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Residents of one element - Water, these zodiac signs are easily adjusted to the wave of the other and always try to understand each other's motives. 'Kindred spirits' - there is such a characterization in the compatibility horoscope of a Scorpio man and Pisces woman, which the best way possible expresses the peculiarity of their relationship.

The feelings of zodiac sign Scorpio are always deep as the abyss - it does not recognize shades of feeling, and depth is important to him. He is thorough, thoughtful, constant and strong, which certainly will attract a beautiful Pisces woman seeking protection in life and a safe shelter. Zodiac sign Pisces is a very controversial personality. She knows how to adapt, she is able to hide feelings when necessary and manages to show feelings where there aren't any. At first glance, the direct and exponential Scorpio may think that the Pisces woman is honest and straightforward - but she very skillfully manages her feelings and behaviors. In a life together, Scorpio will like how cheerful and carefree the Pisces woman can adapt to his desire and mood. She will do her best to show him that she understands him very well (even when she absolutely doesn't understand).

People around will be delighted with how the couple can talk without words. They are finely tuned to each other's wavelengths, and feel everything that happens in the other's heart very subtly. The compatibility horoscope shows that this ability may provide a basis for a strong union with a great understanding of each other.

Pisces woman should be more restrained in expressing her emotions and not try to drive Scorpio into the water - he does not like to move away from the route chosen by him. Scorpio man is turned on by the aura of mystery surrounding his beloved Pisces - he wants to reveal it all in time. But Pisces woman is cunning and clever, she knows that when the mystery is over, love will also end, therefore she will unveil her identity slowly, layer by layer, but throughout life will not reveal all until the end.

Conservatism is inherent in a Scorpio man, and his partner should take this into account, not picking up silly tantrums or arguments. It is important for the woman not to descend to insults - Scorpio, in this case, will proudly disappear and will never come back. In turn, Scorpio should pay more attention to his companion, learn flexibility in behavior and feelings from her. They should not deceive each other - a lie will open very quickly thanks to the partners' delicate sensitivity, but it will not be possible to return love and trust.

Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility Scorpio Pisces Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 02:27:05
The compatibility between a female Scorpio and a male Pisces tends to be highly compatible due to their shared Water element, which brings emotional depth, sensitivity, and understanding between them.

1. Deep Emotional Connection: Both Scorpio and Pisces are known for their emotional depth, intuition, and empathy. This can create a powerful and profound emotional connection, as they understand and support each other on a deeper level.
2. Intuition and Intimacy: Both signs possess strong intuition, allowing them to understand each other's needs and desires intuitively. This can deepen their physical and emotional intimacy, fostering a strong bond and a satisfying romantic relationship.
3. Shared Emotional Support: Scorpio and Pisces excel in providing emotional support to their partners. The female Scorpio's loyalty, passion, and protection combined with the male Pisces' empathy and compassion can create a nurturing and supportive environment for both partners.

1. Intensity and Overwhelm: Both Scorpio and Pisces can be highly emotional and can easily get overwhelmed by their feelings. This intensity can sometimes lead to emotional turbulence and potential conflicts if not managed properly.
2. Codependency: Due to their deep emotional connection, Scorpio and Pisces can become overly reliant on each other for emotional stability. This can lead to issues of codependency, making it challenging for them to establish a healthy sense of independence.
3. Escapism and Avoidance: Both signs have a tendency to seek escape from reality when confronted with challenging situations. This can manifest as avoiding conflicts or retreating into their inner worlds. It's important for both partners to actively address issues and communicate openly to prevent avoidance from becoming a problem.

