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According to the compatibility horoscope, a union between Scorpio man and Taurus woman will be nothing but an 'unsettled ground'. One cannot say that these two can arouse anxiety in each other, but there is always a certain wariness in their relationship.

Scorpio man and Taurus woman are attracted to each other because each of them has in him/herself all the qualities that the other would like to cultivate. But these zodiac signs are noted for their great pride that does not allow them to admit this. Their secret eternal complexes sometimes force them to criticize each other, which is often the cause of unfolding battle. Scorpio man is drawn to spiritual ideals, while she is attracted to the acquisition of material wealth. This certain dual nature makes him exist between these fields, and to hide this, Scorpio wears a mask of indifference or arrogance. However, zodiac sign Taurus never wears masks - she is what she is. A woman of this zodiac sign is very responsible, accurate, firm in decisions, practical, and patient. She easily endures pain and troubles, this woman is hardy and is not prone to react to minor pricks.

But when the Taurus woman's patience comes to an end - she will be in a raging temper and will leave no stone unturned. Fortunately, this happens very rarely.

Both a Scorpio man and Taurus woman never gossip, and neither are talkative in a company of unfamiliar people - this quality makes them very similar to each other from the outside. They do not like to talk about their personal life and avoid asking questions on personal and familial issues. Taurus woman has a weak intuition and would like to have the ability to anticipate and predict events like her beloved man does. However, Scorpio wants to learn from a Taurus woman courage, fortitude, firmness of character, which, combined with the subtle intuition of sharp mind would be a treasure of his personality, very valuable both for family life and for business. Another Taurus' quality that so impresses the Scorpio man is humor. Taurus woman has a sparkling sense of humor that allows her character not to look 'massive' and conservative. Scorpio enviously observes that humor allows the Taurus woman to honorably enter even from difficult situations, avoid self-centeredness, and self-pity.

According to the compatibility horoscope of the couples, it can be seen that Scorpio man and Taurus woman cannot only create a strong union - they can radically change their destiny if they will start to learn from each other those qualities that they both need.

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Nikki 2020-06-26 17:59:35
Please, I would love to know more about a Scorpio Woman & a Taurus Man ?? thanks
Doug and Monica hates me 2019-12-09 15:37:26
I am a scorpion man in an argument I kill hopes and dreams and destroy ego then I get the stinger out avoid a fight with a scorpion. lovingman there is nothing we forget ngand nothing we forgive don't loose his trust it went be back but we will defend you to the death and love you like your a queen there is none more loyal or loving
Kristina 2019-03-08 20:23:20
what's the story of a Scorpio woman and a Taurus man?
crusher 2017-10-11 00:36:36
I'm A TAURUS WOMAN deeply attracted to a Scorpio man.
I'm currently or rather say I've been s Taurus for 10 years and met this scorpio guy...omw the way he looked at me I just could not resist his deep stare.Everytime we passed each other I always felt this chemistry no words exchanged besides "Hi" but I understood him,I understood everything through his eyes.

I searched his name and sent him a message ,I could tell he was also checking up on me :-)
He has that thing that actually motivates you to do better in life coz he is so deep did my research read some articles but He is really a cool person I sensed that he is the jealousy type.He will stand little bit far or in the corner staring .

