Libra and Taurus compatibility

Libra and Taurus Zodiac signs compatibility
Venus protects these zodiac signs, and so their union can be called - "Double love". Similar and different, beautiful, harmonious - a Libra man and Taurus woman took everything from the planet to have so much love and a lasting union, bound by this love.

Libra man will immediately attract Taurus woman's attention, as soon as she sees him. Zodiac sign Libra is beautiful and stately, with a good sense of humor, a good speech, is able to communicate and make friends - gathers crowd of fans of his beauty, among which would be a Taurus woman. When a Libra shows her reciprocal feeling, she will be very proud of his love in front of those girls who vainly try to get it. Taurus woman is possessive, she is very jealous, and therefore will go anywhere with the Libra man, and will even make him be bored with her presence and excessive care. At the very beginning of a relationship, this will be a little amusing to him, but later ill-concealed irritation will appear in the relationship.

Libra man has a greater need to please others. To him, it is very important that he is acknowledged and his opinion considered. He is a little hesitant in making decisions, but communication he has no equals - he behaves boldly and even defiantly. Libra man is very kind to the opinion of others about him, and he always wants to charm women, pass for a superman in the company of girls. By the way, Libra man rarely cheats on his wife, all these experiments with impact on women's hearts - innocent fun of zodiac sign Libra. Taurus woman has a powerful force of character, but is calm and balanced. Like her lover, she strives for leadership but only in biggest competitions. She thinks it's silly to hold competitions there where there is a feeling, so she will never compete with the Libra man for leadership in their life together. Taurus woman is ready to submit to Libra when she sees that her man's decisions and actions are correct. In minor disputes, the result is not important to a Taurus woman: she will not even clarify the matter in dispute. But for the Libra man, any victory, even the smallest - a step to his commanding leadership, and he eagerly enters into all disputes and competition. Libra man, for the most part, wins the leadership in a couple with his charm and gentle manners. Sometimes, the good-natured Taurus woman does not have time to recover before she already falls under the influence of her charming darling with a wide and bright smile.

In a union of Libra man and Taurus woman, according to the compatibility horoscope, their mutual influence will be helpful to one another: Libra man will learn to maintain stability of internal peace in any situation, and Taurus woman - to be more flexible and labile in thinking.

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