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If they will not act in parallel but in perpendicularly to each other, the compatibility horoscope of Aquarius man and Virgo woman leaves little chance of a strong a successful union for these zodiac signs. Diametrically opposite in nature, these personalities are strong and confident, but each has his/her own ideas about life in general, and about this union in particular.

Hovering in the cloud, zodiac sign Aquarius makes plans for the future, which have little resemblance to reality. Specifics are important for a Virgo woman, she tends to go through life in small steps, from the execution of one small goal to the execution of a bigger one. She is not at all interested in the Aquarius man's global projects because in them she does not see a single drop of reality that could arouse her interest and confidence. Aquarius man dreams of traveling, he always lives in the future and is fond of ideas that will have to be actualized. He is interested in politics and social life, he deeply worries about world issues, trying to think globally - about the fate of humankind, the future of the planet and growth, and of the global economy.

Ideas and illusions of zodiac sign Aquarius will eventually begin to annoy his woman. She is an unrepentant realist, believes that only thinking about upcoming dinner menus is an acceptable plan.

She is not interested in tomorrow, and even more - problems of humanity, a Virgo woman lives according to her own principles - 'tomorrow is a new day'. Another area of relations between these zodiac signs that is under a constant test of strength - its relationship with other people. Aquarius is overly sociable, wants to spend all his free time with friends, discussing the most troubling problems with them. Virgo woman who expects reliability from her partner feels unprotected and abandoned in this situation. She does not understand how one can be so carefree and dreamy, leave home for a long time, and does not care about real life.

From the compatibility horoscope of the couple, it can be seen that the initiative of each party is important in maintaining the union between a Virgo woman and Aquarius man. Aquarius man needs to pay attention to the pressing needs of the family and make efforts to meet them. Virgo woman should listen to her partner, ask him about hobbies, and tell him about her plans. It would be nice if the couple would execute a particular family project - building a house, planning, and preparation for a family travel since in such cases, it is equally important - both how to think about the future and the end result and control every step of the enterprise.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 08:05:11
The connection between a female Aquarius and a male Virgo is one where air meets earth, blending the realm of ideas with the realm of practical application. This can be a powerful combination, but it also has its set of challenges. Here's a detailed look at their compatibility, potential difficulties, and what is needed for this partnership to thrive.

Pros of a Female Aquarian and Male Virgo Union:

1. Complementary Strengths: Virgo's detail-oriented approach can nicely complement Aquarius's big-picture thinking. While Aquarius is innovative and looks at the broader vision, Virgo can manage the finer details, creating a well-rounded dynamic.

2. Intellectual Compatibility: Both signs value intelligence and are typically well-read and informed. They can have deeply engaging conversations and can stimulate each other's minds, often finding common ground in their intellectual pursuits.

3. Mutual Respect for Integrity: Both Aquarius and Virgo hold honesty and integrity in high regard. This mutual respect can form a solid foundation of trust and help the relationship withstand challenges.

4. Growth-Oriented Relationship: Aquarius, with their forward-looking ideas, can introduce Virgo to new concepts and broader horizons. Conversely, Virgo can help Aquarius translate their innovative ideas into practical plans.

Cons of a Female Aquarian and Male Virgo Union:

1. Communication Styles: Aquarius is abstract in communication, whereas Virgo is more literal and precise. Misunderstandings can arise if they do not make an effort to understand each other's communicative nuances.

2. Emotional Expression: Virgo can be reserved and practically oriented when it comes to emotions. In contrast, while Aquarius is an emotionally independent sign, they are also idealistic and may seek a more open expression of feelings and innovative expressions of love, which Virgo might find difficult to provide.

3. Lifestyle Differences: Aquarius tends to enjoy a more spontaneous, eclectic lifestyle, while Virgo prefers routine, order, and simplicity. Reconciling these differences can be challenging.

4. Criticism and Acceptance: Virgo's natural tendency towards criticism in the quest for improvement might not sit well with Aquarius, who values freedom and resists what they perceive as nitpicking.

