demonstrative Scorpio and doesn't understand what all the fuss and bother is about. Scorpio can fly into jealous rages for no reason, even if Virgo has proved to be a faithful mate, and the general Scorpio views are hard for Virgo to take or agree with for Virgo always sees the other side of the situation and the other persons point of view. In other words Scorpio can be roughly frank. The spiritual affinity is possible for some time, and then Scorpio will probably begin to search for new sexual partners. Friendship may be the best idea here.
Virgo and Aquarius love compatibility
Both are mental signs rather than emotional, but Virgo looks on the darker side of life while Aquarius is imaginative and optimistic. There is no strong sexual attraction between them. Aquarius needs activity, social events, a wide circle of acquaintances. Virgo enjoys a quiet existence with a few close friends. There will be neither especially strong excitation, nor interesting erotic games. The sober, practical Virgo is inclined to criticize the Aquarius' generosity. Their goals are very different: Aquarius wants to be as brilliant as possible; Virgo wants to be as efficient as possible. The marriage is possible in case they both have strong feelings towards each other.
Virgo and Capricorn love compatibility
Virgo's neat orderly mind meshes well with Capricorn's self-discipline and capacity for hard work. Both take pride in their home, enjoy having a few close friends rather than many acquaintances, and admire each other's intellectual abilities. The Caoricorn's practicality suits the Virgo's accuracy perfectly. There are possible misunderstandings in the field of sex, but they know and feel each other so well, that these misunderstandings don't disturb them. They are both - clever, conservative and patient. This relationship could suffer from lack of romance, as both tend to be a bit reserved in this area. Generally there is a good basis for a long union.
Virgo and Gemini love compatibility
Both are Mercury ruled and have a mental approach to life. But similarity ends there; these two are star-crossed from the beginning. Gemini treats Virgo as a boring creature. There are precise representations about sexual behavior in the Virgo's head. The Gemini will show indecision. After attenuation of passion's fire Virgo will start to grumble and criticize Gemini. Gemini will start searching for entertainment with someone else in his/her turn. Passions run on a low thermostat; their sex life soon turns chilly. This is going to be as short as flash relationship, which has not a chance to last long time.
Virgo and Virgo love compatibility
Both of them are constrained in the sexual relations and consider love as a basis for something more important - partnership in life. They are responsible, sensitive, intelligent, and take love seriously. They also share passions of the mind, and will never bore each other. The requirements in a bedroom are not too great and do not cause many complaints and criticism. Both the intense affair and the marriage are possible in case these perfectionists curb their instincts for finding fault. There will probably also be a continual contest over who is leader, but they have too much else in common for that to matter.
Virgo and Sagittarius love compatibility
The Sagittarius' attitude to love drives Virgo out of his/her mind. The Virgos' feeling of safety is vanishing. Sagittarius doesn't try to understand the Virgo's needs. Elsewhere, Virgo looks for order and simplicity whereas Sagittarius looks for excitement and new experiences. Virgo wants a long term commitment; Sagittarius has to be free to roam. Since Virgo is not one to place too great an emphasis on the sexual side of life and does not have the same appetites that Sagittarius has, Sagittarius may well feel that he or she is justified in finding a new lover from time to time which will cause many fights. They will be able to stay together for a week, but not for the rest of the life.
Virgo and Pisces love compatibility
The love is closely connected with the stability, physical needs, intellectual compatibility. The love for the Pisces is a beauty and emotional experiences. The Virgo's cautious, prudent attitude the to sex doesn't satisfy unlimited desires of the Pisces . The marriage will probably be unsuccessful.
vera 2015-03-01 02:27:55
Im.a virgo and.im love with gemini man i know him about 30 years, i talk to him.everyday we text , this year he is comming to visit me from.Europe bad thing is am merried with copricorn for 17 years...what should i do idk plz someone help me

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Nat 2015-02-15 14:36:21
I'm in love with a Pisces like I've never been with another sign , but he says I'm to mean he needs a sweet passive women. I'm strong willed he cheated thruout the 6 years which I always forgave. But he recently ended our relationship and has moved another women in months later. I'm heart broken and don't know how to get him back. We have always had intense love and emotions, I just can't see him just being over me . It seems to me in my relationship with him that he can say were done. But yet he pays sites to spy on my phone to see what I'm doing when he let me go.. But yet is in a committed relationship. I'm confused do I go get my man or let him move on?

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MJ 2015-02-11 21:52:02
kj 2014-10-21 19:55:54
Im a sagittarius woman and im married to a virgo man we have been together for a long time and we have a great marriage...not all sag's are carefree as one might be led to believe...sag's and virgos make for a great love..very deep love...just saying..
I am a Virgo woman and I am deeply in love with a Sag man. We seem to compliment each other well. His easy-going personality allows me to not be so rigid. When in love, a Virgo tends to be VERY mutable. We both love, love, and love hard. Us Virgos are not prudish in the bedroom at all. We are very passionate and attentive in everything that we do. That marks very high on our list. The connection between a Virgo/Sag is the awesome conversations. We have a thirst for knowledge, a quest for exploration and learning and experiencing new things. One thing that is hard to deal with though is their need to go away and think. They can be a bit aloof. But Virgo's can be an introvert, so that works.
I was married to a Leo for 13 years of pure hell. Their constant need for validation and reinforcement caused a lot of arguments. We argued all the time. Leos are not very smart, but still want to take the lead...Why? They are impulsive and don't think anything out. They are irrational and it bothers the rational, deep thinking Virgo. The only upside, is sex. But that is hampered because a Virgo needs to feel passionately about the person, in order to enjoy. Virgo's never just go through the motion, sex has meaning. We make love..EVERY time.