In summary, the compatibility between a female Scorpio and a male Pisces is often highly harmonious and supportive. Their shared emotional depth and understanding allow for a deep connection and satisfying intimacy. However, they must be mindful of potential challenges such as emotional intensity, codependency, and a tendency to avoid confrontations. By maintaining open communication, setting healthy boundaries, and supporting each other's personal growth, this union has the potential to be a deeply fulfilling and nurturing relationship.
Damoy 2020-02-18 11:48:52
Scorpio finally i have find a Pisces Woman in My Life Hopefully She is my first and Only Wife
Johanna 2019-05-27 11:16:35
what if its the other way around if the scorpio is the woman and pisces the man will it still read the same ?
Emoni 2017-07-15 17:44:38
Omg that was so deep, felt like I was reading and imagining myself! Muy beautiful! Too true, you go girl!
nathanel 2017-05-02 07:22:19
I'm a november 1st scorpio man, my 1st love was a pisces girl. She had a crush on me and eventually we dated. To be honest it was the best date I've ever had and she was indeed lovely. One fine day she decided it was fun to play my feelings and slandered me with lies telling me I cheated on her. Turns out shes the one whos cheating on me. I had never forgiven her and had deeply hurt her by refusing her kind words when she advised her. To me she will always be one thing a two-faced mongrel. I'm generally a forgiving man but unfortunately I had to show my bad side. I guess i'll never find another pisces woman again. Honestly, I love pisces women but I can't stand it when they lied to you about how they feel inside. It's like geminis.
Chanelle 2016-09-03 18:20:12
I am a Pisces woman born March 18th. My Scorpio was born novemeber 2. Our relationship is very fun and care free. We jumped into it super fast. And it's taken years for us to finally get on one accord. He has always been serious about me. Has always said he wants to marry me. He showers me with affection and anything I want and he has is MINE. however I've ran away from serious relationship with him for years. Because the intensity of the love he gives is often toooo much and I can't handle it at times. He doesn't want me having side convos with other men AT ALL. I've hurt him so bad over the years by using him at my disposal. But he never gives up on me no matter what. It makes me love and appreciate him so much more. And I am so excited to spend my life with a man who understands my needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As long as there is open communication and mutual respect a PISCES/Scorpio relationship will always leave you wanting more.
JL 2016-05-26 23:09:59
Interesting comments. Some from a very young generation, some older. I am a 1977 Scorpio male, in a 4 year relationship with a 1984 Pisces female. This in not meant in vanity, but we are both extremely fit, attractive people that garner unwanted attention & flirtation from others.

All I can say, is that after several multi-year relationships I, the Scorpio, have had with the Virgo, the Aquarius, the Gemini, the Capricorn, the Cancer---- the Pisces is my home.

Imagine running for 15 miles in the Arizona sun, and finally, someone offers you a drink for your intense thirst. But it is hot coffee. In certain situations, the coffee would be amazing, but what you are truly dying for is water.

The Pisces woman is a crystal cool waterfall, who bathes you in everything you never even knew you needed. She is the cool, soft blanket on the Scorpio fire, yet simultaneously heats you up where it really counts. She is a labyrinth of emotion, as are you, but together- you twist & turn in tangled webs of passion & humor. She is the perfect drug.

We had a son 2 years ago, today. This is why I googled & found this page. Our son is an even split, between us, and carries in him the essence of unbreakable love.

For all you men who stumble across my words, trust me. Do not hurt your Pisces woman intentionally. Follow her through hell, and she will teach you what love is. She will make all of your past relationships seem like silly episodes of 90210, or Barney & Friends.

Scorpio & Pisces blend in opposite directions with absolute, chaotic perfection. If you've ever seen the movie, "Before Sunrise," this is my life.


Paris 2017-07-04 22:14:16
Omg that was the sweetest thing to say about us Piscean women.Im that type,like a mermaid.I was and still is truly deeply in love with a Scorpio man who was my first love a true soul mate..And he says these things to me,what you spoke..two deep lovers
Shelia 2016-05-22 08:29:33
I am a pisces woman who was in a relationship with a scorpio man. For a while was going good. Scorpio men is a piece of work. They can be very moody for no reason. Scorpio men likes to disappear, stop communication. Just stop talking return and thin that Pisces should pick up where they left off. They are very vein. Some Scorpio men are controlling and also manipulating. A lot of scorpio men have great careers. A true women regardless of her horoscope should want to be respected and not have to chase a man. Scorpio men also attract a lot females. If you are dating a scorpio man get ready to be surprised. Sometimes the relationship is their rules only.
Angela R. 2017-05-14 22:12:19
I have a child with a scorpio man and I tell you it was the worst relationship I have ever been. He is the biggest liar and most manipulative person I know, and very controlling. I never knew such an emotional and vindictive man before, and I went through so much with this fool. He literally made think twice about dating scorpio cause the drama was too intense. He wanted to be around me all the time and at first I thought it was because he enjoyed my company but I later found out that he was possessive and jealous hearted. A very insecure individual, he didn't even want me to have friends. Once I broke out of that toxic relationship I didn't look back. I had so many relationships I had to repair because of him.

