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According to the compatibility horoscope, a union of Aquarius man and Leo woman can hardly be called boring and mediocre: mutual attraction and repulsion, total absorption of each other and rejection of views - a volcano of passions boil in such a union, leaving no one indifferent.

The bright and freedom-loving Leo woman always seeks to win the territory, achieve complete submission of the man and clarity in the relationship. She does everything in her power to build a home and save the family and demands the same from an Aquarius man. She does not like silence and mystery, she wants to merge with her man emotionally so that they two together can be even stronger and more confident.

Zodiac sign Aquarius fears encroachment on his freedom and tries, by all means, to keep off from the Leo woman so as to maintain their independence and right to privacy. The passion and impetuosity of his woman's actions frighten him, he is tired of constant remarks and shouts. Aquarius man dreams of a quiet life, where his sky, like the sun, will shine and warm his Leo woman, but he is not at all prepared for the possibility that he would be at any moment in control and directed in the right direction.

With time, Aquarius man will be burdened by such a relationship based on confrontation, and he will begin to seek the company of friends where he can relax and take a break from perpetual tension at home.

According to the compatibility horoscope, this union, despite its eccentricity, still has a right to exist. To continue the relationship, Aquarius man needs to completely reexamine his behavior, not evade problems, but learn to deal with them constructively, together with his lady. Aquarius man should be aware that only his energy and desire to work together with the woman Leo can save their relationship and make them stronger and more interesting for both zodiac signs.

Leo woman, to save the union, must be more balanced to choose methods of interacting with an Aquarius man because the direct pressure would only alienate him from her. She should never, in any case, offend the self-esteem of Aquarius man. During negotiations, it is necessary to use the talents of a truce envoy, establishing a truce and recognizing the possibility of compromise. It must be noted that if the union between an Aquarius man and a Leo woman eventually disintegrates, he will for a long time not tolerate the presence of a woman in his life, even if she is the most accommodating, or, more likely Aquarius man will remain a convinced bachelor for the rest of his life.

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maranda 2019-11-16 12:32:38
what if ur a aquarius woman and Leo man
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 14:48:07
As an Aquarius woman, you may find compatibility with a Leo man. Aquarius is an air sign known for its independent and unconventional nature, while Leo is a fire sign known for its confident and charismatic personality. This combination can create a dynamic and exciting relationship.

Both signs value their freedom and independence, so it's important for both of you to have space to pursue your individual interests and hobbies. However, Aquarius may be more detached and open-minded, while Leo seeks attention and admiration from others. This difference in temperament may cause some conflicts, but if both of you are willing to communicate and compromise, you can find a balance that allows both partners to feel fulfilled.

Additionally, Aquarius and Leo both have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world and may connect through shared values and goals. Aquarius' innovative and progressive nature can complement Leo's natural leadership qualities, creating a harmonious partnership.

Remember, astrology is just a general guide, and individual personalities and experiences will always play a significant role in relationships. It's essential to communicate openly, respect each other's differences, and work together to build a loving and supportive connection. Good luck with your relationship, Maranda!
Leonine 2017-07-25 22:34:13
I agree with everyone here! The chemistry bet a leo woman n aqua man is superb! I fell in love with him n we had great moments together. But god! The aloofness n moodiness that followed after some time! I agree with the comment - they tend to b disinterested once they get ur heart!
My man drives me mad with his on n off stunts. I blow up n he gets on track for a week to get back to his usual annoying self. But I love him enough to compromise but I do have a hard time like right's tough...
I don't feel appreciated enough n I just moved into my shell n all of a sudden he just called to say- I love u!
N that I am too beautiful for a man like him n I drive him crazy and he gets scared sometimes!
Wat am I supposed to do? Being the caring n loving leo I was back in his arms n 1 week later! Back to hurting me n making me cry. N two days later he is texting n saying how he feels he is not good enough for me etc... giving me guilt grips!
Well this time I didn't succumb. I stayed quiet n listened n politely wished him good nite after the long chat n went into my shell. Wat will happen next...I dunno. But it's not easy...he is a tough cookie n I am a soft n sensitive one
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 14:49:55
First off, it's important to note that everyone's individual experiences are unique, and the following advice may not follow the typical characteristics attributed to Leo women and Aquarius men. However, from what you've shared, it seems you're enduring a pretty stressful emotional rollercoaster, which is not easy for anyone. People don't usually like feeling uncertain or led on, regardless of their star sign.