What Can Go Wrong:

- Conflict can arise from Virgo's need for routine and Aquarius's need for freedom and independence.
- Virgo might find Aquarius too unpredictable and detached, while Aquarius might find Virgo too pedantic and rigid.
- Aquarius's progressive nature can clash with Virgo's preference for traditional methods and practicality.

For this union to succeed, both partners must embrace and value their differences. Virgo can benefit from learning to relax their standards at times and embrace Aquarius’s innovative spirit, while Aquarius can appreciate Virgo's grounding contributions. Each individual's commitment to grow and adapt to each other's needs is vital for the relationship to flourish. Open communication and a respectful understanding of their distinct approaches to life and love can help build a strong and enduring alliance.
KB 2018-09-20 22:40:13
In my time dating an Aquarius man, I have found they like to chase and get bored very easily. I was told by one of their family members to always keep them guessing, never let them know they have the upper hand and don't always be available to them. As a Virgo woman, the attraction between us both was fast and very intense on an intellectual level before it was intense on a sexual level. He was by far the most charming, intelligent and playful man I've ever dated. So different than anyone else I have ever dated before and definitely the kind of man I wanted in my life (still want in my life). He was fun, sarcastic and had a huge heart but just couldn't make the commitment. You have to be willing to play games and play hard to get if you want the Aquarius man.
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 14:51:40
While it's true that some individuals may enjoy the thrill of a chase and appreciate a certain level of mystery and unpredictability in a relationship, it's essential to approach this advice with caution. Playing games or manipulating someone's emotions is not a healthy or sustainable approach to building a strong and meaningful relationship.

Every person is unique, and while there may be certain general tendencies associated with zodiac signs, it's essential to remember that these characteristics are not definitive for every individual. Trying to fit someone into a predefined mold based on their sign can be limiting and potentially lead to misunderstandings.

Instead, focus on open and honest communication in your relationship. Discuss your expectations, desires, and boundaries openly with your partner. The key to any successful relationship is mutual understanding, respect, and compromise. It's vital to find a balance where both parties feel valued and heard.

Rather than relying on games and manipulation, try to build a foundation of trust, respect, and genuine connection. Show your partner that you're interested, but also maintain your own independence and pursue your passions and interests. This can contribute to a healthy dynamic and prevent relationships from becoming overly dependent or suffocating.

Ultimately, relationships require effort, understanding, and compatibility. While astrological signs can give some insight into a person's tendencies, it's crucial to remember that every individual is complex and multifaceted. Focus on open communication, emotional compatibility, and mutual growth to foster a healthy and fulfilling relationship.
Mayet 2017-01-16 19:37:44
and how do you become his friend again once trust is unintentionally broken? how do you get him to try again.
mayet 2017-05-12 20:29:51
Communication is important.

THEY ARE NOT VERY difficult people. tell him you want to speak to him. Just be honest!
Aquarius 2017-04-24 10:10:11
Mayet, it appears you are in love? I just want to help you with some tips:
1. Text him,e.g., " I really want to see you,"
wait for three days If he hasn't replied yet -text the next message
2. (His Name),Sorry again, but I really want to see you.
[ Guaranteed he will make a time for you]

3. When he shows, up do this: keep eyes contact and look into his eyes for a few minutes.Ask him if you wish to go somewhere with him next.He will be curious to know with whom. If so, " just together" ( you earn trust and a sense of intimacy in him).

Suggest things like sighting, a walk or stroll in a park, beach, watching a movie, for instance, compromise and ask him if he has any place in mind.( He won't say he has if even if he knows a place. He will appreciate your initiative instead..avoid very crowded places.

If that happens then wait for the moment, his mind is well relaxed to tell him why you like him. Usually, you may choose a quite and peaceful place -be straightforward and honest. Aquarians admire honesty and open people, with a sense of confidence
That's all that you need! But be careful: their brain is full of endless detail of memories; so, they don't like someone bringing it up. They appreciate looking into the future and making plans ahead.
Usually, if he is reserved or stays quite, it doesn't mean his answer No. His curious and would want to see or test you if you are honest. He takes time. Just wait for him.
Or if you want to speed him up, seduce him!
Bowieclarke 2016-07-11 10:15:08
I find this two signs horoscope to so OFF... As a Virgo I am nothing like what is described and the Aquarius I'm dating isn't that way at all. They may need to go back to wheel on this one...#disappointed.
Lynx 2017-09-18 02:12:23
Message from Bowieclarke
I find this two signs horoscope to so OFF... As a Virgo I am nothing like what is described and the Aquarius I'm dating isn't that way at all. They may need to go back to wheel on this one...#disappointed.

