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'Two forces that respect each other' - a Leo woman and Scorpio man can create a strong union governed by respect and love. But this union can also turn into a war that will be devastating and merciless. The compatibility horoscope of these two zodiac signs states that a union of two strong people can be quite peaceful, and their great creative energy will be directed at achieving set goals in life if they show wisdom and tact in relation to each other.

Leo woman is generous and noble, cheerful and optimistic. At the beginning of their relationship, Scorpio man will perceive the cheerful optimism of zodiac sign Leo as some light-mindedness, but after a while, he will calm down, seeing how deep and sincere his lady takes his ideas. Unlike Scorpio man, Leo woman may make a loud roar in response to what she does not like, or can almost be a domestic cat that is fondled by her beloved man and purrs in his lap. But Scorpio man must not delude himself: he will never be able to tame a cat that walks by itself and make it sit in one place. Leo woman loves jewelry, shiny and expensive things, but when freedom hangs on one balance, and on the other - luxury and comfort, the first balance will outweigh in Leo's character - she needs independence more than anything.

Water element of zodiac sign Scorpio can easily fill in the fire of Leo woman's enthusiasm. In turn, the lion's fire may completely dry up Scorpio man's sensitivity. With both options, a battle for supremacy in this union will not be won. With a strong desire of both parties fighting fire with fire, a battle of a lifetime can break out. They are both leaders, and both strive for supremacy. A Scorpio man pursues his goals consistently, in small steps, but persistently, while Leo woman jumps, and sometimes - takes a waiting position, having temporarily retracted the sharp claws.

Leo woman should appreciate the dedication and reliability offered her, while Scorpio man - warm, sunny enthusiasm given only to him, and then great power will help them achieve the highest goals in life. From the onset, both Scorpio and Leo must understand that they do not need any rivalry and war: their strength is in the similarity of their spirit, love and mutual respect for each other despite their differences. These strong men should better focus all their attention on abstract and distant goals to be able to work together for their implementation, showing their best qualities in a strong couple of like-minded people.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-22 01:56:41
Female Scorpio and male Leo compatibility brings together two strong-willed and passionate individuals, potentially leading to a magnetic and intense relationship. Here is a detailed analysis of the potential pros and cons within this union:


1. Passion and Intensity: Both Scorpio and Leo possess strong personalities and emotions. Their relationship can be filled with passion, excitement, and a deep sense of connection that can result in a dynamic and fulfilling partnership.

2. Mutual Attraction and Magnetism: Leo's natural charm and magnetic presence can be highly appealing to Scorpio, while Scorpio's mysterious and enigmatic nature can draw Leo's attention. This genuine attraction can create a strong connection between them.

3. Loyalty and Devotion: Both Scorpio and Leo value loyalty and devotion in relationships. Once committed, they are likely to be fiercely loyal to one another, creating a solid foundation built on trust and security.

4. Shared Desire for Romance: Both signs appreciate and enjoy romance. They are likely to indulge in grand gestures, passionate displays of affection, and deeply meaningful moments, creating a rich and exciting love life.

5. Support and Encouragement: Leo's self-confidence and energetic nature can inspire Scorpio, while Scorpio's unwavering support can fuel Leo's ambitions and help them reach their full potential.


1. Power Struggles: Both Scorpio and Leo have dominant personalities, which can lead to power struggles within the relationship. They may each seek to assert dominance, undermining the partnership's stability and harmony.

2. Ego Clashes: Leo's need for attention and admiration can sometimes clash with Scorpio's desire for privacy and control. Scorpio may perceive Leo's need for the spotlight as excessive or attention-seeking, which can lead to conflict.

3. Possessiveness and Jealousy: Scorpio's deep emotions and tendency toward possessiveness can trigger Leo's need for freedom and independence. Balancing Scorpio's intense emotions with Leo's desire for autonomy can be a challenge.

4. Communication Differences: Scorpio tends to communicate more indirectly and subtly, while Leo prefers straightforward and direct communication. This difference in communication styles can lead to misunderstandings and frustration.

5. Emotional Expression: Scorpio's secretive and complex nature can sometimes lead to challenges in emotional expression, which can leave Leo feeling confused or emotionally disconnected.

6. Stubbornness: Both signs are known for their stubbornness and desire to have things their own way. This can lead to clashes and impasses if they are unwilling to compromise or find middle ground.