Brooke 2016-05-14 18:19:53
Pisces are beautiful souls. Loving, caring, spiritual. We aren't about seeing and waiting on the evil in people. Our lessons in life are hard learned. To love us is a great treasure.
Stylyst21 2016-05-10 12:13:04
So true . I'm a Pisces March 17 . Going through a phase with my Scorpio but not giving up and he doesn't want me to give up either. Think I love him but not telling him just yet lol.
nisha 2016-03-27 12:26:46
Omg!! U r too true. And inspiring !! I m a 29feb been with libras thrice bt smthing ws always amiss. Niw a huge crush on a scorp bt he acted weird aftr initial interst. Though out of self respect i cut contact ..i still wish he comes to me
Lovely Pisces 2016-03-22 07:28:48
Well I do whatever it takes to get what I love , my Scorpio friend hates me but he can't , if I just stop contacting him he would not have anything to feed off of. I stick around knowing he has a girlfriend , his my friend even thou he has tortured me in the pass, I'm a Pisces woman and I forgive people that I love a lot. I love him he just does not really love me. I ha e known him 3 years now and he never like me! He ignored me and than out the blue what's up stranger ? I hate that he was not consistent.

Brenda 2016-03-05 14:55:32
Some Pisces women have no class, no self respect, low self esteem, they don't have a problem being a side chick, or being rush off when the man main lady is on her way.Some Pisces are very cunning, will leave their dirty underwear around, cheap body products, hair in the bed, put their clothes in the main lady draw with her clothes, to let her see that she has been sleeping with her partner. They SCHEME, plot, deceive, lie, to get what they want, without thoughts of who they hurt. They have no problem being the side chick until they manipulate their way into getting the ring. Not knowing that they are rebound chick, because the main lady choose to let him go, and she is stupid enough to not realized he still in contact with the main lady, missing her, insisting on seeing her, even though she doesn't want him any more, she rush into marriage, thinking it's going to stop him from loving the main lady. If she didn't have access to a house, travel oortunities, etc.He would have not married her...I believe in karma!!Another woman is going to do the same thing to her that she did to me!!! I thank her because now I am with the right person for me, happy marriage, happy family, a respectful man who is faithful, extremely attractive, unlike the frog I was with. Kermit and miss piggy deserve each other!!
Linda 2017-03-11 19:30:48
Message from Brenda
Some Pisces women have no class, no self respect, low self esteem, they don't have a problem being a side chick, or being rush off when the man main lady is on her way.Some Pisces are very cunning, will leave their dirty underwear around, cheap body products, hair in the bed, put their clothes in the main lady draw with her clothes, to let her see that she has been sleeping with her partner. They SCHEME, plot, deceive, lie, to get what they want, without thoughts of who they hurt. They have no problem being the side chick until they manipulate their way into getting the ring. Not knowing that they are rebound chick, because the main lady choose to let him go, and she is stupid enough to not realized he still in contact with the main lady, missing her, insisting on seeing her, even though she doesn't want him any more, she rush into marriage, thinking it's going to stop him from loving the main lady. If she didn't have access to a house, travel oortunities, etc.He would have not married her...I believe in karma!!Another woman is going to do the same thing to her that she did to me!!! I thank her because now I am with the right person for me, happy marriage, happy family, a respectful man who is faithful, extremely attractive, unlike the frog I was with. Kermit and miss piggy deserve each other!!

You must be talking about yourself.
Sarah 2017-01-06 21:26:35
Maybe you shouldn't have a side chick.... duh
Alycia 2016-06-09 19:38:03
Wow.very bitter. Not every "pieces woman" is the same. The behavior you described can belong to anyone who displays it, no horoscope distinction needed.
Whoa there! 2016-05-25 00:34:39
Damn Brenda, Who hurt you?

Maybe a therapist should know about these things, not a random site on the net eh?

Additionally, all Pisces women aren't the same. I, for one, am waiting on the right guy to be in a relationship and one day's hard in the age of tinder,but I have hope.