He seemed like an awesome man ,
Taurus Female stampedes the Scorpion 2017-04-16 22:05:31
I just stung the shit out of a Scorpio, He got the horns. Listen, Scorpio men. Taurus females dont like the drama. The malice and manipulation starts early and when they cant get you to submit, they send you pictures of women.
Mark 2017-02-19 22:44:40
I am a scorpio man my bestfriend is a scorpio woman ... i really have a huge crush on her , long time ago i asked her out she said no and let's be friends , there is a huge chemistry between us laughter and advice each other ,
she always sends me mixed signals i sense her jealousy when i talk about my ex ( a libra ) , i sense her jealousy at parties when i flirt with othet women , sometimes suddenly she starts flirting with me .. it has been 4 years like this and i feel like um wasting time so what should i do
Trawww 2016-12-04 02:44:04
I'm in love with a Scorpio man and I'm a Taurus woman to be honest i haven't met him in real life yet lol we planned to hang out a few times over the past few years but either I cancelled or he did and when I did see him at a concert I got really nervous and acted like I didn't see him.... when I messaged him he was mad and he said I could've made an effort I said sorry and told him next time I'm in his area we can hang out but we don't keep in touch so I was confused on why he got so mad lol anyway we should be meeting in January I'm super nervous cause I really like him and I just want it to work out I'm also worried I appeared too obtainable so I think I'll have to hold off on the sex lolol
Anne Marie 2016-09-08 19:25:49
Taurus woman in love with a Scorpio man. He's the first Scorpio I've ever dated. He's intense and attentive. He's loving and funny. He gives me the kind of time and attention I need from a partner without being over bearing. He's got a kind of raw sexual prowless that draws you in. An intensity that makes you feel like your his whole world. I've never experienced anything like him before in a relationship. My Scorpio had to have been made just for this Taurus girl. He's become the light of my whole world. So to anyone wondering if Scorpio males are dating material..... Yes. At least mine is. So if you run across a mysterious stranger and you feel that jolt of instantaneous chemistry.... Go for it!
Jessica 2017-06-01 16:55:08
I am also a Taurus women in love with a Scorpio man and everything you said is exactly how I feel but my Scorpio is also stubborn, and has to be the alpha male. We bump heads a lot due to our similar personalities with also being very independant
treasure 2016-07-29 05:19:04
am a taurus woman being with my Scorpio man since I was 21 now am 26 his three years older than me.being in and out for 6years being the one ending it due to his indifference to my liking.secretive using silence treatment as a way of punishment.he knows I hate it but he still continue doing it.good thing his afraid of breakups that my punishment.he never makes it with other zodiac woman because they cannot understand stand his distance and unnecessary silence of control.easy way to deal with Scorpio man is let him be in control ,treat him like a baby as his supper sensitive.speak the opposite of what you want he'll do the opposite of what you said meaning doing what you want in I got his place keys already met his parents now planning the future see easy as ABC
Anonymous 2016-05-26 09:27:06
My BFF has a boy crushing on her , she is a Taurus and he is a Scorpio. I am feeling this will not work out as they are only in fourth grade.
isadora 2016-04-14 07:27:50
I am a Taurus woman (on the cusp of Aries/Taurus, but sun in Taurus), and I have fallen for my first Scorpio Man.

I was married for 15 years to a Libra, only to discover that what I perceived as a deep, mutually fulfilling relationship of best friends and soulmates, was actually a house of cards, built on lies and deceptions. Libras are air signs, and I learned the hard way, that all his words were as weighty as air.

As soon as I met my Scorpio man, I felt the GRAVITY of him. He is solid (physically, like a rock or a mountain, unlike any man I have ever been with before). He is also solid in his attention and devotion to me.

Soon after we met, we both talked about how this was different for both of us, way beyond a casual relationship, that we were "building a cord" together.

He told me, at 48, that I am the first woman he has ever really been in love with (this includes his former wife, an abusive, borderline personality woman). I have loved before, but I have never felt so safe and cherished as I do with him.

Even still, as a Taurus, and as a woman who has been deeply betrayed, I struggle with trusting him. My pride/ego was so wounded in my marriage, that even though I know my worth and value, I can still get unreasonably afraid that my heart will again be devastated, and when that happens I pull away, and retreat into the whirlwind of my mind.

He is so wise and understanding, though. He has been through the hell of a bad marriage, and he seems to anticipate all of my emotional responses before I even come to them. He is always forgiving of me, never angers, gives me space, brings me close. Truly, he is the most perceptive/intuitive man I've ever met.

I used to only be drawn to very flashy, verbally witty, super intelligent - showy men. Now, this Scorpio has turned me off that taste entirely. I see them all as false, except for him.

Our lovemaking is sensitive, and drawn out and sensual and just the right amount of fun and kinky.

He is always there with a strong hug when I need it. He listens patiently to my spinning mind, and laughs wholeheartedly at my jokes, but can silence me with a word when he knows I need to get out of my head.