To create a harmonious relationship, both Scorpio and Leo must be willing to embrace compromise and communicate openly. They should work on understanding and respecting each other's needs and desires, finding a balance between Scorpio's need for depth and Leo's need for admiration.

By acknowledging and addressing these potential challenges, a female Scorpio and a male Leo can build a powerful and passionate union. Embracing the strengths of their connection while actively working on resolving their differences, they can form a dynamic partnership filled with love, excitement, and growth.
$aby 2017-08-18 01:22:11
I'm a SCORPIO WOMAN, in love with a LEO.. sex is soo addicting. especially eye contact, makes me feel as if I'm looking directly in his soul. I play hard to get, always. but what he doesn't know is, when we're apart I can't get him out of my mind. Non-stop, if only he knew........ I'm secretly obsessed. I just can't find myself to trust him. If I'm gonna open up to him, I wonna make sure I'm his ONLY one, I wonna believe and get his full attention. I want all of his attention to me...
ukulele 2017-05-21 15:48:55
Hello! Leo Woman here. I have been in a relationship with a Scorpio Man for almost 2,5 years and it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have to say that there are other positive aspects between our charts (I have Scorpio Rising and Cancer Moon, he has Libra Rising and Sag Moon, etc) and he is ten years older than me. We are both very serious about our relationship and treat each other very well. There are conflicts but nothing too damaging to our relationship as we are very protective of it and love each other so badly that we always find middle ground instead of letting it get out of control. My boyfriend is very loving, caring and affectionate and he trusts me as I have made it clear from the get go that I am monogamous and have eyes for nobody else but him. I trust him 100% in return. It may sound strange but mental games have never been played between us, neither of us are the type to jeopardise our beautiful relationship with such meaningless methods. My Scorp is very intellectual and deep, he teaches me so many things and adds something to my life every day.
Our intimate life is very satisfying, we both love sex and spice it up in any way possible. Even the rawest moments are filled with love and affection. He strokes me and holds me in his arms. I cannot imagine a life without him.
I would advise for this pair that the Leo female makes it clear from the very beginning that even though she is a very independent creature, she only has eyes for her Scorpio and reassure him that she would never stray. Then basically be honest to your man (this should come easily to a Leo Woman) and soothe his fears. Once he sees that you are trustworthy, he won't be playing any mind games (hopefully, depending on the Scorpio). Condescending him is a no-go, he needs to feel that he is the strong man who is the only person you think of and is able to satisfy your needs. Otherwise he'll get insecure, panic and may resort to his other passive-aggressive ways.
Scorpio men are actually wonderful when they feel secure and comfortable in the situation.
730 2017-04-21 03:11:37
Since 2nd grade, I've been filling up my diary about my Scorpio soul... & he's been around that long. I came to a new school & as I was l was coming, he was leaving. He came back & hadn't left since. I hadn't forgotten about him either. I could never. He was my brother' bff lucky for me. So he was always around They rat me out & exposed my diary, so he knew. He'd play off of it, flirting, flaunting girls. I didn't stand a chance. It hurt to watch but kept my hopeful vision of our future. Ignoring the nonsense, he always made it known that I wasn't forgotten either. Word play, some sort of bodily tease. I never felt unnoticed. In high school, we had swimming together & I could feel the tension. One day my nipple slipped out & he was the only one around like "I saw that"... lol but he always kept an eye out.we started to get a little more physical in highschool. At the peak he went to jail. 3 yrs. Hurt me so bad.only time I'd been away since we re met.we'd never had sex, or even kissed, we got close but we always stuck to our sexual understanding. The respect, because I honestly feel like we're going to get married.. his best friend seduced me when he was away, that hurt him. But he admitted to being sexually involved with my so called bestfriend before I even thought abt his friend. Hurt me so bad, I love him so much. I know he loves me too, it's in his eyes. He melts when I see him. It's loke whatevr girl knows in the ck of their mind it will always be me, he knows too. It's so ironic cause it's never been me. But I feel we will be married. I never knew him to actually love a girl but I believe it's because his heart is mine. Here lately he's been placing a need upon me. In the form of action, not sexually, business related. I feel like he's hinting, because he knows. I don't believe he wants anyone else to have me so he's slowly been trying to get me closer. He makes me feel, if no one else can. Our history speaks volumes and our attraction is so strong. He melts my fire with his water & I feel no lust. Only love, I've fought through my lusy fir hom to prove my love.