The mixture of affection, guilt-tripping, and emotional aloofness could suggest emotional manipulation, even if it's unintentional. The cycle you're describing—love and affection followed by withdrawal and then a declaration that he's scared or not good enough—could be an attempt to control the situation and keep you invested without committing fully. It's common for those who are emotionally manipulative to go hot and cold, keeping their partners off balance.

It seems you've shown a lot of patience and understanding thus far. As a Leo, you are known for your strength, generosity, and loyalty. But those qualities should not be exploited. At some point, it's essential to establish clear boundaries and communicate your needs effectively.

If you feel uncomfortable, unfulfilled, or deceived in the relationship, communicate this with him. Be honest and assertive. You are entitled to your feelings and should express them. You might also suggest seeking help from a relationship counselor or therapist, who could provide tools and strategies to communicate and resolve conflicts more effectively.

Remember that no matter how much you love someone, it should never come at the expense of your own mental and emotional well-being. Relationships should bring happiness, security, and mutual respect for one another. If you're continually put into situations where you are crying and feeling hurt, it might be worthwhile to truly evaluate if this relationship is beneficial for you.

Every situation is unique, and it's ultimately up to you to decide how to move forward. However, please consider your emotional health and general well-being paramount. Relationships require effort from both parties. It's not about star signs but about mutual respect, understanding, communication, and effort.
3ple Aquarius 2016-12-08 19:58:05
Hi ladies. I'm a 3ple Aquarius, both my rising sun and moon are in Aquarius. I absolutely adore Leo Women. I can say that probably a lot of the bad things I read about our sign might be true but I also have a very different view. Now that I'm older and I have slowed down with the flirting and womanizing (I never cheated- I always told before or right after) I fell madly in love with a Leo woman at first sight. I put all my past experiences to work and I opened up from the start, which I never do. I had placed my heart and intentions on the table. The communication and sex was beyond anything I have experienced in my 40+ years. In less than a week I was ready to get married again and dedicate the rest of my life to this woman. I was ready to move 3000 miles for her. And while I had a feeling this is going to end up bad for me I said - this one time don't hold back, put your pride and ego away and just go for it.
The result Leo ladies. Not that I just got dumped but I received a cold, icecold lesson that probably this was the very last time i was able to love a woman. I got crushed beyond imagination and for no reason and with no explanation. I'm highly intellectuall and Very flexible when it comes to understanding things and I would taken any excuse and lived happily ever after. The lack of communication after the breakup is what damaged me most. Still a mystery to me how can a warm loving Leo turn so icecold in a split second. I do have to tell you tough - those two months and few encounters were the happiest and most fulfilling days of my entire life. And believe when I say I lived a great and very Aquarius type exciting life. Leo women are my Achilles heel - I get sucked in in an instant. But I don't see long term possibly just big fireworks and quick hot flames possible.
Agree 2017-05-29 07:04:15
Some Leo are shift , espcially those born 13 August---
Self-centred, they want to be spoiled with good meal and beer
Not sure what's wrong with these Leo. They respect no one and yet the usally endless word : "RESPECT ME", finally wonder if respect is owed to anyone or earned ?
They are unbearable , waste no time Aquarians . You better take a stroll in the park than having these people into your company.
Leo 2017-04-08 01:25:29
A Leo women myself I will have to say she played you. Sometimes we like to catch game to see how far we can go to attain a man or to see how far he is willing to go for us. I think after everything died down and the chase had died so did the relationship. We could turn cold and just didn't want to deal with it which is why there was lack of communication. She will not come back she is probably out chasing her next prey as we speak.
Lioness 2016-11-23 22:05:32
The big relationships in my life have been mainly with Aquarius men. I have never adored another sign more. I have a rising Gemini so excel at communication. My current Aquarius has his moon in Gemini and I feel we are compatible in many ways, even soul mates. He is a good, loyal man and I always know where we stand. I feel like the chemistry is for both of us the best it could be! I also feel I have to work on not being so needy and he works on showing his affection. Regardless he is always there for me, is loyal, a great listener. I am not a typical Leo in that I am mostly beta, while he is alpha. It doesn't bug me that he guides us. I think this helps with our chemisty. I know he is the one, and I've grown in such a short amount of time, little less then year that we've been together. One thing we both feel is that we have known each other for years. It's crazy cool. Our connection is very intense and we both continue to grow together. Respect is key here with this combo! I couldn't ask for a greater lover in my book...we are both quirky, free spirits yet balance each other out in the right ways. I know it is not that common, but I think my understanding of astrology helps to work through any bumps. I truly feel blessed for him!
Aquarius guy 2016-07-31 12:56:56
I adore 1 leo women but she is angaged with older than her who is olready married n have kids n he is financialy too stronger than me bt i think she likes me too,bt i neva aproached her for d reason she is angaged believe me i would hve if she ws not..i rly want her in my lyf ..i need advice from u ol
Alexandria 2016-07-12 02:28:12
My husband is an Aquarius and I'm a Leo. We have our ups and downs, but we are both extremely loyal to one another. One thing I can tell you about an Aquarius male is that if he is completely positive you're the one, he will never cheat. I think this combo is one for the long haul as each one's opposites, when open minded with your differences, will make both appreciate each other's natures and grow from the experience. It's never a dull moment with us and I feel we continue to grow stronger as time goes by- truly one of the best astrological matches.
Leo 2016-06-04 23:08:41
Run for the hills. Leo women should not waste a second of their lives on flaky Aquarius men!
They are 100 % attracted to each other but they are 100 % incompatible.
Lioness17 2016-03-24 08:41:52
My experience with Aquarius is good conversation very good passionate sex but he was very moody confusing would send me mixed messages a lot caught him in a few lies and most of the emotionally detached and afterwards would fade away until next time #2 was nice charming good looking but when it came to sex selfish and always expected me to accommodate him