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Dog 2015-01-28 13:51:27
i feel very proud.

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smileyy 2015-01-27 21:33:07

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kokostrawberry#1akaMswilson 2015-01-17 16:24:57
Us virgos are very strong minded n strong willed ppl we are very caring n loving I just feel sorry for the fool that tries to cross us cus we don't play however I've been happily married to a Pisces for almost ten years now and we are still in bliss n very much in love he makes me very happy although we may have our differences being virgos are realistically inclined where as Pisces are big dreamers we're still a match made in heaven and he isn't going anywhere until the good Lord calls him home and neither am I ya dig!!! We were made for each other soul mates true meaning of the word...i wouldn't trade him for nothing in the world..ps virgos and Aries don't mix well in relationships at all they suck together ask me how I knw not compatible at all

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LadyLuck 2015-02-14 21:44:07
I'm a Virgo, was with my Aries man for 5 years, loved every second of it. We were each others everything. He is compassionate, easy-going, adventurous, loving, strong-willed, VERY attentive to my needs. Patient and so very loving. We adored each other. I miss him every day. But we couldn't be together for reasons I won't explain on here. He still longs for me and I him, but life goes on and people keep growing. We will both find love again. And who knows if our paths will cross.

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susie 2015-01-18 14:25:47
Message from kokostrawberry#1akaMswilson
Us virgos are very strong minded n strong willed ppl we are very caring n loving I just feel sorry for the fool that tries to cross us cus we don't play however I've been happily married to a Pisces for almost ten years now and we are still in bliss n very much in love he makes me very happy although we may have our differences being virgos are realistically inclined where as Pisces are big dreamers we're still a match made in heaven and he isn't going anywhere until the good Lord calls him home and neither am I ya dig!!! We were made for each other soul mates true meaning of the word...i wouldn't trade him for nothing in the world..ps virgos and Aries don't mix well in relationships at all they suck together ask me how I knw not compatible at all

I must agree with u being a Virgo n my boyfriend if 1 year..but i wldnt have it any other way we go great together so much i have learned from him n vice versa..communication is a plus too in our relationship i have been happier with him in this past year than i was in my 2 past marriages with another Virgo n a Capricorn..Pisces is definitely for me..

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Crystal 2015-01-17 08:26:41
The truth about Virgos is that we are not Prudes or as Uptight as the world thinks we are. We do like order to things, yes, but if we are with the right person they can do something to us that we cant do for ourselfs. THEY CAN SHUT DOWN THE BRAIN. if only for a kinky game in the bedroom, sometimes thats all we need

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JM 2014-12-17 19:52:24
Im a Pisces and fallin in love with a virgo we're on dating stage but slowly things happen to us but im considering this as a normal between two person, but if this zodiac let us affect our lives then it would be bitter at the end as it was unsuccessful it says, so if the two person talk about it and do it together so it would be great and the best things will come as they faced it together.............love u @.

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thando 2014-12-08 08:25:28
I'm a Virgo and attracts Gemini man I don't know why since I started dating I dated Gemini

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Roxxy 2014-12-02 04:42:39
Im a Virgo yay! I dated a virgo for 6 yrs loved it jus toooo controling.my new friend is a Gemini things were great n then 2 days ago he switched idk im con fused I liked him even though he can be uptight @ times

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Virgo 2014-11-20 02:23:02
I'm a Virgo and I love it, besides the fact that I am very emotional. I've been with a Pisces for four years and we get along fine for the most part. But like all relationships we have our falling outs, but we always make up no matter what. Because Pisces are so sweet and once they give someone their heart they tend to try and keep things peaceful. Just like us, because we love hard and will do almost anything to keep it together. Alot of our friends applaud our relationship and hope for one like ours. The physical attraction is still there,and despite what's said about us Virgos' as far as our sexual desires. I believe we can hang with the best due to the fact that we're so curious. Therefore I would choose a Pisces any day, because my babe makes me feel whole.

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virgo in love with a Pisces 2014-12-02 00:10:51
I have an amazing capacity for love and sex. I like it all and am completely intrigued and excited by my Pisces friend. It's reciprocal so that is very disappointing. I'm thrilled for you.

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Red 2014-11-18 06:59:11
im a virgo, recently started dating a Gemini, ive known her for five years we've had a history of being bestfriends until things grew into more. Shes my rock and things couldnt be any better.

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Monica 2014-11-08 19:13:45
I'm a Virgo and I ALWAYS find myself the most attracted to Pisces. I love their sarcastic sense of humor. I was with one for four years. Since then, only a Pisces can really get me going.

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Megan 2014-11-05 06:47:24
I am virgo looking for my best match. it says i am matched well with a tartus and a capicorn.  :love: but lately i felt something for another guy. can't say it at all. or don't know who at all. i thought i still felt something for my on and off again crush for many years. still trying to get over him but i can't.

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@monicacee 2014-10-24 07:01:38
I was with a Libra for 9 yrs of hell "Libra is absolutely different creature. There are also other discrepancies of characters." is so true.

Now Im dating a Leo. Been together for 4 yrs. we fell madly in love & recently just had a babyBUT now we argue everyday. I cannot stand him.!!!

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