Shortly after we met, I felt myself suddenly drawn to all of these websites, videos, describing twin flames.

I had never even heard of that before, but we both feel it describes us.

He told me he loved me two weeks after he met me, and told me he didn't even remember the last time he'd ever said those words, although he "must have, at some point, to his wife, to get married."

I couldn't help but say I loved him back, because it is true, even though my heart is still suffering from betrayal.

I know he will be by my side for the rest of his life. I just know this.
sunshine 2016-01-27 21:41:35
I am a Taurus woman with a scorpio man just been dating together 2 months. Im in the middle of a major remodel and he keeps wanting to help me do more... so after the first month I fell and had to stay the night at the hospital he never left my side and then took me to his place so I could rest and he took care of me! Ive never been treated so. Wonderful.. im falling in love with this ma

Lily 2016-01-25 13:56:43
Reading some of these comments is really quite scary...I have been on and off with my Scorpio man for about a year. At fist I didn't like him at all. Our first encounter was not a very good one but then he kept asking me out until I finally agreed. Our first date was great there were definitely fireworks. We are both strong will and he has done things to make me think that I am not the only one he is seeing. He is not vey affectionate and has a really hard time expressing himself. I fell like we both have a very strong connection but not sure how what the future has in store for us because I am really affectionate and I want someone who is just as affectionate and vocal about their feelings. We have broken up more than 12 times but I feel I have never truly let my guard down with him.... lets see how things go this time around.
Shay 2015-12-27 22:18:02
I am a Taurus woman and I've known my Scorpio man for several years now. We've been together, together for about five. I am one of the ones who heard all the stories about the fiery clashes and was hesitant to get involved. I cannot lie, our sexual chemistry is what originally got us together. But now that I've gotten to know him, he truly does have my heart. We complement each other in that where he is weak I am strong and vice versa. So sometimes opposites do attract and alls well that ends well 🙂
Romeo 2015-11-05 04:21:29
I'm glad that 9 out of 10 comments by ladies who date/d, live/d with a Scorpio always bring up the words "sex"/"great sex" in their comments. Yes, sex is a major part of Scorpio's life. We can't function without it..
Nayia 2015-07-30 05:54:00
Alot of the comments I read are very accurate to what me and my scorpio man are going through. i think im falling in love with him but there are some things that ive noticed before and are starting to notice now. before we had horrible communication skills, well he had. got a text once a day sometimes not at all. that aspect has gotten better. the mysteriousness was always a problem for me to but in a lesser way than the communication. however i see him once a week and i stay at hes house since we live 2 states apart. i love seeing him and i also love when i gotta leave. if i stay for 2 days by the end of day to you can see the irritation on our faces. That doesnt seem good, that we can only spend 2 days max with eachother without being ready to wanna be apart. but when we are apart its great chemistry and we fall in love with eachother all over again and cant wait to see eachother. i really think he could possibly be the one i marry but this dynamic is a confusing one for me.
jen 2015-12-01 03:29:09
How can you see yourself with him if you can't be around him for more than 2 days? You need to re-evaluate the relationship because if you marry him, you can't leave.
g 2015-07-07 07:51:11
I'm a taurus female who's in love with her scorpio man, we are dating since march and i swear to god i love him to death.
i hope we get married and live together forever cause really i can't see myself with another man.
raema 2015-06-28 22:06:08
M a taurus gal.. i hav a childhood frnd a scorpio guy.. fr sm reasons v got apart fr lng 11 yrs n when v both met v talked fr hours... n i n knw when he fell fr me.. he collected my number n cntact me.. few mnths later aftr knwing abt each other deeper he told me he was attracted at da frst site.. n me too in da same situation just because of their magnjfying eyes u cnt resist... i can say.. v cn undersfand each other very well... he makes me laugh says me sry... yup dey r lil bit physical bt still its grt to b wid a sexy guy... he wants me to loose my weight as m lil bit bubbly n he wants me to slim... i thnk its mr my bettrment.. it shows he cares fr me.. i just luv tto hav him in my lyf.. h mde it lyk heaven.. it all depends on u hw u get ur relation wrk fr lng term.. lil bit of cmpromises... lil bit of understanding...n giving him space showering ur care n attention... may help u... they hav secrets.. who dn hav..?? Bt u should nt take it negatively... take everythng positively n u ll get a lng term relation... i can say m da happiest person in da wrld... coz m wid my scorpio mate... he is sooo romantic , luving, caring n yaa lil bit jealosy.. bt dat jealousy n anger indicates dey luv u soooo much n dey hav a fear of loosing u... i dn knw much abt scorpios.. der r da scorpios who makes ur lyf worst dan hell... bt my scorpio is perhaps a gud one or m so lucky to get him dat he is nt lyk others n our relation is going well becoz of mutual understanding n compromises... bliv me it wks... n in sex... dey r da best... romance n sex... these r best traits of ny scorpio...