Berlin 2017-01-17 23:51:57
I m with my scorpio man almost a year now. he proposed 2 months ago. because he did not wanna lose me. probably he thought he can't find better .he is right. because with that personality he definitely can not find better. i made him a better person. i felt like i taught him how to be a man , he sucked many times. he changed too much just not to lose me. but is it for love or ego? probably ego. i m a smart woman. i know the difference. he started to love me because he has so much love for himself he realized that i m better so he wanted to make himself better. that is the reason. i know it. i m 10 years younger than him but 10 times smarter than him and always couple of steps ahead of him on his every move. i know that. i love him i respect him trying to be the man of the relationship. but he was a stupid boy before me, and without me he is nothing .He knows it I know it.he made our relationship so miserable just because of his past stupid experiences. he is the most insecure person. and his mind is too small for me. not enough. i always wanted to be with someone i can learn and change myself and fix myself. it is like i m raising a boy. we have good sex but generally being with him most of the time sucks. because i literally learn nothing from him. but only one thing keeps us together, intensive chemistry. we literally never stop kissing eachother everywhere out in anywhere and every people says that best couple ever they ve seen.and it is just magical .it is true. we just can't stop. we are so attracted to eachother, it is just so unbelievable. if we don't have sex if we don't kiss we suck. we have nothing else.i m gonna marry him next week. i m so sure that this is gonna be my only first marriage. i have no hope for this marriage but for this love experience i m taking the risk. why do we live in this world? to be happy. he makes me so happy and sometimes sad. i know we are not gonna end well.becauase i know he doesnt have the qualities i want. like respect my time, respect my feelings, respect my privacy, and my own power , my social life and friends, i gave up so much for him. literally i have almost no-one left. and now i ended up with him. marriage. i said yes because what am i supposed to do, i had no-one left because of his insecurity .now this marriage. it is not like he deserve a woman like me. but i want the experience and i literally feel dead inside. so i m doing it next week in the city hall. my first marriage. since i know a lot about this life and man probably we will last long only 2 years or maybe 3. i will come back to this forum and write it here when that happens. but yes. i love him. can't explain why but i do.
Eva 2016-12-26 11:03:47
Bottom line Scorpio men are insecure,whining,control freak brats. Honestly if I'm in love then making a ongoing genuine effort with my man is something i will happily do. To my Leo sistets you deserbe better than a deranged Scorpio idiot.
Lovely Leo Lady 2015-10-21 08:48:59
He's mean he's hateful he's crazy he accuses me of sleep with everyone n the world he comes up with all these crazy scenarios and whenever he has a gut feeling or outlandish thought its always true I can't change his mind cause it is what it is with him even if its not truth he use to be nice n still can be at times n sexually he is AWESOME I could be with him in that way forever he is more than enough he satisfies me n every way known to man Sex is mind blowing Simply Beautiful He's very intelligent n sensitive he cried many times saying that he loves me to much he's a Runner so he leave's me we've been together for a little over a yr n he's left me twice now I'm strong very n I've never been n a intense relationship like this with so much passion but I Am Leo n every sense of the word so I'll be okay I just hate that I Love him so much I wanted to show him what a good relationship could be but never gave me a chance its always something he can be very negative and he has a lot of ups n downs n I'm generally a happy person but its like he was always stealing my joy I'll get right I always do he hurts my heart than always say it something I did that's usually not true He's grown so he knows better he left me stating that I was being penetrated by someone while we were on the phone together smh he would still text me the normal bs daily with his conspiracy theories I'm done tho I can't deal anymore I don't talk or text I know better than to be around him alone cause he would just take me n have his way the he's savage like that the chemistry is strong n he knows it its sad cause I really Love him n care about his well being he has the tendency to crash I don't want to see that happen but I have to live my life too I use to have the up most respect for him we were friends since teenagers n he pursued me for 18 yrs n I finally give n n this is what he got for me I still respect his strength n dealt with his weakness even when it seem as tho it was weakening me n we both have tempers so Its love n war Ive never gave him a reason not to trust me n it seems as tho he judges all relationships on past relationships n I just want to be judged fairly damn it I deserve it I'm A Good One
