Aquarius and Leo compatibility

Aquarius and Leo Zodiac signs compatibility
According to the compatibility horoscope, a union of Aquarius man and Leo woman can hardly be called boring and mediocre: mutual attraction and repulsion, total absorption of each other and rejection of views - a volcano of passions boils in such a union, leaving no one indifferent.

The bright and freedom-loving Leo woman always seeks to win the territory, achieve complete submission of the man and clarity in the relationship. She does everything in her power to build a home and save the family, and demands the same from an Aquarius man. She does not like reticence and mystery, she wants to merge with her man emotionally so that they two together can be even stronger and more confident.

Zodiac sign Aquarius fears encroachment on his freedom, and tries by all means to keep off from the Leo woman so as to maintain their independence and right to privacy. The passion and impetuosity of his woman's actions frighten him, he is tired of constant remarks and shouts. Aquarius man dreams of a quiet life, where his sky, like the sun, will shine and warm his Leo woman, but he is not at all prepared for the possibility that he would be at any moment be control and directed in the right direction. With time, Aquarius man will be burdened by such a relationship based on confrontation, and he will begin to seek the company of friends where he can relax and take a break from perpetual tension at home.

According to the compatibility horoscope, this union, despite its eccentricity, still has a right to exist. To continue the relationship, Aquarius man needs to completely reexamine his behavior, not evade problems, but learn to deal with them constructively, together with his lady. Aquarius man should be aware that only his energy and desire to work together with the woman Leo can save their relationship and make them stronger and more interesting for both zodiac signs.

Leo woman, to save the union, must be more balanced to choose methods of interacting with an Aquarius man because direct pressure would only alienate him from her. She should never in any case offend the self-esteem of Aquarius man. During negotiations, it is necessary to use the talents of a truce envoy, establishing a truce and recognizing the possibility of compromise. It must be noted that if the union between an Aquarius man and a Leo woman eventually disintegrates, he will for a long time not tolerate the presence of a woman in his life, even if she is the most accommodating, or, more likely Aquarius man will remain a convinced bachelor for the rest of his life.

newton 2015-07-01 21:41:54
i am an aquarius . What you laidies are saying might be true. We are very sexy bastards and we always like you to dance to our tune. If you really like us tell us instead of keeping it to yourselves. Also if you come too hard on us. Thats a point worjth concidering too. We love indipendent yet caring and soft spoken women those who come looking .if you only knew we would cross seas for you too

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missM 2015-06-16 13:26:56
I completely agree with user "R P". Aquarius men are unreliable secretive detached arrogant attention-seeking non-committing womanizers. Not all but 90% of them are. No matter what moon, rising or venus signs they have, the Aquarius man would rather die than stay faithful.

But at the same time, they rock our worlds as Leo women!! I swear, there are no other signs out there that can keep me on my toes and have a deep impact on me! Those sexy bastards... I wish the feeling was mutual but sadly, you rarely see Aquarius men drooling over Leo women. Only the opposite.

So the moral of the story is: Aquarius man and Leo woman are deeply & passionately & amazingly attracted to each other but totally not compatible.

Go for a Capricorn. they are the better / stronger / more reliable version of the Aquarius man + they seem to adooooooore Leo women.

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R P 2015-03-20 01:19:25
My aquarius boy friend engaged to me having relationship for8 years left me for another woman so it is not true that when this relationship disintegrates aquarius man will not tolerate any other woman because my B.F. cheated on me to be with another woman and one fine morning mailed me that relationship with me is over. You can say that aquarius man at least in my case is a unreliable secrative detached arogent attentionseeker noncomitting womanizer, for him globetrotting searching different countries as well as different sex partners is adventure. ButI am deeply in love with this man and have a difficulty to take any other man. So the last part written above in your compatibility horoscope applies on me leo woman not aquarius man

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Honeybee 2015-06-05 20:33:41
I'm a leo woman & I relate R P..right on the money only local

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