Leo isn't perfect no sign is but we are loving caring people who affectionate committed and that scares a lot of people off we can also have a temper be stubborn at times but our love and attention is unique for the one who is wiling to really get to know us.

One thing I did admire about Aquarius was the way always tried to suggest kinky things even though I wouldn't go it for sometimes

Be real with a leo and you will avoid yourself a lot of drama you can't or don't want a serious relationship be honest we will appreciate it don't play games I may not always like what is said but I will always applaud brutal honesty
Row 2016-03-13 13:07:25
The Leo will always give herself 100% emotionally, but the Aquarius will NOT. And when it's over he'll move on like it was nothing, while the Leo will be totally heartbroken.
Leogal 2015-10-25 16:01:13
Hi, I'm a Leo Sun and Leo Moon female and the top comment is the exact info I needed. I have an Aquarius guy that i really really like and hes everything i dream of in a man. He disappears frequently and to me, it seems he only wants sex from me but he says diffrently. The problem with leo people is that, the more we like someone, thats the more we ignore them in person. Its hard to actually talk to or look at the Aquarius man when we're around him. We can suduce any other man except the Aquarius because our emotions take over us. Now, Aqaurius man can be very mean to us, and we only understand because as leos, we're mean but dont realize how we come off to people in a bad way. Leo secretly love people, and love to be around people but many of us grew up being the star, or only child to older parents in small families, so we're mostly out of place around our peers, therefore it appears that we get better as we age. We tend to get the lifestyle many others want so others are very jealous of us when its us wishing all along we could be the person thats jealous of us that have the good relationship with someone that loves back. Back to leo woman with aquarius, we will text alot because its not in person. We try to persuade the guy to like us back. We tgink he only wants us for sex as ive said earlier. Any more questions or remarks? Im free to address them. Thanks
Aquarius 2015-10-13 05:16:23
One thing I think a Leo woman should note is that they easily get angry for nothing and usually that really pisses me off. They don't communicate , it's one of the big problem and they tend confuse an Aquarius of what's going on. I had a Leo friend and we lived in house with her for a year. We were doing pretty well such as cooking , drinking wine on weekends and so on; but she couldn't tell me she was attracted to me . Instead she used to get angry at me for no reasons . I am not sure if she thought i had to divine what was deeply hidden in her heart. The problem was her pride . Leo woman has a strong sense pride and makes things even more complex . Sometimes, when you happen to take a first move she would behave insanely as if she was not interested in you. It was a little confusing to me in my experiences because I respected her for one simple reason: she was intelligent, loyal, well disciplined and well behaved and a great person to live with. She also was a hard working person i admired the most and i strongly admired her for that. But the main problem was : Aquarius and Leo have strong bonds but there is no sexual feeling. I felt like i was living with another male is the same house . Despite my little effort to ask her out , she was not prepared to throw or loosen her pride. She was making things difficult rather. So I tried to give her some times. We could spend hours studying together at night but she never openly said any word. So I started getting confused about her and ended up getting annoyed and i thought she was too stubborn. But what i did not understand it was her signals. It was too late before i realise that she was provoking me for unknown reason and that it was her way to seduce me by getting angry ,which was quite very strange and unusual . I think a Leo would suit a person who is impulsive and playful like a Sagittarius . But then I thought if things were to happen , she was the perfect girl a man can dream of and she still , for me, she remains the last girl i have admired the most. Again if it about being a Capricorn , I have both star sign but i was , still , a challenge. I still visit her Facebook profile every time and wondering if she still think about me. Frankly i she ever turns around I had spent my all time with her. I respect this girl but she does not know to communicate.