SunMaid 2016-04-01 16:29:59
Yep, classic Scorpio. He will smother you with accusations because he is jealous and possessive. Know that you CANNOT change him. Also know that he will ALWAYS get the upperhand.
lovemyscorpio 2016-03-27 08:03:42
My husband is scorpio, i'm leo our relationship has been on/off for years. When its good, its real good, when it gets bad, well NO ONE gets in the way, full fledge battleground. Agreed sex is out of this world, heart hurts often. No doubt we want this relationship, so I decided to do research and have come to the conclusion that I must make a few minor adjustments in my character or it will be a marriage until death do us part. So I learned to allow his secretiveness that scorpio loves so well, and the times I want his attention and he's too busy right now I simply involve myself with something else and when he comes around, hard as it is, I brush him off. Not too many times just enough to have him coming to me. Read up on scorpio characteristics, you're a leo you'll know how to work it out. Good luck.
Sassyleo 2015-12-10 23:58:08
Try reading about " twin flames" and twin flame runner very interesting about couples the are the mirror reflection of each other, can't lie to them as they can see straight thru you. It's so powerful if your not ready both partners take in turns of runner and chaser both feeling connected like it's their last cosmic relationship on this earth
jas 2015-08-06 20:55:00
no body has controlled the scorpion because no body loves them only matters what the posses ultimately the get the reman...ants that a bitter truth scorpion knows in the start of their lives they give happiness to all but never find for them
Key'Aira 2015-06-21 12:11:58
I'm in love with a Scorpio boy n we been talk for like months but all I keep doing is pushing him away yes I love him more than ever but he won't let me go for good I just want my boy back for good n he been waiting for me for a long time now
Scorpio BFF trying to get in my Leo panties! 2015-06-12 04:00:59
So I am a Leo who is bffs with a Scorpio man in my law class. We started off as study partners, then became genuine friends, confidants, divulging secrets about each other we dont share with most. See he is not afraid to see all sides of me as complex as I can be sometimes! When he first made an advance at me I rejected him & felt ashamed & embarrassed. It is hard for me to even type it because i am to ashamed-he is married with 2 kids-against all my morals & values. I am also celibate for the last several years & definitely wouldnt waste that on a married man! So I avoided him for awhile & was cold towards him, but the truth is he is the only one I can talk to about certain shit. So of course we remained friends. He is a gentle giant, kinda goofy actually, but with a silent strength that makes me respect him & he is absolutely brilliant! Like a true Scorpio he is persistent, eventually revealing detailed fantasies of him eating me out, whispering it in my ear & planting french kisses on my neck despite my turning him down & telling him to stop. The problem is I think this only makes him want it more & the Leo in me cannot resist a man who wants me so bad it?€™s all he can see/taste/smell (his words). I am after 3 years starting to feel more & more powerless against it everyday. I find myself thinking of what it would be like to let him have his way with me. The way he looks at me & touches me is as if he is eating me alive! I protect myself by meeting up in only public places & under no circumstances will i kiss him. i know that will open Pandoras box so hell no. But he showers me with attention & constantly tells me how cute & sexy I am even when I don?€™t feel it & i can tell in his stare he means it. i know if i ever gave him permission he would totally possess me -with his tongue or otherwise. My deepest relationship ever-intimately, sexually, spiritually, everything, was with a Scorpio who I still refuse to see in person after 8 yrs because im scared of our connection. & here I am, best friends with a Scorpio of the opposite sex again. Help! I?€™m in serious trouble!
Kerri (Leo woman) 2015-06-28 18:23:48
Message from Scorpio BFF trying to get in my Leo panties!
So I am a Leo who is bffs with a Scorpio man in my law class. We started off as study partners, then became genuine friends, confidants, divulging secrets about each other we dont share with most......

