Pisces and Libra compatibility

Pisces and Libra Zodiac signs compatibility
Two loneliness, once met, they saw in each other such kindred spirits that they henceforth decide to never separate. Both Pisces man and Libra woman had in the past several unsuccessful attempts to be understood and loved, and the new relationship with ideal, in their view, promises finally to be a happy family life.

These zodiac signs are indeed very similar: dreamy romanticists, half-hearted and kind, they are united by a common desire to have a comfortable home and happy family, without conflicts and quarrels. And indeed, at first they revel in feeling and affection, giving each other a quiet happiness, not noticing anyone around. These zodiac signs have a unique affinity of souls: they will never openly quarrel and fight, both prefer to live in peace and calm, they love to dream, and plan for the future. They are ready to write poems and romantic letters to each other, make pleasant surprises and enjoy every minute they spend together. Pisces man and Libra woman are never bored of each other, they do not need noisy companies and night parties, they are quite happy together, they need only to communicate with each other to feel happier.

According to the compatibility horoscope, a union of Pisces man and Libra woman is ideal: equally feeling, delicate and vulnerable, they exist in one plane, and absolutely have nothing that would cause howls of protest from each other, or open conflict in the family. But they will have misunderstandings which they will quickly get rid of.

Libra woman who seeks an ideal balance between dreams and reality, will be eventually disappointed that Pisces man, carried away by building of castles on the sand, will totally forget about their life together. Libra woman will again and again try to bring Pisces to reality, and stimulate its activeness so that anything f in their material life can have a headway. But the Pisces man, well representing their lives in dreams, is in fact too weak to take decisions. His partner will require him to do the impossible: he is unable not only to predict their entire life but also to make plans for the next evening. Libra woman's resentment will deeply hurt him, but if she goes into a direct accusation, he will be crushed, and immediately feel himself as useless and rejected. Pisces man in this union is inclined to blame all the failures of family life on his ineptitude and mediocrity, and this can even paralyze its activities, providing a deep inferiority complex in the rest of his life.

Zodiac sign Pisces has a great need to feel his partner's love and support - only then he is able to gather himself, concentrate, and do those really important things for his family. For him, Libra woman's understanding and love are the best incentives for action. According to the compatibility horoscope, under a constructive dialogue, the partners will achieve a lasting and happy marriage.

sadaf 2014-08-13 01:07:49
So true
Am libra n his pisces we have been together for almost 2 years n facing alot of dramas all from his side for no reason.
Any best advice?

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Not buying this crap 2014-08-01 06:02:03
I mean seriously, what a load of bullsh*t! I'm a Pisces male and I am anything but what this horsesh*t says I should be. I'm strong, decisive, grounded in reality (while aggressively pursuing my goals and dreams), and I relish in leading the charge while simultaneously letting others lead the way other times. This is why people need to ignore all this astrology nonsense because if not then you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by others telling you how you should act - and that's just weak and sad.

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Rowan 2014-08-13 17:56:31
Please understand that astrology is much more complex than your rising sign. Everyone has the influence of three signs so while you may be a pisces your other signs which are based on the exact timing and longitudinal and latitude coordinates may be leo for example a very strong and leadering sign, not to mention the other influences such as what your signs are doing in different astrological houses at the moment. I'm sure you are a sensitive person but also carry your other traits. Don't dismiss astrology when you probably don't have a truely clear understand as to how it works

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PiscesWorld 2014-07-21 01:54:15
I am Pisces male most of the things i read here so true pisces are lazy in actions while libras are quicker and need quick responses by pisces. To all those pisces male and libra female I tell you what just patch up again if you have 1 remaining chance and libra female should work hard to stick pisces male into reality. Reality is everything dreams are nothing until they changed into reality. Pisces feels insecure thatís why they canít tell everything to everyone. Donít think wrong. Be positive and stay happy. As much i know, hey libras If you stick your pisces male with reality, Jokes & happy atmosphere. You are the winner OF ALL TIME. Libras females like to go outside all the time and want to friendship with everyone but please be sure not to talk with males as a close friend it will hurt pisces alot inside and they may go in dreams again which cause problem and change in behavior which you may be not like it. Most romantic relationship are of these twos.

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