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Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility Horoscope

They will like each other from their first date, and immediately want to be together forever. The compatibility horoscope promises the Taurus man and Aquarius woman a strong passion, intense love affair, interesting and not boring relationship. Marriage is possible if both partners learn to compromise to each other.

The zodiac sign Taurus is practical, thorough, with steady habits and views. He firmly knows what he wants from life, and is confident in his own abilities. Taurus man strives to create a family, build a durable house and provide financially for himself and his family. He is very industrious and demands hard work and dedication from all those around him. All that goes to Taurus, refers to his direct property, and this refers to his wife. By creating a union, a Taurus man requires complete submission from her and wants her to completely devote herself to the family.

Aquarius woman is a very light and responsive person. She is sociable and friendly, happy to help all others who need her help. Aquarius woman is an altruist, she loves people, gives them the warmth of her soul, and sees her purpose only to help all those who suffer. Aquarius woman will be deeply offended by the Taurus man's acquisitive views towards her: she cannot live without communicating with others, and her husband tries to build a fortress wall between the house and everyone around the world. The Aquarius woman loves her man, but her heart is torn between this love and overwhelming desire for freedom. At the same time, the Taurus man does not understand why his woman seeks to communicate with other people since if she loves him, communication with him should be enough for her.

Things are compounded by the Taurus man's persistent tight ultimatums and the Aquarius woman's bitter accusations of his insensitivity. The zodiac signs Aquarius and Taurus are under the auspices of the Air and Earth elements - which means that understanding between them can be achieved but under very close mutual efforts. A Taurus man and Aquarius woman need to work a lot on their relationship to each other so that the husband can revise his acquisitive views, and free his wife from ultimatums, and so that the Aquarius woman can become more attentive to the family and her man's desires. The compatibility horoscope warns that if this couple will go through endless arguments, then breakage of the marriage is just a matter of time.

Taurus & Aquarius Compatibility Taurus Aquarius Compatibility Horoscope

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wajiha rana 2024-05-30 06:13:49
I want to marry with my Aquarius man.is this possible?
Taurus-Aquarius 2023-11-14 03:18:04
Taurus and Aquarius have a contrasting and intriguing dynamic in a romantic relationship. These two signs possess different qualities and approaches to life, which can lead to either a stimulating and harmonious connection or pose challenges. Let's explore the compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius:

1. Love and Romance: Taurus, an earth sign, desires stability, loyalty, and sensuality in a relationship. Aquarius, an air sign, values independence, individuality, and intellectual stimulation. Aquarius tends to be more detached when it comes to emotions, while Taurus seeks emotional closeness and security. These differences can create a challenge, as Taurus may find Aquarius too aloof and Aquarius may feel trapped by Taurus' need for emotional connection.

2. Communication and Intellect: Taurus and Aquarius have different communication styles and intellectual preferences. Taurus tends to be practical, straightforward, and values stability. Aquarius, on the other hand, is more unconventional, intellectually inclined, and seeks intellectual freedom. They can find it challenging to understand and relate to each other's perspectives, but with open-mindedness and respect for individuality, they can engage in stimulating conversations.

3. Emotions: Taurus and Aquarius have distinct emotional natures. Taurus seeks emotional stability, security, and loyalty in a relationship. Aquarius, being an air sign, tends to be more detached and can struggle with expressing or understanding deep emotions. Their emotional disconnect might create frustration for Taurus, who desires a more intimate connection.

4. Values: Taurus and Aquarius often have different value systems. Taurus values stability, routine, and material comfort, while Aquarius values personal freedom, independence, and a forward-thinking mindset. Their contrasting values can sometimes cause conflicts, requiring compromise and understanding for harmony.

5. Shared Activities: Taurus and Aquarius have differing preferences when it comes to shared activities. Taurus enjoys comfort, relaxation, and indulging in sensory pleasures. Aquarius, on the other hand, seeks intellectual stimulation, enjoys socializing, and values unconventional experiences. Finding common ground and exploring new activities that satisfy both partners' needs is crucial for a balanced relationship.