It would be pure s*x. Lust not Love. If he wanted a relationship with you he wud have divorced his wife by now and pursued you. I'm not judging or advising you one way or the other on shud u have sex with him or not... But from reading ur situation here and being a Leo woman myself I will say that I don't think this wud end well. I think ur caught up in the sexual attention he gives you & it's a reliable source for it (because he is married & not everyday a married person finds a willing partner to accept that role) ur providing a way for his will

To be blunt the s*x wud be out of this world but in terms of a relationship this isn't likely to go anywhere & it's a complicated mess. He has kids & a wife that wud likely go ballistic when or if she found out. Not to mention as a Leo woman who demands loyalty... Once u start having sex ur not going to accept being sloppy seconds or 2nd place. We like sex, we like attention but once we get it we want more sincerity and meaning behind the sex & attention... And he isn't able to give that to you

U prolly have feelings involved for him which are confusing the matter for you but if ur ever gunna move on in life and be with a guy who is willing & able to be in a genuine relationship with you, you need to move on.

You'll never trust this guy if u were to be a couple, not after your experience of how the 2 of u met.
rj son leo 2016-03-15 00:48:28
Same happened to me , dont leo him use your sexual great energies because he will just forget you and you will feel desperate and really bad , dont let anybody use you , lots of love <3
Leo11 2015-07-08 03:04:48
Yes PLZ listen to Kerri!! I've made that same mistake!! Scorpio: Married with 2kids!! He will blame his unhappiness on his wife but will use his kids to stay in the relationship!! My personal advice!! MOVE ALONG!! Stay as FAR as Possible!!!
Charlene 2015-05-25 14:37:41
Hi I am a leo girl, who is so in love with a scorpio guy. Initially he seem to chase me throughout. And yes, he don't say it, until I asked him whether he likes me, then he said it. I like the way he is cool, his independence, and his intelligence. We became so close, talked on the phone for hrs, & kept messaging each other. And also intimacy.. It was so good.
But after that, due to my insecurity & constant asking of reassurance from him, it oftenly end up in breakout. And he always said that i'm the one leading to all the breakouts. Sometimes, even though I feel it isn't my fault, I still end up biting it up & said sorry to him. But even so, he will say that how many times must it actually happened till I wakeup this idea of mine. He hates my negativity & kept wanting me to change. I was trying to change for him, but in overall, he said that he just wanted me to change for myself, & not for others, else whats the purpose. Its true though.
But and so.. He said that my insecurity & continuous attempt to seek reassurance + not able to trust makes his feelings faded for me. And in the end, he suggested that we can continue with the intimacy till we found each others' partner. I agreed to it cause I really love him a lot. On and off, I tried to find something more I can do to see if we can develop further again, but its hard. And till a point of time, when I ask again.. Is our status still status quo, he just ask me to move on, & said that although he said he doesn't know what it is in the future, he said he doesn't want to give me false hopes. But still then, we are still having intimacy, cause i'm afraid if I don't, I might not be able to see him again.
I am so so sad. Cause I really still love this scorpio guy.

Can anyone tell me what should I do? I don't wanna let him go, as I still wanna find something which can bring him back. Can anyone tell me what can I do, & does he really mean to ask me to move on, or he is just testing me?
Mia 2016-06-06 08:00:54
I am going thru EXACTLY what ur going thru. My Scorpio sees straight thru my insecurities but doesn't understand that's because my constant need of reassurance. We're both deadly jealous of the attention we get from others, but mine is shown and broadcasted more. He only shows his jealousy when he becomes possessive about what I wear, where I go... etc. So I'm working on making a few adjustments to make it work because I love him & I don't want to leave him even though I feel like we're both in a "till death do us part" relationship. It's a toxic relationship, but not one that I can resist & I just don't know why! .. But back to my adjustments, like you, ive tried to change & keep my insecurities quiet & just have faith that he's very loyal to me (even though he's very secretive, which is the root of my insecurities). Any time I'm with him I engage him in deep conversation and look him in his eyes, BECUASE I realized, it's not about what they say thru their mouth, it's about what they say thru their eyes. And somehow, I just KNOW how he's feeling when I look him in the eyes. I take this relationship as if we're surfing on an ocean. I'm riding the waves, because when we're up & we got a good wave it's great. but when we're down, and losing our balance its deadly but I still don't want to leave. Nor do I want to put myself thru thinking of what life without him or the passion, the drama, the bittersweet moments that he provides. No one else has given that to me & it's good enough (great enough, including the sex) that makes me want to stay forever . but that good balances the bad, where I feel like I'm losing myself. Where I feel like I'm withering myself away with him. but it's worth it because I love him & it's so addicting.
maverick 2015-04-29 20:19:20
Im an older Scorpio man. Have improved over the years. Was very selfish in my younger years. Sex was all over the place , but a lot of Bam Bam ,thank you Mam . Now that i am older I care more about pleasing the woman then myself, with great satisfaction . I met this Gorgeous Leo woman , who is married, couple kids and very Catholic. She is about 43 and I am 30 years older. She is falling head over heels in love with me. Her marriage is no good. No more sex . The problem is she is a very strong Catholic and she feels that she is being a bad girl . She likes phone sex but not get herself too involved. She likes it all She lives about 3 hours away by plane , but is going to be 5 min away during the summer . She is thinking about coming over . I'm pretty sure she is. Can i expect this Leo woman to give in , or is the Leo too strong and therefor I should just give up.. I think I can give her up now. Once we get to gether and have sex I dont know if I can . What should I do. Maverick
29Leo 2015-10-07 20:49:07
Don't do it. It isn't worth it. I'm quite sure you heard of karma. She's a bigger Bith then A Leo women. I say don't do it is because as you stated she's a catholic women who is married with children , who's having marriage problems especially in the bedroom; me being a Leo myself she's sexually in heat and because of your nature she want you but trust me it isn't going to be anything but sex because Leo's are very loyal and even tho she may have sex with you when or if you guys get together who to say because of her loyalty she will say with you

