Scorpio and Pisces compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces Zodiac signs compatibility
Residents of one element - Water, these zodiac signs are easily adjusted to the wave of the other, and always try to understand each other's motives. "Kindred spirits" - there is such a characterization in the compatibility horoscope of a Scorpio man and Pisces woman, which the best way possible expresses their peculiarity of their relationship.

The feelings of zodiac sign Scorpio is always deep as the abyss - it does not recognize shades of feeling, and depth is important to him. He is thorough, thoughtful, constant and strong, which certainly will attract a beautiful Pisces woman seeking protection in life and a safe shelter. Zodiac sign Pisces is a very controversial personality. She knows how to adapt, she is able to hide feelings when necessary, and manages to show feelings when there arenít any. At first glance, the direct and exponential Scorpio may think that the Pisces woman is honest and straightforward - but she very skillfully manages her feelings and behavior. In a life together, Scorpio will like how cheerful and carefree the Pisces woman can adapt to his desire and mood. She will do her best to show him that she understands him very well (even when she absolutely doesn't understand). People around will be delighted with how the couple can talk without words. They are finely tuned to each other's microwave, and feel everything that happens in the other's heart very subtly. The compatibility horoscope shows that this ability may provide a basis for a strong union with a great understanding of each other.

Pisces woman should be more restrained in expressing her emotions and not try to drive Scorpio into the water - he does not like to move away from the route chosen by him. Scorpio man is turned on by the aura of mystery surrounding his beloved Pisces - he wants to revel it all his life. But Pisces woman is cunning and clever, she knows that when the mystery is over, love will also end, therefore she will unveil her identity slowly, layer by layer, but throughout life yet will not reveal all until the end.

Conservatism is inherent in a Scorpio man, and his partner should take this into account, not picking up silly tantrums or arguments. It is important for the woman not to descend to insults - Scorpio, in this case, will proudly disappear and will never come back. In turn, Scorpio should pay more attention to his companion, learn flexibility in behavior and feelings from her. They should not deceive each other - a lie will open very quickly thanks to the partners' delicate sensitivity, but it will not be possible to return love and trust.

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