Scorpio and Virgo compatibility

Scorpio and Virgo Zodiac signs compatibility
Virgo woman is soft and tender, she will always be loyal to the man she falls in love with. Virgo wants to believe that with her feminine charms and talents she can to re-educate absolutely any man, and get for herself a unified life partner. Maybe it is possible with any man but not with a Scorpio man.

Zodiac sign Scorpio is always honest with his lover, and faithful to her. He cannot stand when someone tries to remake his nature. Yes what is there to remake - he will not allow himself to be simply discussed, or his actions analyzed! For him, he always acts correctly because every Scorpio's action "comes from the pen" of his logic. Scorpio man doesn't like praises - he believes that the best recognition of his services - absolute adherence to his examples. The soft zodiac sign Virgo can soothe an irritated and angered Scorpio, and this is what the man most admires in his woman - he sometimes lacks softness in life! After resting on her chest, he is ready for new challenges, with the name of his woman on the lips. Both a Virgo woman and Scorpio man hate surprises and practical jokes. They both believe that in all actions, people should be very simple, clear and systematized as in the multiplication table. Virgo woman never sees flaws in her beloved Scorpio. She is confident that she has no right to condemn a man just for the fact that he uses methods slightly different from hers in performing actions. Virgo woman relates to her man with adoration and reverence, and he silently accepts this care, and his heart silently overflows with happiness.

Virgo woman is very wise in relationship: she will never compete with Scorpio, and if necessary for a common cause, will even cede to him in achievements. By this, she will cause an unconditional respect and gratitude from Scorpio for life. Scorpio man will be a strong defender for Virgo - just let anyone try and offend the tender lady of his heart!

The compatibility horoscope of Virgo woman and Scorpio man opens before them rich opportunities which they should certainly take advantage of, being together. Virgo woman can obtain for himself wide progressive perspectives that can really be actualized only through the presence of such a reliable and stable partner in her life. Scorpio man gets a second soul for himself: Virgo's calmness and unobtrusive support will help him be successful in the society, as well as help him make a career in business.

Bobbie Taylor 2015-12-10 09:34:50
I'm always wondering what my Scorpio man is doing when he's not around me I can't help but to think about and worried about him I'm just a worry so I guess you can say that I want everything to be perfect but my Scorpio man is a little bit stubborn and so I have to proceed with caution when I talk to him because sometimes my words come out the wrong way and when he calls me and he gets frustrated I'll be all happy that I didn't heard his voice he can't really be too mad at me so he struggles to understand me but he's very patient with me very understanding he's my rock he's my everything I look up to him very dearly help me to understand why I'm this way with my Scorpio man as far as trust I trust him but then again I don't maybe because I have trust issues with myself and I know how faithful and loyal I can be to my Scorpio man so in the back of my mind is he being faithful and loyal to me but when I come out and ask my Scorpio man he tells me he's been faithful he loves me he said" I'm driving him crazy sometimes because he never know what he's going to get with me Lol

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Tonya Halton 2015-11-08 16:23:30

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Angie 2015-06-11 10:56:27
Im a Virgo woman in love with a scorpio ma.I really hate to say it, but my strong need to have everything under control and perfect,making me confused.I really love him,but I cant help myself,always critizing. Even myself.

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Nepolian 2015-03-28 14:32:25
when I was stayed with her, she & her father was quarreled, always use the word go out from the home, now I put the divorce case

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nepolian 2014-12-05 10:31:04
my wife virgo (vandana) really mentaly harashed to me what can i do.

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Venus in Scorpio 2015-02-02 22:53:10
Please believe me when I tell you that we Virgos are 10 times as hard on ourselves as we are on you. She thinks she is helping you by pointing out your weaknesses. She is hurt when people do it to her but she takes it as advice and tries to work on it if enough people tell her.
Tell her you appreciate her efforts in trying to correct you, but the way she communicates only hurts you. Ask her to consider how she would feel if she were to be spoken that way, would she not be hurt. She might get defensive, but she will think about this because as Virgos are always striving to be perfect and prefer to work on our faults.
However, you might look at her parents as well, does she have one parent that is verbally critical of her or each other. We tend to repeat what we learn. There is a book called the 5 Love Languages that helps couples identify what each person wants in a relationship. There is a section on communication that helped me communicate with my Scorpio male friend
Also as a Virgo woman gets older, she softens. Trust me.
I hope this helps you in some way

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