Marry 2015-04-02 23:29:37
Me and my scorpio friend have very good understanding but he is quit dominant and strubbon type of person he wants me to do everything first even we are in love but he is not saying it to me... and i am damn sure he loves me but i can not tell him first being a girl i am being shy what should i do? i think if i would tell him he would get more proudy perhaps he may ignore me if i tell first so now pls tell me what to do?
AngryLeo 2015-03-18 20:00:58
I am a Leo girl i have been with a scorpio man for 6 years now, hes selfish and arrogant and its a constant power struggle. we have a toxic relationship. hes so up himself and thinks hes perfect and a good person but hes far from it. i love him but theres just something not quite right. here we are still together 6 years on though. ive come to the conclusion hes just a dick. i tried being a nice calm pussy cat and making him his hot chocolates and putting up with his slobbyness but the roar will come out because you just dont disrespect or unappreciate a leo!
Leo Diva 2015-02-18 18:34:43
My Scorpio Male plays the emotional manipulation games so so well...almost gets me EVERYTIME until I recognize them and I turn up my Leo Charm. However, this can get really OLD in a relationship and can easily push me away. It's about him controlling me and wanting me to beat his "beck and call". I am extremely independent and can be very reserved at times (born on the cusp of Leo/Virog). So there are times he doesn't know who will show up. I adore him when he's free-spirited and chatty; but hate him when he's closed and hurt about something. If I've said something or did something to offend him, communicate. GAWD that would help!
Wanting to Live the life I really want 2015-02-11 22:14:32
Ok, here it goes maybe if i put into writing I can forget about it...a while back I was at work and over the walkies they mentioned someone was there to see me, and they stated his name and I was confused and I was send him back... It was a person I haven't seen in about 4 years I think cant remember... well he left and I was confused because im like 8 years older I think... and I was married and had 2 teens... so he leaves and I don't remember thinking anything of it, till he looked back and had this look but I know he was dating a young lady from a particular sport thing... anyways fast forward to now..I was working out, My husband and I are getting a divorce after 21 years which the last 3-4 were pure hell, but we said till our youngest graduates lets pretend. we are not even sleeping in the same room for those 4 years or even anyways I hear someone call my name and I look up and there he was... but its a place that he would just be at anyways he went there before, he came back to train I guess for a bit... but when I heard him call my name and I looked up.. It was like I was hit in the stomach seriously.. I was happy to see him as a person but then all this chemistry on my side rushed in.. I kind of grabbed him and hugged and kept it platonic out of respect and even though my husband and I are for sure 110% over I dont want to look like a whore or a tramp, I dont want to disrespect myself like that.... But dam if I didnt want to grab him and throw him on that table and make out with him...we started talking small talk.. how is he his family and his career.. my kid,s my life and like a dummy I said can you believe $$$ and I have been married for 21 years , knowing my marriage was over 4 years ago... but it is weird.. like I cant get him out of my soul, weird... so that day I say good bye and told him to be safe and come back safe... and at that moment I just want to say dude you belong to me, we belong together ... weird hugh.. any who I just cant get him out of my system, like in those few minutes I just wanted to be the best person I could be to be for him..... I mean Ii'm older , I dont think htat bothers me but the fact that Im finally going back to school to live the life I wanted .. I dont know it is all weird ... I mean in my mind i would walk out and just be with him and I dont know just weird...
lizzieleo 2015-01-17 21:57:24
I am in love to a scorpio man. He is so damned cool. When I am around him, he will withdraw himself and shows zero interest. We are good friends. I visited his city once and he was so generous to take me anywhere I wanted to. I stayed in his apartment and both of us behaved in manner, nothing happened. When I returned home, he acted differently. He sent me a message in a sudden said that "I have no interest on you."
So, I thought I did or said something bad, but I didn't think so. To calm him down, I set some distances from him. However, if I didn't send him a message, I will find him around my path account, but If I send him a messge, he will ignore me.
I am confused, I am so into him but I don't want to make a wrong step, because I want to be with him for the rest of my life, since he is the only guy who can rule me fairly.
What should I do?? Help please
wellwisher 2015-03-09 19:10:41
Message from lizzieleo
I am in love to a scorpio man. He is so damned cool. When I am around him, he will withdraw himself and shows zero interest. We are good friends. I visited his city once and he was so generous to take me anywhere I wanted to. I stayed in his apartment and both of us behaved in manner, nothing happened. When I returned home, he acted differently. He sent me a message in a sudden said that "I have no interest on you."
So, I thought I did or said something bad, but I didn't think so. To calm him down, I set some distances from him. However, if I didn't send him a message, I will find him around my path account, but If I send him a messge, he will ignore me.
I am confused, I am so into him but I don't want to make a wrong step, because I want to be with him for the rest of my life, since he is the only guy who can rule me fairly.
What should I do?? Help please