twon 2015-06-25 17:33:59
Im a scorpio man and have dated a taurus woman. Compromise is key. Please understand there is no gray area with a scorpio. You either going to have a good one or bad one no in between.
Jessica 2015-06-15 01:08:55
I live w/a male Scorpio for 2 yrs. Lots of laughters and great sex. Broke up due to same routine everyday. 14 yrs later, he found me on FB, still in love with me. Getting married next year ;-)
vicky 2015-04-27 22:35:08
I am a Taurus woman with a scorpio man my advice to you ladies is "RUN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taurus chick 2015-11-18 17:09:36
I almost died laughing at this comment. Why are you still with him lol
beth 2015-03-05 11:11:37
I'm a taurus woman who is in love with a Scorpio man. We disagree on one thing. We have everything I'm common pretty much. It's crazy. We haven't had our first fight yet. But I feel like when we do its gonna be like hell on earth... Can't wait to be in the bedroom with him.
dawn 2015-02-27 07:28:58
I am a Taurus woman with Scorpio man, I love my Scorpio ,he loves me. He does lie , has mental problems, we are a lot alike, we are perfect to gather, but when shit goes bad its really bad. But I stay because when shits good its really good and we have awesome connection and sex.
Tina 2014-12-12 18:02:37
I can relate to so many of your stories, wow! I am a taurus woman and dated a scorpio man for 6.5 years. I was in the midst of a divorce and he kept after me once he saw my pic/profile online. two weeks of talking via phone, he said he loved me - before we even met!! that scared me a bit, but... my feelings were strong too. when we first met, "FIREWORKS" - our sex was out of this world, he brought me little gifts whenever we'd hang out, PDA all the way! Also, I felt so secure with him - protected me like nobody's business!!! Every thing seemed pretty decent the first year, so I thought. Little by little his "true" self started to unravel. He was THE most secretive person - ever! Caught him in so many lies (secret online profiles, porn - which he stated he NEVER watched, which he had hundreds and hundreds stored on his PC. Would tell me he's sleepy, so I'd leave - would call his house, no answer - then called his friend's cell phone, and what-do-you know, he's out with the guys. That part wouldn't bother me so much, except - he asked me to not go out to bars, etc. He not only lied, manipulated and controlled me and my thoughts, but he flat out used me for his own needs". We broke up at least 50 times and always got back together. I knew he always had someone on the back burner. Final straw was the day he just got to my house, his friend called... he was on speaker when his buddy stated, "those two chicks are waiting at the bar for us... and why are you at Tina's house cuz I thought you guys broke up a year ago." I kept my cool and he took off. Called me a couple weeks later and asked if we could talk, but no... not this time. Within a few months after that, he got "ENGAGED" to a woman he worked with. I just about died. Two years later, he sent me a message on another dating site and asked if we could meet up, so I did. It as his birthday week and near Christmas time... I didn't buy him one thing - didn't hear from him for a year, just this past November, around his birthday, he made plans with me and went out with someone else after I told him I am not buying anything for him. You see - I always did, but found self respect within the few years we were apart. He is so controlling, demanding, narcissistic, and honestly CRUEL. Not all Scorpio men are bad I am sure, but just so glad I was able to escape this one though. He still calls from time to time, but my hand only picks up the phone, no longer my heart - lost all of those feelings after he got engaged just weeks after we parted ways. He always had to have someone, always... could never be alone. Again, sorry for the marathon, but this was therapeutic for me and hopefully a lesson and/or reassurance to you who feel / felt the same.
celtictaurus 2016-07-14 14:09:41
This is so much like the Scorpio I dated...or rather we weren't "dating" until after we broke up so then I was an "Ex" and then he could tell the next "ex" all about "us". He could never stop talking about or to the ex's. Could never be alone with his own thoughts and would berate me for not having to be in public or doing constant activities. Piece of work that one...the cheating, the lies. I'd watch his son and he'd be out with other women. He, too, was controlling and narcissistic and definitely had some strong sociopathic tendencies. My saving grace is that I live next to the "antichrist"....also another one of his ex's so I don't have to worry about unexpected visits at home. I found that little tidbit out well after I was well under his spell and he then required me to cut communication with her and some other key friends who knew all about it. Good luck friends have my best intentions at heart. His "relationships" (or employment) never last more than 6 months and his emotions cycle like a pendulum....with me they started cycling faster and faster to daily fights and that is not what bring me peace or my desire in a relationship. Sex was phenomenal but at quite a price to my well-being.
Smooth the Scorpio 2016-04-08 07:47:42
An of course you did nooo wrong the entire relationship.... Therapeutic involves honesty.. As long as your never wrong you can never get improve...

