Virgo and Scorpio compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio Zodiac signs compatibility
Different worlds, and suddenly found themselves on the same period of time - a Virgo man and Scorpio woman. According to the compatibility horoscope, it turns out that these zodiac signs almost never come across each other, and deep feelings rarely arise between them.

The delicate shy Virgo man, while penetrating into the very soul, can very well understand the Scorpio woman. Zodiac sign Virgo is able to capture the nuances of mood and semitone feelings. The man is very finely tuned to the vibration of the soul of his beloved. However, she is not very happy with that: the Scorpio woman is most often against anyone, even a loved one, penetrating into her secret and making her weak. She is a strong and defiant, with sometimes coarse manners, can easily offend a Virgo man, not even not noticing it. Virgo man deeply goes through grievances, but tends to search for the cause only in himself. He considers himself a failure, but adores a Scorpio woman for her strength and strong-willed steadfastness. He wants her to always be with him and help him in difficult times with her advice and energy. In physical love, Scorpio woman feels relaxed, while Virgo man is always screwed-up: he feels that was not at the height of which his woman flatters him. He hates himself for these complexes, but cannot help himself.

Virgo man very delicately feels people. If the zodiac sign Scorpio evaluates all on the simple principle of "I like", "I do not like", then her man can say a lot about the person, about those qualities that lurk behind his appearance. The Scorpio woman will really like this Virgo man's ability, they will together discuss all their friends, and she will slowly and gradually learn this subtle art. Virgo man is a witty person, but he should not sharpen this skill on his beloved woman. Scorpio woman will as well not tolerate molestation, curiosity or indifference to her. This couple has qualities that are inherent in both parties - determination, ability to constantly learn, honesty. Under negative developments, Virgo man closes himself, becomes rude and hard-hearted. The Scorpio woman would be the first to demand for a divorce.

But, according to the compatibility horoscope, Virgo man and Scorpio woman have the potential to become very close friends, and not just lovers. They will always protect and support each other, learn, engage in constructive dialogue, and their quarrel should be the starting point of understanding and mutual support.

Vico 2014-08-22 09:17:39
This is so on point bt ryt now we've broken up tho' she asked for it. What are our chances of getting bck together.

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