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Venus protects these zodiac signs, and so their union can be called - 'Double love'. Similar and different, beautiful, harmonious - a Libra man and Taurus woman took everything from the planet to have so much love and a lasting union, bound by this love.

Libra man will immediately attract Taurus woman's attention, as soon as she sees him. Zodiac sign Libra is beautiful and stately, with a good sense of humor, a good speech, is able to communicate and make friends - gathering a crowd of fans of his beauty, among which would be a Taurus woman. When a Libra shows her reciprocal feeling, she will be very proud of his love in front of those girls who vainly try to get it. Taurus woman is possessive, she is very jealous, and therefore will go anywhere with the Libra man, and can even make him be bored with her presence and excessive care. At the very beginning of a relationship, this will be a little amusing to him, but later ill-concealed irritation will appear in the relationship.

Libra man has a greater need to please others. To him, it is very important that he is acknowledged and his opinion considered. He is a little hesitant in making decisions, but communication he has no equals - he behaves boldly and even defiantly.

Libra man is very kind to the opinion of others about him, and he always wants to charm women, to even pass as a superman of sorts in the company of girls. By the way, Libra man rarely cheats on his wife, all these experiments with impact on women's hearts Ц are just innocent fun for zodiac sign Libra. Taurus woman has a powerful force of character but is calm and balanced. Like her lover, she strives for leadership but only in biggest competitions. She thinks it's silly to hold competitions there where there are such feelings, so she will never compete with the Libra man for leadership in their life together. Taurus woman is ready to submit to Libra when she sees that her man's decisions and actions are correct. In minor disputes, the result is not important to a Taurus woman: she will not even clarify the matter in dispute. But for the Libra man, any victory, even the smallest - a step to his commanding lead, and he eagerly enters into all disputes and competition. Libra man, for the most part, wins the leadership in a couple with his charm and gentle manners. Sometimes, the good-natured Taurus woman does not have time to recover before she already falls under the influence of her charming darling with a wide and bright smile.

In a union of Libra man and Taurus woman, according to the compatibility horoscope, their mutual influence will be helpful to one another: Libra man will learn to maintain the stability of internal peace in any situation, and Taurus woman - to be more flexible and labile in thinking.

Libra & Taurus Compatibility Libra Taurus Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-21 16:30:44
Female Libra and male Taurus come together in a relationship that is often centered around a shared appreciation for the finer things in life, love of beauty, and quest for harmony. However, conflicts can arise from their distinctive approaches to life. Here are the pros and cons of this union:

1. Shared love for aesthetics: Both Libra and Taurus have a heightened sense of beauty and comfort. They often enjoy similar tastes in art, culture, and luxury, creating a deep connection through shared experiences of pleasure and beauty.

2. Solid commitment: Taurus is known for its steadfastness, and Libra values partnership and harmony. This can lead to a strong commitment where both partners are willing to work hard to maintain their relationship.

3. Complementary strengths: Libra's social nature can complement Taurus's more introverted tendencies, potentially broadening each other’s social circles and providing balance. Libra can help Taurus become more adaptable, while Taurus can provide stability and practicality in Libra's life.

4. Peaceful relationship: Both signs generally aim for a peaceful, conflict-free existence. Their mutual dislike of drama can create a calm and balanced environment for the relationship to thrive.

5. Sensual connection: Taurus and Libra both have a sensual side, with Taurus ruled by Venus and Libra exalted in Venus. This can make for a very romantic and physically fulfilling relationship.

1. Different approaches to change: Taurus can be quite resistant to change, valuing stability and routine, while Libra is more adaptable and enjoys variety. This can cause tension when there is a need for change or when making decisions about the future.

2. Different pace of life: Taurus often takes a slower, more methodical approach to life, while Libra may desire more spontaneity and faster movement, which can cause friction.

3. Financial differences: Libra enjoys spending on luxury items and social experiences, whereas Taurus, although they appreciate quality, is more focused on financial security and can be more frugal. Disagreements over money management can arise if not handled sensitively.

4. Stubbornness vs. indecision: Taurus' stubbornness can clash with Libra's indecisiveness. Libra, who can see all sides of an issue and often struggles to make up their mind, may become frustrated with Taurus's sometimes uncompromising nature.

5. Conflict-avoidance issues: Both signs have a tendency to avoid confrontation, which can lead to unresolved issues simmering beneath the surface, potentially leading to passive-aggressive behavior.

This union between a female Libra and a male Taurus can promise a relationship filled with love, luxury, and a strong foundation of shared values if they effectively communicate and balance their contrasting personalities. Their love of beauty and pleasure can create a harmonious home life, but they need to be vigilant about addressing issues head-on and finding common ground in their financial and day-to-day lives. If both partners are open to occasionally stepping out of their comfort zones, they can build a stable and loving partnership.
Aaron 2017-09-30 06:18:49
I'm libra man and clingyness, and over jealousness it does nothing but push me away. Because to me you are always looking for drama
theDream 2023-11-21 16:29:22
If you feel that your partner's behavior is causing you to feel pushed away, it's essential to have a calm and honest conversation with them about it. Share your feelings, but try to do so in a way that is constructive and focused on finding solutions together.

