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The zodiac sign Virgo will be fascinated by the courage and thoroughness of the Taurus man when she meets him for the first time. The refined and delicate Virgo looks for a chosen one who will ensure her future, be a reliable defender and an assistant for life. The compatibility horoscope of Taurus and Virgo is based on the union of the Earth and Air elements, which makes their marriage a well-founded and lengthy one, while at the same time - moving and changing.

According to the Virgo woman's view, the Taurus man has a balanced character and is best suited for the role of a father than any other zodiac sign. The similarity of characters of a Taurus man and Virgo woman makes their union almost perfect, but on the inside - possibly dull and monotonous. But the absence of conflicts and quarrels in their family does not necessarily mean that the relationship of partners is always smooth - it is just that they both do not like to wash their dirty linen in public, and prefer a calm dialogue to an open and violent showdown.

Taurus man and Virgo woman are capable of adhering to their firm principles, and for that, they will respect each other throughout life. Partners from the beginning will feel in each other that stability of characters, which they deem most suitable for creating a family.

Taurus man and Virgo woman will work together and develop their home in the best possible way, because they look forward only to themselves, and fear material dependence on anyone above any other. They are both careful, even pedantic in business. A Virgo woman, with her coolness, is often in doubt and indecisive, which can evaporate only under interaction with her partner - Taurus man. He usually achieves more in life than her: has a brilliant career and maintains a high position, but the Virgo woman will not be against this, in fact - she in every way struggles to make her man climb the career ladder. Virgo woman considers rivalry with the Taurus man for leadership at home or business as unworthy, she will remain a 'gray cardinal' but will be happy.

By the compatibility horoscope, it is clear that this couple, despite the monotony of their relationship, can dearly love each other and feel fine. Their sensuality is not visible to others who believe that their marriage is boring, but they love each other strongly, mutually and passionately. Taurus man and Virgo woman will never feel bored in family relationships because each of them has taken that role in life for which they are best suited.

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Taurus-Virgo 2023-11-14 03:12:06
Taurus and Virgo create a highly compatible and harmonious match in many areas of life. They both possess practicality, reliability, and a desire for stability, which forms a solid foundation for a strong relationship. Let's delve into the details of Taurus and Virgo compatibility:

1. Love and Romance: Taurus and Virgo share a deep understanding and appreciation for one another. They both value loyalty, commitment, and trust in a relationship. Taurus, being an earth sign, is sensual and patient, while Virgo's practical and analytical nature complements Taurus' desire for emotional security. Both signs appreciate the comfort of a stable and committed partnership and are committed to making it last.

2. Communication and Intellect: Taurus and Virgo have excellent communication skills and share a keen eye for detail. They approach problems in a practical and logical manner, enabling them to find effective solutions together. Virgo's attention to detail may sometimes clash with Taurus' desire for simplicity, but overall, their strong communication and analytical abilities contribute to a smooth and supportive partnership.

3. Emotions: Taurus and Virgo both have a grounded and practical approach to their emotions. They prefer stability and security in their romantic relationships. While Virgo is more reserved in expressing emotions, Taurus provides the warmth and nurturing nature that Virgo needs. Together, they create an environment of emotional safety and understanding for each other.

4. Values: Taurus and Virgo share many common values, including loyalty, dedication, and a strong work ethic. They appreciate similar things in life, such as financial security, material comforts, and a stable home environment. These shared values strengthen their bond and create a solid platform for a lasting relationship.

5. Shared Activities: Taurus and Virgo derive pleasure from similar activities. They enjoy spending quality time together, whether it's a cozy night at home, indulging in good food and drink, or engaging in outdoor activities. Both signs appreciate the simple joys of life and find contentment in each other's company.