While Taurus and Aquarius can face challenges, they also have the potential for growth and learning from each other's differences. Open communication, respect for individuality, and finding common ground are essential for building a successful relationship. Mutual understanding and compromise can help bridge the gaps and create a unique blend of stability and excitement between Taurus and Aquarius.
lynn 2017-11-29 12:10:37
I am an Aquarius woman and my last relationship was with a Taurus. I agree with this, not that it can't work out for others if they love each other enough to be mindful and respectful to each other. Communication is huge! Everyone is different, in my case though he rarely listened, hurt my heart, and only wanted to be around his family and his friends. He would check my Facebook and phone, really didn't think anything of it at first I have nothing to hide but when I would go to use his phone (li me when he had mine) or the computer or tablet (he got wanting me to use as well) they were always locked and he not share the passwords. Just be careful.
Anamika rai 2017-03-20 08:04:05
Who ever have written this rubbish thing between two sing.you should go and check up your brain first.by writting all this bull shet, u ever realise how many relation you are going to break u.u are creating misunderstanding between this two sign and even u are creating negative thought among people regarding this two sign,i am aquaraus women i love my taurus husband very much and i understand him very well even he love me more than himslf it has been 1o yrs we have been together so stop creating negative thought among people mind and its better keep ur opinion urself,its seems like ur married life sucks you thats why ur writting all these things
Max 2017-06-25 20:40:16
Your so right I love my Taurus man but he won't give me a chance because if this garbage.
aquarius man 2017-02-07 02:41:00
The impression i have about Taurus man and woman can briefly be summarized as totally 'mysterious people"- it is risky` One way or another you will die a miserable life if you mistakenly dare to do so. The common problem is witchcrafts or voodoo practices. Sorry I had enough! Never again
Devion 2016-07-01 17:35:26
Reading this gave me hope I'm a taurus man and I don't know if I should keep trying to pursue my aquarius crush because I'm scared about the future but reading yall testimony help me secure my faith
Lisa 2016-05-23 15:10:21
is the Taurus man a cheater or is he as faithful as I'm hoping
Kristin 2016-05-21 03:24:03
I love the Taurus man I met. He's perfect for me. I've never felt happier
pat 2016-04-11 06:36:12
Im an aquarian woman im not sure if I love the taurus guy I know or not but I get very emotional around him and he turns me on just teasing me I get the feeling he cates for me but I really dont know I could really do with some advise here it would be much appreciated thanx 🙁
ChaNi 2015-11-23 18:51:18
All my exes have either been aries or Sagittarius. I started chatting to a Taurus now and there is a connection there. He's everything I want in a partner. I have not physically met him but I feel that I could relocate my life to be with him. Is that wise can anyone advise me on how to not to scare him off me?
Pri 2015-10-13 10:24:22
I'm a aquarius woman and have been with my Taurus boyfriend for almost 4 years now and I could not be any happier. Prior to our relationship we were friends and in later years best friends. I had the same class as his cousin and it was through his cousin that I met him. Never did I think I would end up with this person but little did I know I would learn to love his earthly ways. We but heads constantly but what we have in common is the mutual respect and love we have for one another. Although we are both hard headed, when it comes down to it we learn to bend for one another. He really is my anchor that holds me down and I am his gateway to the outside world. He's a really anxious person when it comea down to beimg out on a social event but as long as I am with him he feels a little more mellowed out knowing I won't leave him alone. I could not picture going on without him. He is my everything. Without him I would not have a reason to venture out because with out him there'd be no reason for my travels. It makes me happy to see him feel more confident in going out in the world knowing how withdrawn he was before. For him as long as I'm with him, he is willing to try new things. Baby steps, and by baby steps I mean baby steps. Lol. You can never rush and or push a taurus man do speed things up and try and do things he is unfamiliar with, but give him time and you'll see his confidence grow. Patience is needed by both parties, but as long as you guys have a mutual understanding and want to truly work things out, you guys will find a ways.
Brooke 2016-07-10 11:13:25
Hey I loved reading your story with your Taurus man !i would love some advice, anything would be appreciated!Him and I met over social media which I hate, but it was beautiful an just satisfying he wasn't overbearing or rude or like a typical jerk.This guy seems so genuine and true and after I've cut so many other guys off from just being tired of disapointment an hurt I made him my exception and decided we could go on a date i was so nervous an afraid but I could be my self with this guy and I'd say we both had such an amazing time it was romantic and I felt something deep even if it was the first time meeting I could care less because I want him an us to take our time but I also want consistency and affection so after I told him "thank you for such a great time" and he replied with how I looked beautiful an he couldn't wait to see me again he just has a way with me but he hasn't texted me all day so I'm not going to be crazy an assume he's a player or whatever else the typical worrisome woman would do I just want to be loving an understanding towards him because I have already an he's shown it all back to me I want to understand him in time but also know his nature an if Taurus men do this when they're hesitant or is he waiting for me to possibly reach out?but over all this man seems to be a blessing in my life and I would never take him for granted my goal is to build a good relationship with him a day at a time with 0 rush so I'm not worried with hours without reply which he's never done but for today so I'm guessing maybe he's taking his sweet Taurus time lol
patti 2015-09-16 04:26:31
Most of the major relationships in my life have been with a Taurus man. I cant resist them..they are big and strong and masculine but so bossy lol! ( and always handsome) I broke up with a Taurus in march and met another one a few days ago. The chemistry between us was electric, my body was vibrating on the inside.. he has the bluest eyes i ve ever seen. Im an Aquarius but i haave taurus in my chart..my last taurus had an awful temper, he scared me becuase he could get so mean when he was threatened. Ive already noticed that my new taurus is possesive which I kind of like, at least at this point. i think this Taurus is going to be another major relationship, we both want marraige so if anyone has any advice Isd love to hear it!!
Julia 2016-02-11 23:14:45
Hmmm Does he have long black hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes and blood shot red lips?

