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Scorpio woman and Libra man are like 'Cinderella and the Prince': their relationship, as the compatibility horoscope states, will flow exactly by this fairy-tale scenario. Scorpio woman has a unique ability to transform and influence people. Libra man is very timid, indecisive, and consequently, he is easily inspired and vulnerable.

Scorpio woman has a certain pessimism that her lover swears to cure. Zodiac sign Libra is elegant, speaks well and thinks nicely. From their first meeting, a Scorpio woman will be interested in this man and will be fascinated. But later she is tired of his persistent attempts to change her. She does not want to change her perception of the world, and actively oppose his efforts. Libra man will be disappointed by Scorpio woman's rebuff since he genuinely wants to help her. Libra is an unsteady, hesitant zodiac sign, and after a while, the man will be ready to back-pedal as to not hurt his woman's feelings. This Libra's tossing will draw Scorpio woman's attention, his lack of confidence will start to irritate her until this leads to confrontation and accusations.

She hates this shakiness in thoughts and likes everything to be very clear and simple.

Zodiac sign Scorpio cannot and do not want to compromise. Scorpio woman knows well what she likes and dislike. Her own feelings of 'like' - 'dislike' will serve as criteria for evaluating her partner's 'right' and 'wrong' actions. It is not so easy to live with the Scorpio woman, but she gives a sense of confidence to the Libra man, he learns strength, endurance, perseverance from her. If a Scorpio woman has the endurance, she can behave revealingly calm, and this is the best way stimulates the Libra man because in a calm atmosphere he does not feel such anxiety and uncertainty. Libra man, in turn, will seek ways to support his beloved Scorpio and preserve peace and harmony in the family.

Sometimes a Libra man is inclined to manipulate a Scorpio woman, pursuing personal goals, but these soft tactics have nothing to do with pressure or aggression: to achieve his goals, a Libra man uses a charming smile and a quiet persuasive tone of voice and a full range of genuine charm. But such a method can only be effective on his woman in very rare cases: accustomed to trusting no one, a Scorpio woman, even for once succumbed to that ploy, will forever remember the deceptive tactics. And - oh, woe to Libra! - Next time, he will stop this attempt to cleverly manipulate.

Scorpio woman can be easily offended, and her resentments can build up like a snowball, and eventually lead to serious conflict in the relationship of these zodiac signs. The harmonious and fabulous union of Libra and Scorpio, as the compatibility horoscope predicts, is possible provided if the Libra man will be more attentive to his beloved woman, while the Scorpio woman will be honest and tolerant.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-22 01:23:02
Female Libra and male Scorpio compatibility brings together Venus-ruled Libra and Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio, a blend that mixes the air and water elements, respectively. This union has the potential to be intense and transformative for both parties involved. Here's a detailed look at the potential strengths and weaknesses of this relationship.


1. Magnetic Attraction: Scorpio and Libra can have a powerful, magnetic attraction to each other, with Scorpio drawn to Libra's elegant charm and grace, and Libra fascinated by Scorpio's depth and mysterious allure.

2. Passion and Romance: Scorpio brings depth and intensity to the relationship, which can complement Libra's romantic and idealistic tendencies. This can lead to a passionate and deeply romantic partnership.

3. Balance: Scorpio can help Libra delve deeper into the emotional realm, while Libra can teach Scorpio the art of compromise and diplomacy, facilitating balance and growth in both partners.

4. Loyalty and Commitment: Once Scorpio commits, they are incredibly loyal, which aligns with Libra's desire for a long-term, meaningful partnership.

5. Personal Growth: Both signs can learn a great deal from each other. Scorpio can learn to lighten up and appreciate Libra's more balanced view on life, while Libra can gain from Scorpio's determined and focused approach.


1. Communication Styles: Scorpio communicates with intent and seeks deep truths, while Libra prefers a more intellectual and sometimes superficial connection. Libra might find Scorpio too intense, while Scorpio might find Libra too detached.

2. Conflict Resolution: Libra's dislike for conflict clashes with Scorpio's confrontational approach. Conflict avoidance can be problematic with Scorpio, who values honesty and addressing issues directly.

3. Jealousy and Possessiveness: Scorpio's tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness can be challenging for Libra, who enjoys socializing and can be naturally flirtatious without any malicious intent.

4. Trust Issues: Scorpio values deep trust and may become suspicious of Libra's motives, especially given Libra's accommodating nature. Establishing trust is critical in this pairing.