Overall, Taurus and Virgo have a high compatibility level, often forming a deep and enduring partnership. Their shared values, practical approach to life, and strong communication skills contribute to a stable and harmonious relationship. However, like with any pairing, it's important to remember that individual variations exist within each sign, and the success of the relationship relies on mutual understanding, compromise, and a commitment to nurturing the connection between the two individuals involved.
Kristian 2018-03-04 22:01:20
I am a Taurus man and I got my eyes on a Virgo woman for years now, our paths were same than different and now maybe the same again ??? We aren’t together, we are friends very good friend with an unexplainable bond she knows it and I know it we don’t say it because we don’t have to , I think at some point we either take it to the next level or,,,, I do love her she knows it , yet keeping a distance , I don’t know why but I know how to treat her and make her feel comfortable we almost never argue , because we don’t want to, we are both compliment and care soo much for each other. I never felt this way to anyone in my life . When people say magical love/ relationship well I know it, this is it. I know if we both want it to happen nothing will get between us . Just a thought I wanted to share, I have read many forums and come to the same conclusion...
rukmani 2016-06-09 07:31:53
I am a virgo owmen love a taurus but because of some reason he stopped talking with me .we not in contact with eachother from approx a month.I want to now that is there is possibility of marrige .
Kelly 2016-02-02 07:25:38
Great and accurate. I am a virgo and have been on/ off with my taurus male for years. We finally are more serious in life now and ready to settle down and make things work. Because we are both earth signs we are both very loyal and want the same things out of life. We also are both very clean and take care of ourselves and our appearance very well as most earth signs do. Sex is off the charts. I'd say a lot of people are jealous of our great connection. I've dated Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius in the past and I can say without a doubt I was not compatible with them at all and it would have never worked out...I can't stand people with no life goals and who are not stable! I hope things between my Taurean male and I work for the long haul <3
samiksha 2016-01-17 20:50:46
I want to know when i will get married with the amn whom i love
Justine 2015-12-10 14:43:50
I am a virgo women and my boyfriend soon to be husband is a Taurus man. We bump heads a lot but only because we say the same things jus in different ways. He makes me feel secure(which is what every girl wants) when we're together though him and I both agreed that there is definitely a energy between us. We can't even go without each other for a day. I thought I was clingy until I met him he literally completes me. I don't have to lift a finger for anything, he spoils me rotten and I love it. I spoil him as well. But he really knows how to be a good man and father to his daughter and mine. He treats my daughter as if she were his and I love that. I love him we are perfect for each other
Clare 2015-10-22 21:42:59
It's funny because my first love was actually a scorpio guy. I loved him very much but after two years of being together things started to quickly crumble. I began to resent him for his passive agressivness, there was no respect in our relationship after a year or so. We bickered and faught about stupid issues constantly and once we moved in together was when it just became too much for me to take anymore so I ended the relationship; it hurt a lot but I never looked back. I dated many more guys after that devastating breakup (mostly Cancers) but have now finally found the most amazing Taurus man. He is my world, and we have the most beautiful love. He is loyal, easy to trust, gets me, and is so incredibly endearing. I have never felt this way about anyone, and I've never respected anyone the way I do him. I am thankful and blessed everyday for him. This is truly a wonderful match, and I can honestly say I've never been happier than I am with my handsome Bull.
Yasmin 2015-12-20 17:19:58
Wow Clare, I've literally just gone through the same
Exact thing with a scorpio! If was like I was reading my own life when I read what you wrote! I've just met a Taurus man, but we live in two different countries.. So unsure, what the future will bring !
Tara 2015-11-10 15:56:45
My Husband and i are the same way. I love how we love each other so endearing and heartfelt everyday.
Angie 2015-08-20 04:15:47