I also hope everything is going ok now for u.
Tanya 2016-04-28 18:01:24
Just beause you had a bad experience with a pisces woman does not mean we are all that way. Youre being rather harsh and immature.
Dp 2016-03-03 18:26:48
Thanks for sharing your story PiscesGirl. I actually just met 2 Pisces girls at my job I just started and I am attracted to both of them! I don't know what to do. But I would at least like to be friends and just spend some time with them and get to know them. See where it goes from there. It's really tough because we aren't always working the same shift so my time is limited to just once or twice a week with them. How can I get them interested in spending time with me?
ScorpioMan 2015-11-05 05:32:23
im a Scorpio November 6 1995 currently broken up with my Pisces woman and everything I read makes so much sense about her , her birthday is march 17 1997 and everything seems to be true about march Pisces because idk what it is about her but it dosent matter what the problem is it always feels like theres an underlying thing left unsaid and I think that's that the control she has because she can be very controlling but that's the part I love about her because im controlling too so its almost like I have to take that shit from her and she loves when I do that kind of stuff and don't get me started on how sex was smh lol but anyways now that we're broken up sometimes she acts like we're not but then sometimes she acts like we are and I just need to know if anybody can give me some advice on this we've were together for 3yr and I just want to know if theres a chance of us getting back together
Emmanuel 2015-08-29 09:57:35
I like it...picses are easy to manipulate and control...they are greate liars,but all they do is just fight for their love and feelings...
Precious 2015-06-15 16:06:24
When you dwell on things that you don't desire. That's what you attract. If you're negative and insecure , you will attract the undesirable negative feelings that you don't like. Astrology isn't the controlling force in anyone's life. As you think it, it will be. Having accountability in the roles you have played can bring about better outcomes. The form iofvexpression a Pisces uses to get their point across tells one greatly their level of maturity. An immature Pisces will attract immature Scorpio behaviors. A more evolved Pisces with profound communicative abilities will attract to them a more evolved scorpion. Some Pisces and Scorpio affairs are better than others based on the time in ones life in which they meet. So many factors come into play with this union as well as many others. The common denominator in all of your affairs, is you. I'd say " take some you time". Learn to make yourself a priority by practicing love, personal evolution and study the universal laws. THEN try perusing a relationship. What's more is no one has truly mentioned the many upsides in a Pisces Scorpio union. Pisces mood swings and outbursts plays a part in how scorpions respond. Scorpions do not want the drama.
Pisces Princess 2015-06-06 00:43:37
I am a Pisces woman and my ex boyfriend and colleague and now or was a Scorpio man. We were going together for awhile and then he went back to his girlfriend. I was married when I met him but was attracted to him at work. We still work together. Now I am divorced and we saw each other for awhile. We loved each other and I think he still has feelings for me. However, you are right The Pisces with your comment. He as a Scorpion gets moody and does not let me assert myself. Then I back down and try to win him back but he gives me the silent treatment and seems to just use me (I am a social worker) when he has a death in the family or a problem. He came back into my life and we were going to coffee at work and emailing each other. He said he reatlly liked me then his father is really sick and dieing and I was sending his father cards. Then he said his father's girlfriend would get mad at me for sending the cards. I said okay but he was making something sweet and innocent shameful. He emailed and said Leave me alone!! i called him on his cell phone and he emailed me and really got mad and said I violated his privacy and to Stop real angrily. I said he always put me on probation and was evaluating me. I told him I was so glad he came into my life again but he still is in a pissy fit like a little boy and won't email me back. He I am 62 a mature, pretty woman, smart (working on my PhD) and he is 51 but acts like a child!! any comments about this snotty nose Scorpio man and do you think I should go on and meet some Aries man? ha ha I love Aries men. They get mad and then get over it and say they are sorry first!! LOL
Kat 2016-02-01 00:38:27
Scorpios are quite mature and precocious children but completely immature adults and despite what they might think, NOT in control of themselves. On a darker note, Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile are both Scorpios - ahem - say no more. I don't think they should have allowances for their moods and general horribleness any more than any other sign. Yes, choose yourself an Aries. We're not half as spiteful - unless pushed by a Scorpio and then - WATCH OUT!!!!!!!
aaliya 2015-04-14 15:11:31
IM a pisces girl born on february 24, 1999 and i really f***ing hate my boyfriend, a Scorpio man (november 7,1991) for leaving me without telling me >.< he's the reason why I don't believe in love anymore! We've been in a relationship for almost 3 yrs..I hope he will feel the pain that I always feel. We broke up several times and I hope I will get over him..he had cheated me many times and he's the biggest liar I ever met.. He's a f***ed up piece of sh*t! He wants his friends to f*ck me and he is trying to flirt my sister my best friend >.< he's a m*ther f***er! I hate him a lot ..
And I have another best friend who is a Scorpio man also (October 29,1995) he's also a f***ing p***ert >.< he wants to r*pe every girls that he sees .. -_____- I hate Scorpios!
Precious 2015-03-09 04:06:37
I believe that for each Scorpio there is a Pisces. When a mutual respect is present an understanding is bred. Without a proper form of communication the relationship will be doomed as much as any other. Both signs are sensitive. Respecting boundaries is the key to allowing the relationship to bloom at its own pace without drowning it in a neverending ocean of chaos.
thePisces 2015-01-05 09:13:50
I don't think that a male scorpio and female Pisces are a compatible match. Every scorpio male/Pisces female relationship I've known of has failed horribly (including my own). Naturally these two share great chemistry. In the relationship (and more particularly, in the bedroom) they both have intense emotions and spiritual connections that no other signs of the zodiac can relate to. However, Scorpios are too vein and Pisces are too sensitive. In a companion, the male scorpio makes earning his love and trust very hard. The Pisces will become exhausted and pitiful in the process of winning the Scorpion over. Before long, the Pisces breaks down and seems weak to the scorpion. The scorpion can't take the pool of sensitivity, emotion, and hopelessness that the Pisces constantly drowns themselves in. Even though the Scorpion may share these emotions, he is rarely open to discuss these feelings ( because he fears that exposing his vulnerabilities would make him appear weak). they're just a bad match. It will always end with the Scorpion being irritated by the Pisces, and the Pisces being hurt by the Scorpio.
shellbell 2016-04-01 16:58:46
I completely agree. The Scorpio man I was with was the best and worst man I could ever be with. He is the man I will always love and never completely get over. We had this connection I will never understand. We had such a powerful chemistry I just wanted to drown in his love. But his selfishness was what hurt us. He had built up this barrier to not let others in and didn't trust easily. It hurt me. It didn't matter what I did or said I was always getting hurt. He loved me so deeply but it was never enough. Love shouldn't be so difficult. He still wants me but he won't change his ways and I can't go back to subjecting myself to the pain again.
PiscesGirl 2015-08-15 00:25:45
Im a pisces girl and knowing myself, i gotta say i disagree with what u said. i may be super oversensitive but no way in hell i would consider this as weakness. I am not weak when it comes to love. If i wanna win a scorpio man ill win this scorpio man, no matter how long it takes and what it takes. Pain cant stop me, and he can never be too much (harsh, difficult, complicated, dark or whatever) for me to give up or anything. The more the better.