5. Emotional Intensity: Scorpio's emotional depth can be overwhelming for Libra, who seeks harmony and balance. The emotional highs and lows characteristic of Scorpio might unsettle Libra.

6. Decision-Making: Libra's indecisiveness can irritate the more determined Scorpio, while Scorpio's sometimes unyielding nature can intimidate Libra, leading to an impasse.

For this relationship to work, both parties need to be patient and willing to learn from one another. Libra might have to understand Scorpio's need for privacy and emotional depth, while Scorpio may need to appreciate Libra's need for social interaction and harmony. Establishing boundaries, engaging in open communication, and building a foundation of trust are essential in navigating the challenges that come with the Libra-Scorpio dynamic. If these efforts are successful, the union has the potential to be incredibly strong and lasting.
Mimi 2019-03-31 15:37:44
Being a Scorpio with Aries rising and heavy air in her chart, a Libra man is a much better match for me than Cancer, a Pisces, or any Earth sign that traditional astrology likes to pair me with (been told that Earth signs would be too boring for me).
scoriowomanrule 2018-06-10 16:14:53
Libra men are liars, cheaters and cant make a decision to save there lives.
Scorpio Sweetie 2017-09-12 07:48:54
I'm in love with a younger Libra Man and want to know if he is feeling it for me too. We were work colleagues and spent every lunch break together. He has always given me sincere compliments about my personality and appearance and I have returned them to him. He enjoys our debates as much as I do and would ask for my opinion on every topic. I let him know that he was amazing at his job and on the last week of resigning he questioned if there was anyway I would stay or come back. When I told him why I was leaving he responded by saying he would recommend people to me and then proceeded to help me look for work. Not that I needed help, but I was enjoying his care and attentiveness. We both were in relationships when we first met, but then we both became single a few months ago. He came to my going away night and was beside me the whole time. After enough drinks and courage I confessed that I like him and he agreed that we had gotten along since day 1 but wasn't ready for another relationship. II woke up with a flower he picked for me that night, a love bite on my neck and his arms around my body. Since then we have messaged each other making general chitchat, but haven't bought up any subject about us. Fast forward to 3 months later and I am at the gym when I hear his voice saying hey how are you? He just joined and has since done some of the same classes as me.... placing himself directly behind me! I guess I'm trying to figure out if he is interested, not interested or as crazy about me as I am for him, but won't act on again because I don't want to make him uncomfortable. His Prince Charming for sure and I'm highly Seductive but I'm tired of attracting superficial things and am ready more than ever to share my heart with him.
Staccz the libra 2017-08-17 13:23:32
I'm a libra my girl is a Scorpio .. long story short fuck that bitch
anon 2017-07-21 15:46:12
I am a young and very independent Scorpio woman. I met a Libra male about a week ago. We've known of each other since high school but never took the time to get to know each other, I had a boyfriend and he recently said "I was the bad boy and I thought you would hate people like me." Well, I'm actually the bad girl too. Not necessarily but I have a bad side to myself as well, meaning the more so hard to deal with side of me rather than the absolute angelic side. Some people might just never know because of my mystery. As I said it's only been about a week (not even) and he has already opened my mind in ways I can not even explain. We haven't even spent any time together yet it feels like we've known each other forever. I'm not even sure of what he looks like now that we've both grown older but at this point I could care less. He is creative, musical, inspiring, funny, smart, thoughtful, caring, and lastly protective already, and I don't know about you ladies but I want a man that's going to protect me and make me feel safe at all times not someone who's too damn to cool to defend me.(We're just friends as of now btw) But he said to me "Before you take anyone seriously please let me know. I can read people awfully well and I can tell you off rip what they're looking for in you. He also told me as long as we're friends I will never let anyone hurt you. I will always be here for you forever, and don't you ever feel like I don't want to be bothered and etc. As a Scorpio woman ladies we've been hurt too many damn times ugh!!! My heart was crushed and sliced by a manipulative selfish Leo and an arrogant selfish sattgitarius. I never want to feel the pain of my heart breaking in half like that again. But I also want out of these trust issues. I want to tell someone the whole truth of my life and I would like them to do the same. The first day I spoke to this Libra man I cried at how similar our life stories were but most importantly the fact I felt so comfortable sharing my story with him when I never really share my story at all. I can't tell you where this is headed guys, what I can tell you is that there are most definitely boundaries hell motherfucking yes. But even when your heart is broken to bits and pieces guys pick it up, put it together, and try to love like you've