I dont get the big deal wuth this match PLEAE CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN WHY IM SO DEPRESSED WITH A TAUROUS MAN? I literally thought that he was perfect in everyway, thought it was true, deep, destiny's choice. There was lots if chemistry! Ifought for him so hard when some peoole tried to make our relationship stop. I fought hard, so hard for him when 99 other ( some of them were really in love) were chasing me. I reserved my self for him. I was so warm but i felt some ice being given back to me. I felt un loved and second best. Sometimes i think he was pushing me away.He snapped sometimes, it hurt so much. But still i gathered up alot of strength to forgive an forget with everytging i experienced. Im totally not nagging and overly critical, im always full of geniune compliments and praise. Im ESFJ and strive for a harmoneous relationship, giving, firgiving and apologetic. I broke up with him and he is acting like he is ghe victim, like nothings happned and like he loves me beyond understanding or something trying to win me back. But im not going through the same cycle again. I know i deserve better. I like Cancer's affection and kind pleasent nature, like me they get more joy from giving then recueving but im nit ready to get get crushed any longer. But there somethings that are bug no no for me with them. There are somethings i love about taurous man but a lot things i hate. Im just so disappointed that this is all i have to deal with, can i not have half taurous and half cancer?
Im sorry uf ur reading this getting negitive uncomfortable vibes and it seems like im have a rant but im just like 'what the heck' with this match.
My life can be so hard is well, even though i have wonderfully moments i deeply apreciate. But im just sick of all this its just not fair!
Kara 2015-05-19 04:41:42
I am a Virgo woman and my partner is a Taurus man. We met about a year ago and I knew from the moment I met him that my Heart wanted him.. I was completely drawn to him like no one else before. We have been together for just over a month now and both couldn't be happier. We are very alike yet so different and simply compliment each other. Cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. I'm smitten <3
Matthew 2015-08-19 02:55:12
I know 100% how you feel Kara, I meet and fall in love with most amazing Virgo woman, I am a Bull...she stole my heart in no time, i am beyond smitten, I never think its possible to feel this way with a lady.
Sanity 2015-01-22 03:47:07
I have been in love with a Taurus man for 18 yrs. We started dating back in freshmen year of highschool never broke up but stop and then again Senior yr. We ended up stopping again and he went to the Military and I thought I went on with my life only to reconnect again in a different state. We started then stop and now we are back at the same place. We will never end the cycle because we never have any problems together and the chemistry is powerful. We get one another without saying a word. I will never stop loving him but I do wonder would we ever just give a complete try. I know the Bulls are very slow and the Virgo is very patient but I still wonder because we are amazing together. 😍
Chelsea 2014-12-20 02:08:02
Virgo is an EARTH SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A 2015-04-05 22:32:29
Yeah, I raised a brow at that too. But maybe it was referring to the fact that Venus and Mercury both rule one air sign (Libra, Gemini) and one earth sign (Taurus, Virgo) simultaneously. And if I'm not mistaken, the planets themselves were both air also?
megan 2014-10-23 10:18:03
i am a virgo woman while my on and off again crush is a taurus man. we met when we were both in junior high fourteen years ago. I knew how i felt about him and my mortives were more selfish because i wanted to go out with him more than anything in this whole wide world. i wanted him fourteen years ago. i thought i was over him back in 2009 but never was when i was with alot of other guys years ago. i even tried to date other guys but my crush kept on poping inside my mind his dreaming hazel eyes and his smile made me melt. the way his silky brown hair was in his eyes. and when he went off to high school i was in seventh grade and eighth grade later on. and when i got to high school. he was a junior. and when i hit my sophmore year he was a senior and i didn't knwo how to ask a senior out. i once tried asking him to go with me to one of my dances but he was in high school and was very busy. i knew his mom who use to be my teacher fourteen years ago. she introduced us to each other back in 1999. so now i am too late. another stole my crush from me six years ago and still in the picture. i wish there wasn't another girl at all. he was mine first. i despise the other girl more than ever. we are the same age only he is six months older than me. we are both brunnette with different color eyes. he has a older brother and i have two younger siblings. he has a golden retriver and i have a doberman pincher. we both love his mom very much.

iPsalm 2014-09-07 18:57:41
Well said and written with facts.....I'm in love with a virgo woman and I can say we don't argue over lots of issues, we make it quiet 4rm d outside world. Shez my best friend, though many times I've been wrong but she has always handled it with wisdom. Love Kaffee.
Elizabeth 2014-08-30 09:39:04
That's why, I like him when I met him first time at school. If he like me, too. 🙁 😭
lisa 2014-08-12 17:40:48
Very good article. Im looking for a Taurus Woman and a Virgo Man. Im sure their would be some differences pertaining to gender.
Allison 2014-12-17 19:59:55
Im a Taurus women, with a Virgo man . I'm more I love then ive ever been. We bump heads a lot because we're so much alike, but I wouldn't have it any other way

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