Scorpio and Leo compatibility

Scorpio and Leo Zodiac signs compatibility
"Two forces that respect each other" - a Leo woman and Scorpio man can create a strong union governed by respect and love. But this union can also turn into a war that will be devastating and merciless. The compatibility horoscope of these two zodiac signs states that a union of two strong people can be quite peaceful, and their great creative energy will be directed at achieving set goals in life, if they show wisdom and tact in relation to each other.

Leo woman is generous and noble, cheerful and optimistic. At the beginning of relationship, Scorpio man will perceive the cheerful optimism of zodiac sign Leo as some light-mindedness, but after a while, he will calm down, seeing how deep and sincere his lady takes his ideas. Unlike Scorpio man, Leo woman may make a loud roar in response to what she does not like, or can almost be a hand-made domestic cat that is fondled by his beloved man, and purrs in his lap. But Scorpio man must not delude himself: he will never be able to tame a cat that walks by itself, and make it sit in one place. Leo woman loves jewelry, shiny and expensive things, but when freedom hangs on one balance, and on the other - luxury and comfort, the first balance will outweigh in Leo's character - she needs independence more than anything.

Water element of zodiac sign Scorpio can easily fill in the fire of Leo woman's enthusiasm. In turn, the lion's fire may completely dry up Scorpio man's sensitivity. With both options, a battle for supremacy in this union will not be won. With a strong desire of both parties fight fire with fire, a battle of a lifetime can break out. They are both leaders, and both strive for supremacy. A Scorpio man pursues his goals consistently, in small steps, but persistently, while Leo woman jumps, and sometimes - takes a waiting position, having temporarily removed the sharp claws.

Leo woman should appreciate the dedication and reliability offered her, while Scorpio man - warm, sunny enthusiasm given only to him, and then great power will help them achieve the highest goals in life. From the outset, both Scorpio and Leo must understand that they do not need any rivalry and war: their strength is in the similarity of their spirit, love and mutual respect for each other despite their differences. These strong men should better focus all their attention on abstract and distant goals to be able to work together for their implementation, showing their best qualities in a strong couple of like-minded people.