Another Leo girl i knew before that was a friend of mine i often met and ate food, watching Cinema or going for road driving on weekend. The first Leo I would drove at night to pick her up after clubbing but rarely she did club and I was the one who forced her every time to go out. There was no issue such as jealously or even a small doubt about her . Anyway , this Leo (2)would come to my place and I spend sometimes with her together . On my birthday 21 January she would bring me some cakes. She also invited me to join her on birthday party with her friends. I knew she liked me but she would never say so. She even offered to teach me how to swim before she knew i knew how to swim. We will go to the beach in the evening and sometimes had to spend some time on the same bed or even sleep in one room but sex would never happen.I also felt she was a men but there was a least some attractions. I dared asking her if we she wanted it but her answer was always: don't even say that or otherwise we will not be friends. Yet she was angry and thought i was a gay . A few months later i called her again to catch up for a coffee . Her final answer was " never call me again".
in my experiences Aquarius have strong respect for a Leos and takes Leo as an equal partner worth not messing things up and worth sacrificing every breadth to make things work better. But Leos seem to fail on a few thing: 'Lack of communication' due to their strong sense of pride- and may this is because there is little sexual attraction too on Aquarius part. Fortunately ,Leo doesn't want to loosen her strong sense of pride.
I remember telling the first Leo girl , you don't know how to seduce a man . In return she asked me how? The answer was funny - but after that she thought i was too an equal partners for being tough .... But guess what I have never come across with girl who matches a Leo i can compared to . I have respected for a Leo due to her traits and confidence which i look most of the time in a woman . Unfortunately when comes to sex in action ,they are also good at freezing when you take the first step and when you don't they get angry at you. It's fucking confusing!
Antonio Bastone 2016-11-17 16:10:39
I too am born January 21 and my Leo woman is the most prideful. 2/12 years and I loved her like no one else. However she is so jealous that even though I deliberately backed away quickly form girls, she would blow a gasket.
An old girl friend was a thing she could not get use to. She had dated me 5 years and I was finish with her. Yet she lived in the same town and that bothered her.
Although she was intelligent and gorgeous she could not trust me. And she asked her girl friends and they fed her lies cause she was gorgeous.
I loved her non stop and I was not an average looking guy and held a fairly good job.
The jealousy was unbelievable and she argued with me destroying the relationship in many ways. However I held on to this woman which began to be deadly, cause there was now anger areas that destroyed us.
I still love her and treated her like a queen. This is not bull,I flipped over her. Nonetheless, she had her own secrets and when she stopped playing her men games (first year) with others she started to love me in the way that she seemed not to like. Another words, she fell in love with me anyway. The love was deep but SEX was Limited. I was shocked because I thought I was good in that department mainly even more because I loved her. She thought it was perfect but did not venture into it enough. Strange I was told I was compete yet some demon in her would renounce me and punish me.
This behavior will kill me like a siren.
Totally! She played me bring me under control and then making me fall deeper into herself which I seemed to like and then... abandoned me! If I survive being dumped today will I survive and if I survive will I ever love again!
Here is my e-mail WRITE ME
Leo Woman 2016-04-12 19:18:12
I do agree with you that us Leo ladies sometimes have trouble communicating, but at least from personal experience it depends on the person and what level of trust and respect there is with the other person.. Most people have trouble opening up, but like Aquarians, Leo's don't particularly enjoy being in an openly vulnerable position. I will admit I will lash out, out of frustration especially if I don't feel like the person I'm trying to talk to is not taking those feelings seriously, or that I don't feel like I can truly express such feelings.. Now, with an Aquarius they don't like the mushy stuff, too much intensity or emotion has them running for the hills. So you have passionate Leo that frequently senses Aquarian's coolness and that aloofness is taken as a form of criticism and disrespect. I dated an Aquarius man, and we could not keep our hands off of each other that's how strong the chemistry was.. As a couple we communiticated fine, I didn't particularly enjoy the prying to get a smidgen of what was wrong.. I'm a problem solver, if there is a problem I want to find a solution to it as soon as possible then move on and from my experience with Aquarians, they'd rather suppress and bury it down until it "goes away".. Communication was fine so long as I kept my cool and not let my emotions get the best of me, but when Aquarius says nothing, remains a mystery, it gives Leo plenty of opportunity to use their imagination to figure out what really going on.. I swear all of you think you're forthright all the time, no head games but you are indeed a mystery.. You mentioned a lady Leo that got irritable with you, because she couldn't tell you that she was attracted to you. Chances are she tried to show you her feelings and you didn't catch on like she felt like you should have.. What is completely obvious to us, may come off something insignificant or just nice to someone else.. Being vulnerable and out there enough to be crushed is a hard thing for anyone let alone anyone that can more than get consumed by emotions sometimes. As scarey as mushy, emotional and intense things are to Aquarians that are usually avoided at all costs, let alone opening expressing your deepest feelings that would put your heart on the chopping block with nothing but a prayer that you won't crushed; it's just as hard for a Leo to do them same. We know we are emotional that's why it's so hard to put ourselves on the line, but we're willing to tAke that risk with someone we feel is the right person.. And my now Aquarian ex, he ran away again. Popped back into my life years after the break up to "mend fences" and be friends, only for it to come out that he wasn't over me and wanted to be with me after over a year of being friends just to get to that point, then went running for the hills in an instant and the reason why we broke up in the first place was because, somehow the man mindscrewed himself into believing I didn't really love as much as I said I Did. Irony. LOVE of my life. Not sure if this was helpful to anyone but the vent felt pretty good.
Aquarius 2017-02-07 02:16:52
#Leowoman, you have an impressive sense of judgment. In response to your analysis, I think I was not aware of her signals; it took time to understand and that's the most regretful thing.
But I can tell you if I had a chance to fall in love with a Leo girl I give it my whole 100% . A Leo has an enviable personality that any man can whish for.
newton 2015-07-01 21:41:54
i am an aquarius . What you laidies are saying might be true. We are very sexy bastards and we always like you to dance to our tune. If you really like us tell us instead of keeping it to yourselves. Also if you come too hard on us. Thats a point worjth concidering too. We love indipendent yet caring and soft spoken women those who come looking .if you only knew we would cross seas for you too
Lana 2016-02-28 06:53:02
In my experience Aquarius guy is really a great person yo be with, a great bf material..can talk with them about just anything.....but they have a tendency to withdraw once they won your heart...and your being playful and frisky ( lol) and it confuse us very badly.I think, Aquarius guy should learn to be more mindful of peoples feelings! Cause we may not show you or tell you how bad we feel....why? because I (we) know that you dont like dramas / stress ...hahahahabut at least think how would you feel if it is you...if you are willing to cross that sea...we are willng to be the woman you want us to be have a happy life and happy partner/ bf/ husband! It's not fun to just let go with the windd attitide......I am a person..not wind thats just part of the atmosphere!! You see any living thing needs to be " cultivated"...and as humans we wanna feel that the man we like, like us back!! Well, i accept the fact that men are by nature polygamous....!!:-)