Agree. This reading seems very one sided and nothing like Virgo woman / Aquarius man from my experience.
Aquarius 2015-10-13 09:28:36
I once dated two Virgorian girls but the problem with a Virgo girl, I think, they are indecisive, defensive and you may need 100 years of great patience to make them feel comfortable around you. They are extremely emotional creatures and critical about everything, except nothing. They won?€™t change just for the sake of an argument whether it values to you or not.

Do an experiment: take your critically Virgo in an garden full of flowers. Ask her to pick any flower she feels is prettier. Stand back and just watch her carefully as she gets her critical eye microscopes each flower. Don't offer her any suggestions. But before you do your experiment you must make sure you have no appointments the whole day as this won?€™t work within a matter of hours or minutes only.
Perhaps the first word you shall hear her say is this:
?€?Wow, 'beautiful flowers'.
But as she starts microscoping each one of them, she will have trouble choosing which one; among a thousands of them. She will count all flowers in the field, yet none will satisfy her critical eye or her expectations once she gets busy scrutinizing all of them, perhaps. I mean she will never found one single in that garden .These creature are very discriminative for the unknown reasons. Don't judge her otherwise you will make things worse. Instead ask her if she has found at least one that she likes. If she says not, say simply I am sorry may be next time we should come again. It does matter many times she comes there and never expect her to will decide which one to pick. Wait for another month or a year and bring her back again .Next time you come again ask gently if she wants to give it a try again. She will gladly say wow today I think flowers are prettier. Ask her again if she wants to pick one without making her realise you are being very critical of her or persuasive. But when her critical eye again gets busy analysing the one she thought was the most beautiful rose, again, you will see her jumping to the next rose and the next and the next until she gives up again and tells you next time again. Or I think she will blame the rain wasn?€™t good this month and may be the gardener did not take good care of the flowers. The next time you come with her again she will say all the flowers are really not looking good today.
Don't judge her. She will never pick a single flower.
In a relationship a Virgo has the same problem and when picking up a partner, the guy must be 99% very woman at heart as well. If you dare asking her out when dating her and if she hasn't managed to connect to you emotionally don't budge her. Her feeling must come first before anything. Don't push it either. When she complains you must know something isn't going well. If she doesn't complain even after she cut all communications with nothing is wrong. Leave the virgin alone to purify from her insanities. She needs time to lab you, years probably.
Virgo they usually tell you what they don't mean and it can be frustrating for an Aquarius. You want to give them your opinion but that may appear unpleasant to them. When they are they usually make wrong choices .Exhausted often they end up choosing bad partners and they won?€™t last with them.
A friend of mine once told me she liked a man because his was every emotional. When I asked her what happened after, she told me there was no longer any loves and empathy between both. I asked her did you choose him because of emotion or you choose him for his personal traits? Her answer was at the first time we connected very well as friends. So I asked her back once gain what happened then; he started behaving strangely. I ask her how long it took your friendship; 3 years she replied.
May question was did you first allow him to behave the real himself? No! Why? I asked. I didn't want to correct her. I thought she will find an answer to her mistakes.

It took her 3 years rejecting my boyfriend who never gave up. I asked her again: since you chose your now boyfriend what have changed so far? She replied, he is no longer emotional as he used to be.