never been hurt before ladies and gentleman. Everyone is not the same. Us; honest, fair, and true still exist. Some of us are just still being tested by our lord and savior preparing us for that true love we so desperately deserve because that is what us humans do best. Is it just me when I say I fall too hard too easily, for the wrong people too often, get my hopes up for things that don't last way too much? I can't be. But even if I am, that will not stop me from giving this Libra a chance. If it works it works if not then that's just that. I'll have learned another lesson and taken from it. I had a rough morning and he's coming all the way from NY take me to get my nails done and enjoy some other fun activities (no not sex haha) I'm at work now and I'm already super nervous loll wish us luck! Never ever forget! #LOVEISWHATWE"REBESTAT #SPREADLOVE #FOREVER 😄
Emma 2017-07-16 06:05:22
I'm a Scorpio woman and I'm with a Libra man. We have been together for over 15 years. We started off as really good friends, then dated for a really long time and got married. At first, I was really attracted to his charm, style, and good manners. I actually broke it off with him two times when we were friends because I was dating a Cancer that I thought was my soulmate but it wasn't too long after the third time that we tried being friends again that I realized how selfish Cancer was. Me and my ex-boyfriend who's a Cancer were so "on and off" again, constantly. I loved the energy and natural chemistry that we had together which made me feel like I was definitely in love but honestly, our temperaments during conflict were dangerous. My Libra husband has always been my best friend which is so important to me. He listens to me and is overly loyal. Yes, the sex with my Libra man is amazing and out of this world! I don't consider myself to be a freak like most stereotypical books and articles suggest but I am very open to whatever in the bedroom. I'd actually consider my Libra man more freakier than I am, lol. Now, all that aside, the problem with Libra men is that they have a very hard time showing their emotions, they like to be right all the time or maybe this is part of their manipulative ways at times, and there are times when I do feel neglected but like the girl said earlier, when he does give me his attention, it's everything. I do struggle with the problems that I described above from my Libra man but again like someone else, when I threaten to leave him, he can't take it. That makes me realize how much he does love me and then I'm like wtf, so confusing. Nonetheless, we have two children together and he's a great dad as well as I am a great mother.
scorp 2016-12-27 07:05:56
I am in my early 50's years ago I dated a libra man and we had a wonderful time. ended up he called it off for a while, we originally met on an online dating site. it was easy to be with him. Easy. It didnt last for several reasons, none having to do with my intensity or his flirtatious ways.
I moved to another city, we tried to stay in touch didnt last. 17 years later a divorce each, he found me again on another online dating site, older and a little more life experiences under both our belts, we get along famously, we live 3 hours away from each other, I tell you this, when we're in a social setting together, I have learned that his charm can be helpful to us. I gingerly, had that discussion months ago and his chaarm has benefited both of us. Its all perspective. Do I love him, yes. Does he love me, yes. We work. i have the freedom I thoroughly enjoy and so does he because of the living a bit of distance apart.- Its the best relationship I have ever been in.
beatrice 2016-10-17 17:59:13
I threw an egg at my libra man and now we are happily dating. The sex was off the hook.
his lover 2016-09-14 10:28:08
I'm a Scorpion girl and my boyfriend is a Libran... We are so happy together and don't want to leave each other at any cost... We have been together since last 5 years.. We two love each other so much.. But we usually leave as best friends which is the best part of our relationship.
Honey 2016-08-09 05:50:51
I am a scorpio and he's a libra. I love how he loves me (when he does), his carefree way but too jealous and possessive to stand his flirtations with other women.I hate it when he forgets me.I love the way he makes me feel & I know something about me keeps him attached to me because he goes crazy at the thought of losing me. Or he simply ignores that I asked for space, apparently according to him- I am too emotional & never mean what I say.I don't mind it because it is sometimes true. Sexually, amazing! Something about this man totally fascinates me (still not sure what) and I so want to hold onto him but I'm not sure whether it would be a match made in heaven
James's gal 2017-04-27 12:56:16
Message from Honey
I am a scorpio and he's a libra. I love how he loves me (when he does), his carefree way but too jealous and possessive to stand his flirtations with other women.I hate it when he forgets me.I love the way he makes me feel & I know something about me keeps him attached to me because he goes crazy at the thought of losing me. Or he simply ignores that I asked for space, apparently according to him- I am too emotional & never mean what I say.I don't mind it because it is sometimes true. Sexually, amazing! Something about this man totally fascinates me (still not sure what) and I so want to hold onto him but I'm not sure whether it would be a match made in heaven