Hi... am a scorpio man... by reading ur msg, i already undrstd wat hapen... z scorpios man like wen women takes z first step...but they will show dat they r not interrsted... in relationship, they like wen someone force them... as for the msg he sent u... is because u didnt do anyfing der as he has planned a lots fings for u... u didnt make luv... crashd his program, even u r not sending him msgs... be informed that its never too late... u can call him and askd for a million sry even u r right... the guy will lik it... he is very sensitive n open... u can carry on... bst of luck...
Sweetness 2016-11-16 23:34:34
leo woman here, thanks for the insight
Scorp 2016-07-25 08:00:41
Good grief, WTF English is this?
Leo woman 2014-10-09 00:04:50
Me and my boyfriend make a great match and I actually never thought it would work again, as I've had a taste of a Scorpio love before, but this one is to be trusted. Our most important part is communication an honesty. We're both really loyal and dedicated to our intense love. We respect eachother and eachother's needs so when he need space, I give it to him, and when I need to go out and have fun, he gives that to me. We both know the last thing we would do would be to hurt or break our intense love for eachother. One time when he said a little thing that hurt my self-esteem a bit and he saw me getting upset, he regret it so bad after and got so sad and scared about hurting me. It's so good and really comforting to know I have a boyfriend who truly loves me and cares about me just as much as I do for him. He's the most precious part of me and I know he would do anything to see me happy. I am so lucky and thankful for my loving Scorpio man.
SeXy DiVa Of 8 2014-09-15 02:42:47
He in his feeling... 😍 he'll be BACK!
Ryder 2014-07-06 21:24:40
I'm secretly dating a Leo and her self absorption really gets under my skin. She seems emotionally selfish. I really care about her and believe she cares deeply about me but wonder how long I can continue. If you know anything about Scorpio then you know I am starting to resent her and more so resent the way I feel dealing with her. She can clearly see my short comings but seldom if ever sees hers and how her selfish actions manifest through me. She always forgets my b-day but if I forget hers (willfully), she fusses. Little things like that. I admire her resilience and sexiness but that may not be enough. Idk. Don't want to run (I run easily) but damn it!
LEO LION 2014-07-16 04:11:01
REGINAAAAA 2014-12-12 14:17:51
It don't sound like he interested. Only thing i can think of is call him & if hes over it yall good but if he still has a attitude about sumn that petty hes no interested

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