But win isnt really my style, i will make it seem like he won me. Im not the -go get it-kinda girl. And i would never pursue a guy (eslecially a scorpio guy). Thats a mans job, never mine, im not even good at it, im shy. Im the type that will make you do what i want without me having to say it. Ill make you come after me. And im not gonna make it easy to you. Im not interested in anything easy. Neither are scorpios. Nothing hotter than a true scorpio man fighting for you and not givin a damn when u scream no!

(This scorpio guy, best thing i ever met on earth, says close to my face hes gonna marry me, in his always simply straightforward and confident and sexy as fuck kinda way, i say no, did u even ask me if i wanna marry you (didnt even know him really), and he says (exactly the same confident and smiling) "haha no noone asked you" lol my reaction was so cold, i was as always like ok get off my way now, but inside me i was simply "how the hell are you so fucking perfect...) just adored him inside me. Never showd him that though. Never. And he never stoped....Anyway just a little story of mine i shared^^)

My ways are always mysterious, maybe weird, romantic and kinda dramatic (or super dramatic!) when it comes to love.
As a piscean, i know how to play this game. And scorpio guys are the best to play with. They get us. We get them. No dont need to say much to communicate, its just there. Natural game. Amazing chemistry. Thats why i adore scorpios. I was born to adore a scorpio man. Noone inspires me this much. They set my angels and deamons all on fire. They make me feel a beautiful chaos inside me.

But dont get me wrong. I would never mean game in a bad way. Im dead serious when love, i just have my own way to act on it u know. Pisces are serious with their feelings, when its theres its deep just like scorpios.

i may appear weaker than him, but ,TRUST ME, ---what you see is what i want you to see--- i am stronger than him, Im sneakier than him, im more patient than him, im more emotionally mature than him, I can play with him, or make him believe hes playing with me. Whatever.

Even when i seem lost and hurt, im probably not THAT lost or hurt. i just enjoy the deep feeling of it deep down, its a beautiful part of love, and deep down my game is just still on. If im seriously hurt u bet ur ass im coming back. Stronger and wiser. And we do this a lot. Cause we get hurt easily. Sometimes on purpose!.. But giving up is just not our thing.

Its funny when they really think ure innocent and weak, haha theres nothing innocent in a pisces mind. Its paradise and hell combined in there. Especially march pisces.

Pisces are weird IF u dont know/get/feel them, they can easily be/act fake (true) but we, our feelings, our motivations are real and serious.
Its just our very unique way of expressing our deep self. We dont know who we are, so we be whatever, u know.
Many personalities.
And thats a damn hard feeling were dealing with our whole lives, to just give up on some weird scorpio.
Misstblue 2015-09-25 12:40:36
Yes , yes , and yes .
I'm a March 1 Pisces and this is very true.
Kudos to you for expressing this.
priya 2015-03-30 09:11:13
I agree with your rply bec even i'm going thur same situation :'(

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