Tanya 2015-08-26 18:38:55
So I just met a Taurus man last night. there was an immediate attraction but I found him arrogant and told him so (I was at the same time intensely intrigued and wanting to know if there was more to him) the attraction was still very much there and only grew stronger to the point where we were pretty much lost in each other by the end of that meeting . Thing is he is moving interstate at the end of the week, he is sending messages wanting to spend as much time with me as he can before he goes. He is talking he wants to have something real with me. his passion makes me feel amazing and he is showing a very communicative and sweet attitude but man, so much to absorb in such a small amount of time, I barely know him, he wants to get very close in the short time we have.. and then .. Who knows
melissa 2015-10-22 10:42:41
was his name carlos and was he going away to the air force?
Irene 2015-05-17 20:31:35
I met my Taurus (Angel) when I was 17 and he was 21. The love was there, no doubt about it! We were even engaged and our living situations is what separated us and we lost each other. We stood at the corner and said our goodbyes (we never broke up). And I found him again November of last year and the love is STILL there and very much strong! There's a problem....I'm married to a Sagittarius. My Sagittarius is 12 years older than me and when we argue, he treats me like a little girl (before this Sagittarius I was married to another Sagittarius for 15 years and he treated me just the same. And they are actually the same age their birthdays are only a week apart so sometimes I feel like I'm in the same relationship). I love my Taurus so much but he before this Sagittarius I was married to another Sagittarius for 15 years and he treated me just the same. And they are actually the same age their birthdays are only a week apart so sometimes I feel like I'm in the same relationship lives in Arkansas (I live in Texas) which makes things even harder. I'm lost right now..
sarahhh 2015-04-14 21:46:46
Hi, so me and my boyfriend broke up exactly a 4 months ago. I have been feeling very low because of this as we were very close and have been going out a year and had no problems. He had told me that he had depression and stuff and I tried to help him by always telling him I was there for him and giving him advice. Then he turned around one day and told me he couldn?€™t cope with being in the relationship anymore. Prior to this we had a small disagreement but nothing you would break up over. My aunt advice to me, that I should look for help in magic. I looking for a website with love spells that work fasts. I choose http://best-love-spells.com and I?€™m very satisfied. Boyfriend back to me and his depression is over.

JAC 2015-04-09 07:06:58
Good for you guys, I waited for 4 months to date an Aquarius, but she choose somebody else who she just met. I tried my best but I feel im the worst. But I'm not still giving up.
RAIN 2015-03-03 18:53:45
I am an Aquarius girl I have been married to my Taurus going on 10 years. We spend what others would call an odd amount of time together. Like the writer said they do want all of your time. If I was a glass of water he would drink every drop of me and save none for anyone else. I love him, he is faithful, and loyal and a protector.
Haley 2015-03-02 08:49:52
I met my Taurus man two years ago today! Our love for each other was almost instantaneous and it only keeps growing. Let me tell you though it has not been easy. We have had to overcome many obstacles. Him being a Taurus man, and me an Aquarius woman, we are polar opposites and that in itself is a challenge. Both of us are extremely stubborn; Once either of us make up our mind neither are willing to change our viewpoints or opinions. This was a huge struggle and still continues to be a minor issue in our relationship. But with time we have learned to except and understand the other's way of thinking. We have learned to operate from a base of mutual love and respect and have become patient with one another. The number one key of our relationship success has been working as a team and avoiding being against one another. The first year and a half was one of the biggest struggles I've ever been through and there were more times I thought we wouldn't make it then times I did. But its just because we didn't understand how each other operated and once we had somewhat of an understanding things started getting better, and they just keep getting better. Now I could never imagine my life without my Taurus man. He keeps me grounded, makes me feel safe, and has made me want to be the best me I can.
claire 2014-11-14 22:16:36
God I love my Taurus man we met 7 years ago I feel in love straight away only to break up just a few months down the line , but now we are together again , since Feb this year he says he loves me which never heard him say before and I believe him but we live 200 miles apart and he comes over when he can cos he works away , but in the week he used to ring me once a week but haven't heard from him since last Sunday and he gone home this weekend , I know he not up to anything but why does he ignore me in rhe week , and only ring me when he wants ro talk hes doing my head in someone give me some answers please
igor 2015-01-23 18:44:38
give him time... give him trust and freedom.. and you will be his princess forever.
KING 2014-10-19 20:19:29
iam in start of relationship with aquarius girl and all the things seems on the track as our level understandings seems too good.. my girl seems to the best in the world... she is too much friendly and loving...
lets hope for the best..... 🙂
Anne 2014-09-07 02:08:16
as much as i want to say this is true i mean to a certain point it is. I loved my taurus i did very much or so i thought and to one point he loved me. He unknowingly would hurt me a lot and i guess i would too.After our first break up he had gone back to his ex and after they broke up he thought it would be okay to come back to me and i made sure that wasnt going to be something like a routine and for him get confortable with. I can tell its a similar thing with Mika, i really wouldnt recommend a taurus for an aquarius.Ive met a geminis and honestly iam so much happier than when i was with the taurus. Laughing and enjoying ourselves comfortably.
Mika 2014-07-10 13:02:04
So so true and accurate! I love my Taurus man, and he loves me too. But he hurts me deeply in my heart, after the first year together, things got difficult between us. But every time I broke up with him we would both suffer and would get back together. After 3 years of back and forth, I now let go and let things evolve on their own.

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