missM 2015-06-16 13:26:56
I completely agree with user "R P". Aquarius men are unreliable secretive detached arrogant attention-seeking non-committing womanizers. Not all but 90% of them are. No matter what moon, rising or venus signs they have, the Aquarius man would rather die than stay faithful.

But at the same time, they rock our worlds as Leo women!! I swear, there are no other signs out there that can keep me on my toes and have a deep impact on me! Those sexy bastards... I wish the feeling was mutual but sadly, you rarely see Aquarius men drooling over Leo women. Only the opposite.

So the moral of the story is: Aquarius man and Leo woman are deeply & passionately & amazingly attracted to each other but totally not compatible.

Go for a Capricorn. they are the better / stronger / more reliable version of the Aquarius man + they seem to adooooooore Leo women.
R P 2015-03-20 01:19:25
My aquarius boy friend engaged to me having relationship for8 years left me for another woman so it is not true that when this relationship disintegrates aquarius man will not tolerate any other woman because my B.F. cheated on me to be with another woman and one fine morning mailed me that relationship with me is over. You can say that aquarius man at least in my case is a unreliable secrative detached arogent attentionseeker noncomitting womanizer, for him globetrotting searching different countries as well as different sex partners is adventure. ButI am deeply in love with this man and have a difficulty to take any other man. So the last part written above in your compatibility horoscope applies on me leo woman not aquarius man
Honeybee 2015-06-05 20:33:41
I'm a leo woman & I relate R P..right on the money only local

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