hema humble 2014-11-03 16:50:54
Im a taurus woman, be in relationship with scorpio guy for almost 6month. very secretive, got no other reasons to stay excpt s*x. its true, he wants me to change how he wants. Sigh... miss him, same time he s nt worth fr me
Dena 2014-10-25 05:36:13
I'm a taurus woman and met a Scorpio man. The first time we talked it was for 12 hrs. From ministry to family etc. after all that he said he wanted to be exclusive. I thought it was early for that since we had not been on our first date yet. Then the next day I texted him then called later and no response. I didn't hear from him the next day after that. I texted him to see if he was ok and if he changed his mind about getting to know me. He responded by text apologizing for no response ,said he had a lot going on in his head and we could chat later. Two days gone by and no contact. I'm getting the message that he was not being honest with me.
Sydney 2014-10-23 18:33:34
I am a Taurus women and have been on and off with a scorpio man for nearly two years. I find it to be a constant battle between control. He wants to control ever aspect of my life along with every thought I have. If its something he does not agree with there is no compromise. He is very secretive, I myself feel like I barely know who he really is sometimes that makes me question are whole relationship. Sex is amazing, but I feel like he uses that, but I need more than great sex to make me want to stay in a relationship. basically I feel like he is trying to change me into this person he wants me to be, instead of accepting me for who I truly am. Yes, there is passion and undeniable love between scorpio man and a Taurus women but don't know if that is enough to keep those two together.
JacquelineLovesCarlos 2014-10-14 17:25:46
I am a Taurus woman and fell in love with a Scorpio Man we were close friends and I am proud to say that I have his heart , he has MINE & we are now living together and happy . I think that the Taurus woman is capable of taking care of her Scorpio Man if they both learn to compromise . I love my Scorpio man we get along sobgood , we disagree at times but no matter what we Love each other and we just end up working out our lil problems . I love that Scorpio Male likes to protect his Taurus woman makes me feel secure and loved . I am happier than ever with my Scorpio Man ( :
Anh 2014-07-04 23:34:01
So true and make me wonder if it ever works between them. Is it even worth to continue?
unknown 2014-10-16 22:21:55
course it is worth it and it does work between them I would know my boyfriends a Scorpio and I am a Taurus and we are the perfect match
r.s. 2014-07-24 01:47:36
this is about 90-95% accurate. i am the taurus Fand have been with my scorpio M for almost 9yrs. we are best friends and have great sex. we rarely disagree but when we do it just a matter of giving space an respect.
Reese 2014-10-03 22:16:27
I am a taurus woman falling in love with a scorpio man but I don't know how to win his heart. He is so mysterious. We know each other for 7 months but I feel like I barely know him.
Aprie 2016-03-18 20:15:21
😄 he will uncover his true wihin 2 years, just be patient lol

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