Red 2017-06-18 19:25:50
You all been fooled by charms Libra men
Biggest con men I. The world.
Jay 2017-01-22 14:43:38
I'm a Libra guy. I've just started with a taurus girl... and she is so robustly sexual and passionate...
And so affectionate and loving.
Beauty in the woman and pleasure in the bed are all important to me.
I lust after many women-like a maniac really-... but when I love a woman, she's the only person in my entire universe-and I'll never cheat her forever.
People always tell me that I'm very handsome-even the most handsome guy that they've ever seen...even with 30 extra pounds and a few white hairs.
Tauruswoman 2016-09-05 12:16:05
Libra men are big flirts and make every woman feel don't ever think you're the only one he makes feel that way. They love women and can never be faithful to just one.
SweetestTaurusGirl 2016-02-17 18:48:41
I rekindled an old flame with a Libra Man and he set me on fire. Its been a year strong with no sexual contact. Taking a different route, because I want this to last a lifetime.
T 2016-02-11 00:04:09
im a taurus woman and i met my libra. i really want to make this work and not mess it up ahah, he asked me to be his valentine and that he's going to cook for me (I've been to his place before and i have been so tempted to clean it for him but he didn't let me do that). we haven't been dating long at all, so can anyone give me an insight to what a libra man likes and doesn't like?
Jay 2017-01-22 15:03:54
I'm a Libra... and I love awesome robust sex and beauty... Physical beauty ... I cannot resist artistic beauty-a woman that can play music or does art-I'd die for a woman like that.
I love a woman who gives me abundant affection, hugs, kisses, loving words from the heart, cuddling and woman who craves the same, because if I love a woman, I constant kiss, hold, hug and tell her that I love her- and I mean it from the depths of my heart. Non-affectionate women make me sick.
And sex everywhere, any time, over and over and over again, and who'll do whatever I want in bed with great enthusiasm... and I'll do the same with relish, except really gross stuff or being dominated- I don't like being totally dominated in bed. I like threesomes if its two women but I don't like to share with another guy, that makes me jealous.
Casually, I don't mind an open relationship. But long term, I want total monogamy and commitment forever- and I'll give the same.
All of the above are must haves.
I can also appreciate a good cook, an intellectual, stylish fashion- though I can do without that too.
Lovemylibra 2016-01-04 19:50:35
I am a Taurus female and I met my Libra man over a year ago. It was love at first sight, it was like nothing I have ever experienced ! I do truly believe we are soul mates. He gets me like no other. He even asks jokingly "am I a mindreader?" Because we know each other so well we are able to anticipate what the other needs before they even ask for it. Meeting him was honestly the greatest day of my life and I think we will be together forever. It is funny how much I read about the things that will try and test our relationship and it always boils down to his indecisiveness and my temper. We have discussed the issues and he tries to stick to the plan and not waiver, and I try and keep my cool.
Happylady 2016-12-27 08:17:50
I met my libra man about 5 months ago and I agree with you 100%. I feel like we knew each other in a past life.. no fights yet...
libraman 2016-02-10 07:24:11
met a taurus woman. it was a horrible experience. stubborn, jelous, possessive, careless. nothing for me. she was a big love pretender but a lousy lover.
Tauraswoman 2016-05-01 22:45:58
You should give it another shot. The woman might be stubborn but she'll love you dearly.
anyiah 2015-12-23 23:29:03
I met my libra man last week and I think I'm falling in love with him. He's beautiful.
mimi 2015-12-08 17:38:37
I'm a Taurus woman yes my Libra is my favorite adult man he is gentle and even tempered I love him and see us together for ever
Ty 2015-10-11 11:28:23
I'm a Taurus Woman and recently met a Libra man that I can't resist. He is always on my mind. I love his smile and his romantic side. I think I like him so much that its scaring me. I would love to be his forever lasting wife because I can definitely see my self with him for the rest of my life. I need a man like this forever...
Taurusgal 2015-08-31 23:56:09
The day I met my libra love was the best day of my life ! It was like I had met my other half. We even feel we are soul mates! I never thought that someone could love me so much ... He has stuck by me through a lot of things and was there for me in my worst of times , his love and faith in me never wavered. He's been my biggest supporter and continues to be my rock. Of course, nothing is perfect, he does get bothered by my taurus temper and stubbornness, and I get bothered by his indecisiveness and constant need for change., but for the most part things are wonderful , we are a very good match. I love libras romantic side.

V 2015-07-01 16:13:32
just recently met my libra man and I am on cloud nine whenever we connect ... i thought I was a true taurus but at 57 and out of a 11 yr marriage with a pices and then a relationship with a gemini, I have become so very much more in the way of being spontaneous and adventurous and open to change ... I find life absolutely amazing and harmonious with my new libra who I could just hang out with forever ...
belinda 2015-06-15 20:30:21
Libra man are gentle and loving no Taurus women will go wrong
Ryan Paul Sloan 2015-06-02 02:05:36
You've have just described our 19 months perfectly... U deserve a medal pal ;)
spirit star 2015-05-21 10:58:54
I'm a Taurus woman, I met my Libra friend a few days before my birthday... I didn't think I would be soooo extremely attracted to him but he was gentle mannered, very handsome, and very charming I couldn't resist. Our communication is key one on one we can talk about any and everything. He says to me that he crushes on me and when we're apart he misses us being together. I found love again on the beach with a Libra man
aashish bhatta 2015-04-06 16:25:29
my girlfiend is taurus n i want her for ever ever in my life

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