Libra and Virgo compatibility

Libra and Virgo Zodiac signs compatibility
The compatibility horoscope describes a union between a Libra man and a Virgo woman as one of the most robust and practical. Virgo woman is beautiful, practical, with high sensitivity and a great desire to love - is successful both in career and personal life. She is not ambitious, although for conflict critical situations, she has the necessary reserve of pins for self-defense. Virgo tries not to make mistakes so that she doesnít have to correct them later.

Zodiac sign Libra is sociable, open, with an inquisitive mind, he is often the soul of any company. Libra man is slightly unstable - when taking a decision, he varies from one side to the other, weighing all the pros and cons. Libra man, like the Virgo woman, wants to start a family, have a big house, and many children. He has ambitions - Libra man wants to be recognized, he wants to be a reliable support to his beloved woman, and will try to achieve this in a marriage with a calm and balanced Virgo woman. But it would be strange if their union would be without a hitch: they are very different people, and sometimes there are misunderstandings and problems that they face together. Libra man believes he was born for high goals - far more important than cleanliness at home. So in the house where Libra lives, one can see scattered socks and his personal belongings on chairs, tumblers near the couch, etc. Zodiac sign Virgo likes order, and a Virgo woman enjoys cleaning the house. But with time, the systematic dropping of things will infuriate her and she will begin to make bashful remarks to the Libra man, and he will angrily react to them. There may be a prolonged conflict, in which both Virgo and Libra will be affected because both cannot stand to sort things out. They will grumble, sigh, express their grievances to each other, but to fight openly and strongly is not in their rules. In the end, the winner will be the person whose patience turns out to be a little more.

A union of a Libra man and Virgo woman is generally stable and friendly, while unpleasant moments of quarrels rarely occur. But then, the beautiful Virgo and jovial Libra look excellent in public! And how romantic they walk in the evenings arm in arm, whispering something to each other's ear! Libra praises a Virgo woman for efficiency and friendliness, while Virgo adores Libra man's sociability. If these two bypass unpleasant moments with disorder at home (Virgo will be more active in cleaning up, or Libra agrees to help Virgo), then they can expect a long happy and harmonious marriage by all the rules of their compatibility horoscope.

Judith Turner 2014-11-21 18:09:19
I am a Virgo Woman newly in love with a Libra Man. He is a Super-Alpha male who effortlessly commands respect thru his ability to communicate exactly what he wants, his singular focus on what he wants and his ability to make people around him believe it is their job to deliver what he wants on a silver platter. One on one he is the most attentive, sensual lover I have ever had. He is sentimental in an aloof way (not mushy with it). Though he demands my undivided attention I work to give it because we have so much fun together. We learn from each other too. We are Great Together!!

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