Well, the problem with a Virgo is their tendency and expectations that anyone must fit their standards of life, behaving decently according to their own criteria and expectations. The bid problem yet is that it leads to Virgo's own fall. Not allowing her partner be himself , appreciate and judge him for his good qualities and later on finding ways to solve amicably the bad behaviours she thinks her bf shouldn't be showing ; if that often hurt her prides. Perhaps planning ahead some measure to initiate some balance against her own critical mind rather than forcing him to compulsory behave in a particular way of standards than allowing him behave naturally the way he is. Perhaps after then, work on correcting she seems to consider as inappropriate behaviours. I think Virgo are very perfectionist and sometimes they often forget that perfectionism doesn't always work in a really world. A Virgo wants you think logically and be methodological like themselves. She wants a partner to behave in certain particular way that she thinks is appropriate.
The results are always catastrophic, and when there are no emotions around, I am not sure how she survives in a relationship. She might chose to stick around for the sake of reputation even when she is suffering in her relationship. - It?€™s divorce? No! She will build other pathetic logics and motives to stick around for family reputation but to make her marriage work won?€™t be easy for her. Lack of determination -a big issue sometimes.

My friend Virgorians, it is always a big mistake to expect someone to behave the way you want them to because you think it is reasonable to do so. What about others?€™? Do they values their view or opinion on that matter? I think before trying any relationship or anything, do sometimes try to allow or give a chance to your partner to be themselves. It is a proper way to appreciate human nature without being critical to faults. Let them or himself be and before you start dictate him what you think is reasonable.
To me I think, an Aquarius- Virgo relationship is quite challenging. Unless a critical Virgo wants to be less critical and tolerant, they will come to terms. Remember Aquarius hate displaying emotion not because they are not emotional but because too much emotions will despair they sense of logical and rationality. Aquarius wants to understand the most complex equations that a normal person would find crazy or myths to found a solution to. What is impossible to a Virgo is easy for an Aquarius and what is impossible for an Aquarius is easy for a Virgo. These differences are often overlooked by a critical Virgo who is not willing to let or support Aquarius way of life. Aquarius needs a woman he can trust and a woman who respects herself but a woman who is willing to let her be. He has got no problem changing things or behaviour really very when show him you are concerned about it. Be emotional when expressing your views. He does like to emotional not he wants to show it. Give him a time and cuddle him or look straight into his eyes with sincerity. You will be surprised how an Aquarius for the sake of making sure you are happy. Even when what you asked him to do is not reasonable he will do it your sake. But don't exaggerate all the way.
For most Aquarius marriage is an important thing to him and not being in love makes him vulnerable. You can say that we Aquarians give our best short to make things really work. But it requires a woman of wisdom, not pushy and observant and know how to touch an Aquarius heart. We are very vulnerable indeed. Any relationship that is not centred on business or project alike between a Virgo and an Aquarius may be useless. Simply put this an Aquarius is very attracted to a Virgo for one simple reason: her great critical eye for details that Aquarius lacks the most, which may bring them together in terms of business partnership and great achievement leads to a happy one, mostly when their relationship is heavily centred on this.
But it is difficult for a discriminating and critical Virgo who sometimes hates being criticized to not be offended by an Aquarius. But if a Virgo can learn how to communicate and not feeling offended before having discussed anything or neither ready to cuddle an Aquarius know how to approach him in order to correct him, she may never succeed if she lack a sense of wisdom. If she can learn how to appreciate comments and compromising without wanting to make an Aquarius feel frustrated their relationship will last forever and end up in a successful one
Ps. feel free to disagree or comment, pls.
RC :) 2017-08-16 19:36:03
😎 I am A Wise Virgo/ With a Amazing Aquarius Man
Question 2015-10-28 12:04:41
Your advice was amazing. Do you have an email ? I'd love to ask on the special ways to touch an Aquarius heart. Or reply here is fine.

Trying to understand my Aquarius man and what he likes. You say they don't like being over emotional, but to cuddle. Is too much lovey doveyness unbearable ?
Aquarius 2017-01-16 10:41:57
@question , sorry i haven't visited this page for awhile ,been too busy, I apologise for the delay.

Try: osisziz@.....if you have questions
Disagree 2015-10-01 21:18:53
Every horoscope - western, Chinese and Vedic has indicated that my loving 27 year marriage shouldn't exist. He is thoughtful and kind and we work very well together
Michelle 2015-01-23 03:16:15
So what do you do if in love with an Aquarious man???
kakunk 2015-04-16 09:28:34
Give him space when he needs it, give him attention when he really needs it not just when we want it, be honest, be there when he needs to talk but mostly just to listen lol but most of all be his friend and he will love you forever

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