Virgo and Taurus compatibility

Virgo and Taurus Zodiac signs compatibility
One in two people, the common element for these zodiac signs - Earth makes this union stable and sustainable like no other one. At first dating, Virgo man and Taurus woman will like each other for their reliability and thoroughness of opinions. Then they will rush into each other's arms, and decide never to part company with each other. They will believe each other at once, and realize that they have found their soul mate - the one they have long looked for.

Virgo Man and Taurus woman dreamed of a life in which there will be no conflicts. These partners have virtually the same opinion on all issues, they will even have nothing to argue about - they just have a long conversation, complementing each other, developing their ideas. After a while, Virgo man and Taurus woman may see that they are bored with each other. A monotonous life and the same emotion may have an effect, and the sharpness of their emotions will become blunt a little. But there will be no conflicts and ruptures - these signs are too smart to sacrifice their love and happiness.

Taurus woman is usually more patient and organized than zodiac sign Virgo. They are both equally stubborn, and when, suddenly they huff at one each other, they go into their burrows, and sit alone, then each of them painfully waits that the other will come to him first. Usually, the first is not Virgo man. Together, these zodiac signs are so strong that they can move mountains. They may engage in business, art, publishing of books, and they will be successful in anything they do due to the indomitable will and energy of this couple. They very sensitively preserve the peace and happiness of each other, they always stick together, assist, advise, and supplement each other. They respect the dignity of each other, and each of them finds it important that the other one does not feel slighted or offended. For the Virgo man, marriage is an unnatural state - that is how the astrological chart is for him. But the Taurus woman organizes life in marriage in such a way that the Virgo man feels complete freedom, happiness, and reliability of the family shelter.

Virgo man does not like comfort and luxury, he loves practical and inexpensive things. Zodiac sign Taurus loves bright things, ornaments. Taurus woman will be a little annoyed by her man's attraction to Spartan life, but they both do not like to spend money mindlessly, which means that they would make all purchases together, having carefully thought over and discussed the upcoming purchase, weighing all the pros and cons. The compatibility horoscope confirms that Taurus woman will always be a faithful and devoted wife. This would allow Virgo man to feel confident and relaxed.

j.m. 2015-06-09 23:33:06
I am a Taurean woman deeply in love with the most beautiful, talented and interesting man I have ever known. But I will never get to show him how much I care for him and desire him because he is entranced by a gorgeous Scorpio woman.

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sandy 2015-05-03 10:27:18
Its true in always :)

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Erin govender 2015-03-20 19:45:09
I hope this is true I'm gona see tomorrow and test all this out but thanks anyways!!!  :)

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karen 2014-12-22 16:27:31
He's a virgo, im a Taurus do we argue? Oh yeah but this is true for the most part.  =)

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Michelle 2014-09-05 20:58:37
I am a piscean with a Taurus rising in my char : my lover is a Virgo; we have nothing to argue about - I feel completely comfortable in his space. & he in mine - bliss :-)

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Dats maname 2014-07-30 21:09:38
I'm a Taurus and my friend is a Virgo we argue constantly and here it say that Virgo and Taurus have nothing to argue about

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Teyana 2014-06-09 04:15:12
This is so true....

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