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Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility Horoscope

The compatibility horoscope of Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman begins with an optimistic note: these zodiac signs are attracted to each other like a magnet, and sometimes they even cannot explain what has so intrigued and attracted them to each other, although they exist and feel in the same plane. Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman, suddenly found themselves side by side as companions, and entered into a conversation on the road, will decide to be together so as to complement and support each other.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius is an adventurer and perpetual traveler. She will get a good companion, who also loves to change places and new experiences from traveling and walking. For some time, Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man will feel themselves a perfect couple, with fully coinciding views on life. Sagittarius woman's ability to transform will attract Aquarius man and he will become another person, depending on the situation. He will, again and again, unravel her, seek her disposition and her changes will excite his blood and make his heart beat faster.

Sagittarius woman, in the same way as Aquarius man, hates rules and conditions. She is never obsessed with restoring order in the house.

For her, it is important to do something that brings joy to the soul at the moment. She will engage in affairs of the organization of life only when she experiences a strong desire. Sagittarius is never jealous, just as the Aquarius man. These zodiac signs understand jealousy as a manifestation of weakness, but they both consider themselves very strong personalities.

This tandem, named by the compatibility horoscope at the beginning of the relationship is perfect, exists in rich emotional ties and common interests: together they look for adventure and fresh bright events. For Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman, an element in which they both will survive and seek new ways of existing is needed. Will they have something to tell each other, if on a fine day they find themselves in a quiet apartment, with no storm and turmoil, with no plans to travel? Interested in each other like good conversationalists and companions, Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman at first will not give importance to the fact that they do not have a strong passion and attraction towards each other, as sexual partners. Over time, this can cool their relationship - if common interests by that time run out. Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman will just feel like strangers to each other.

Aquarius & Sagittarius Compatibility Aquarius Sagittarius Compatibility Horoscope

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Aquarius 2017-01-16 10:15:26
I haven't had time to visit this site since 2015.
#Tamieka , I am glad my observation was helpful to you and hope you may have found one as your husband dreams.
quoyt 2016-06-20 10:11:27
what about a dec 7 female sag and a feb 7 male aquarius?
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 14:58:22
A relationship between a Sagittarius female (born on December 7) and an Aquarius male (born on February 7) can have its challenges, but it also has the potential for a strong connection. Let's explore some key aspects that may influence this relationship:

1. Adventurousness: Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are known for their love of freedom and adventure. They enjoy exploring new ideas, places, and experiences. This shared inclination can create a sense of excitement and compatibility between them.

2. Differences in emotional expression: Sagittarius tends to be more open and expressive about their feelings, while Aquarius can be more detached and intellectual in this regard. This difference may require some understanding and compromise for both partners to meet each other's emotional needs.

3. Intellectual compatibility: Both signs are intellectually driven and have a natural curiosity about the world. Engaging in deep conversations and sharing intellectual interests can be a source of bonding and stimulation for this couple.

4. Independence: Both Sagittarius and Aquarius highly value their independence and personal freedom. These individuals need space and autonomy in their relationships. As long as they can respect each other's need for independence, it can contribute to a healthy dynamic.

5. Communication styles: Aquarius tends to be more focused on ideas and concepts, while Sagittarius is known for their blunt honesty. This difference in communication styles may sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Clear and open communication will be crucial for preventing conflicts and fostering understanding.

Ultimately, the success of this relationship will depend on the individuals involved and their willingness to embrace their similarities and work through their differences. Mutual respect, open communication, and compromise can go a long way in creating a fulfilling and harmonious partnership.
Dr Jo Lauder 2015-09-26 08:10:19
The part about the sexual connection is not true at all there is actually a strong sexual attraction towards each other and Aquarius will fall in love with her on a physical and mental and spiritual level but he will also rebel somewhat because his pride of letting her know how deeply he truly feels for her and he hides it well because Aquarius man doesn't want to get hurt but in time he will see Sagittarius woman truly loves him with her spirit because she feels he is a lost soul who needs to be loved heart and soul and if he ever rebels to much he will lose the one woman who is actually his true mate his soul mate and he will forever feel a void but if he holds on he will find the happiness he always longed for in a mate
Michelle 2019-08-11 23:45:42
what about a Sag Man&a Aquarius Woman 1-22
Genel 2015-10-20 14:29:03
Thank you- Just the reassurance we needed!
TerraV 2015-03-26 04:08:10
I have had a crush on one of my best guy friends for about 10 years. I'm a saggitarian woman Dec.2 and he is Aquarius Jan.20 & I have never said anything to him. i moved away with a guy i was with for 3 Years and we recently seperated. i have since started speaking to my Aquarian friend and i have realized that connection is still there and I have spoken up and confronted him and he feels the same. I'm so thrilled to see the outcome of it all.
Aquarius 2015-10-13 10:42:52
Message from TerraV
I have had a crush on one of my best guy friends for about 10 years. I'm a saggitarian woman Dec.2 and he is Aquarius Jan.20 & I have never said anything to him. i moved away with a guy i was with for 3 Years and we recently seperated. i have since started speaking to my Aquarian friend and i have realized that connection is still there and I have spoken up and confronted him and he feels the same. I'm so thrilled to see the outcome of it all.

" my ex is born on 5 Dec and i am born on 21 jan. The only problem with this match is that Sag born on Dec 1-3 hey have a hot temper and can fall in love and out of it within matter of seconds. They can hurt you without knowing they did so. The positive thing about this relationship is that Aquarius is more tolerant and he sees Sag as needing help because she struggles quite a lot controlling her mood . And Aquarius work firmly to understand how to help her . The positive side is that Sag girl may adapt but an Aquarius should be prepared to sacrifice an amount of time and few months of hardship helping her when she is in bad mood until she comes to her feet.. Sex is great and i think it is what helps her to relax. Sag born on 5 dec likes gossiping , flirting on bed with her man and telling you she has a crush at someone or her former bf or school friend . But all is out of her fantasies. She is a good caring person when you manage to help her bounce back form her moody changing everytime. I used to make fun of my ex she had an animal part. And every time she gets crazy i will be like : is that the animal part waking up again?. She will be : i guess so. Not a boring experience but positive.
Best way to help, let her socialise with her friends when she feels like , cook good food for her , play with her , spend a lot of time with her , tell her you love her and be there for her when she needs you or wants you. Plan activities that makes her feel good
Other sag girl prefer travelling , camping , visiting animal or having pet at home

Positive one i guess
tamieka 2014-07-06 23:07:24
Thank you 4 this understanding. I've felt this way before about Aquarius men in my life , but as friends. I can't wait to have 1 as a husband.
dwayne 2015-07-27 01:05:05
Hi tamieka am a great aquarius man with lots of great qualities, am January 24th
Danilo 2014-12-29 20:15:21
Hi Tamieka,
same here...I wonder how much fun can be being aside to experience life, with a similar free spirited and open sagitarius woman!
where have you been all my life ;)
wish you well x

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