I love this...its exactly what we r ...when hes distant its annoying and when hes closer hes the most beautiful ,amazing and romantic man ever,,,ive tried to le
t go but honestly i didnt mean glad i realised he doesnt wanna lose me ever!
Jessica 2016-08-01 14:30:47
I'm a Scorpio woman who was in love with a Libra years ago, but he was WAYYYYY too much of a flirt & turned out to have cheated on me numerous times. I found him to be selfish, sneaky, & a completely manipulative liar. Needless to say, that was over abruptly and in a very ugly manner.
I'm currently still single and dating. There is another Libra man who seems to want to pursue me... but I honestly don't trust him. He is eerily too good with his words & hasn't proven consistency and loyalty yet.
I have found my most intense (& favorite) prospective love connection to be with a Cancer. A cancer man is EVERYTHING - but it takes a LOT of patience to deal with their extremely emotional, lack of logic nature. I hope that it can truly develop into something. I've hear that Scorpio/Cancer loves are the epitome of what can ever be hoped for.
Noah Castillo 2017-06-26 08:10:25
I really dont think im the only Libra that doesn't flirt at all it confuses me when they say were huge flirts because i personally never do unless i truly like someome

Alice and jeff 2016-06-20 21:24:11
[just=center][/just]I'm a Scorpio and I can't fight my need for Libra. his touch reminds me of how I was before Leo .I want to naturally grow as an adult and I was beaten to death by narcissist Leo for 13years Jeff you may help this Scorpio.i love you already
Hippie 2016-09-08 01:12:51
Message from Alice and jeff
I'm a Scorpio and I can't fight my need for Libra. his touch reminds me of how I was before Leo .I want to naturally grow as an adult and I was beaten to death by narcissist Leo for 13years Jeff you may help this Scorpio.i love you already

I totally understand what you mean. You took the words from me. I am a Scorpio woman. Who was with a Leo , for 7 years. Now I'm dating a libra, and yes he makes me feel... Like myself again! Like I'm finding the person I lost. From loving a narcissist Leo.
Scorpio vs libra 2016-03-14 07:03:31
I am a Scorpio women and I'm with a libra man. We have been together for 5 years and it's been nothing but arguments and bickering over the stupidest things. With my mood swings and his act of (whatever) does not work with a Scorpio, we want answers. The sex is great but the rest of the relationship is nothing but downs. I can't take it anymore and don't know how to tell him I can't do it because I do love him but I'm not in love with him anymore and I really don't wanna hurt him. HELP...
BRAZEN 2015-12-14 02:41:24
Hmmmmmmmmm........ the love is intense and the bond searing..... but that Libra was a player, and I kicked him to the curb. Yes its painful, but why let anyone treat you with disrespect.
Rav 2015-11-02 06:11:35
She likes to, as a Scorpio, pinch, bite and scratch. I'm down with that. Maybe this having only one girlfriend at a time thing will work.
Victoria 2015-10-23 15:08:32
I am a Scorpio woman, and I am with a Libra man, and it is the most amazing relationship I have ever had! We offset each other very well, and our love is very intense and unshakable. He pursued me for many years, and I am very happy I got to know him. It was by far the best dating decision I have every made.
Gaurav 2015-11-15 10:35:54
I m a Libra Man n I like my Friend who is Scorpio. But due to some rumors in Office about both of us, She is s upset n she started losing interest in me. So as you r a Scorpio woman too. l want some help on how to keep her interest n trust on me & What should I do to get her back? How would I tell her dat I will always b there for her for life.
g 2015-10-09 21:44:38
I have lots of problems with him, i dont think we will make it to the next level.
Libra Jaded Libra 2015-08-17 18:58:07
Scorpios are not a match for Libra. Period. Waste of time. We are better off with air and fire. Scorpios are better off with Pisces. It is a pain in the buttocks to put up with Scorpios...and the sex thing...well that gets old pretty fast!
Amanda 2015-12-15 08:17:03
I married a Pisces. He was too needy. I'm with a Libra now and its the best thing ever.
Liz and Daniel 2015-05-15 06:19:42
This is so true Daniel and I have issues because I can't trust and I accuse him of things he swears he isn't doing and its killing our relationship.I love him so much and want to trust him but my brain its always screwing with me. I know he lives me to and will do anything for me... I think we will be ok if I can get over the trust issue
Valma 2015-04-07 09:55:03
That`s soo true,my boo n i have been having issues but i believe we can work through all that..just like Cinderella and the prince we will have a happy ending.AMEN 😍

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