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Chaos and order, challenge and romance - this is the kind of world in which this couple will live in. From the very beginning, their relationship is considered as strange: they are different to such an extent that they themselves seem not to believe that they are still together. Nevertheless, the compatibility horoscope shows that they can exist in a marriage for a long time.

It seems they have built their union for a challenge to each other. Zodiac sign Aquarius reveals its bright personality everywhere, predicts and anticipates events. Moreover, an Aquarius woman's life is messy and disorganized. She does not know how to plan and solve problems as they arise. Virgo man likes order and organization, to which from the outset he seeks to require from his woman, using both soft tactics of persuasion and hard dictation. Zodiac sign Virgo, having set his goal, achieves them quickly and easily, and thereby charming the scattered Aquarius woman. At first, they will keep their relationship at a distance from each other, for a long time considering and trying to tie a relationship, and then slowly come together. They are both cautious and not used to diving in head first.

Aquarius woman - in the family and in the company of friends - will attempt to stand out anywhere. She is considered very strange because her thoughts and views on many things typically do not coincide with anybody else's. An Aquarius woman always has a lot of grandiose ideas, which she tries to actualize until she gets bored of them. But she does not much worry about the fact that the activities have not completed: by the principle 'each day brings its own bread', Aquarius woman declares that 'each day brings its own ideas'.

Virgo man always remembers everything needed: dates, birthdays, friends, necessary activities. If he fears that he will not remember - he writes it in a neat notebook. He worries much about the Aquarius woman's forgetfulness and absent-mindedness, her lost keys and umbrellas, and broken promises. Virgo man will spend much time in life to teach his unreasonable darling at least the slightest order in affairs. At the same time, the Virgo man is very proud of Aquarius woman's talents, after all, she devotes all her spare time to creativity, original projects, and can make a career in art or design, if she is a bit more serious.

The compatibility horoscope gives this couple a chance to become a happy and strong family if they will be mobile. They should not stand still, otherwise, household routine bustle will not allow their grandiose ideas become a reality. They have to travel, change, sign up for courses, teach each other, argue - and then their union would be the strongest of all possible unions for these zodiac signs.

Virgo & Aquarius Compatibility Virgo Aquarius Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-21 16:16:51
Female Virgo and male Aquarius present a union of two individuals with markedly different worldviews, which can create both an intriguing connection and challenging contrasts. Below are significant pros and cons of this pairing based on their astrological characteristics:

1. Intellectual stimulation: Both Virgo and Aquarius are highly intellectual signs, but they come at it from different angles. Virgo approaches from a practical, analytical standpoint, while Aquarius tends to be more abstract and forward-thinking. They can learn a great deal from each other and may enjoy rich, thought-provoking conversations.

2. Growth potential: Aquarius can introduce Virgo to new, progressive ideas and social causes, expanding her horizons. Conversely, Virgo can teach Aquarius the value of detail and thoroughness, grounding some of the Water Bearer's more lofty ideas in practicality.

3. Mutual respect for independence: Aquarius greatly values autonomy, and Virgo, being self-sufficient, is less likely to be clingy. They can respect each other's need for space and individualism, fostering a healthy relationship without overdependency.

4. Helping each other out of comfort zones: Virgo can be quite reserved and cautious, while Aquarius is all about innovation and change. They can help each other explore new territories—Virgo can learn to be more accepting of change, and Aquarius may appreciate the benefits of stability.

1. Emotional disconnect: Virgo and Aquarius differ significantly in their emotional expression. Virgo craves intimacy and emotional security, whereas Aquarius is more detached and can seem aloof. If Aquarius is too distant, Virgo may not feel emotionally fulfilled.

2. Different social needs: Virgo is often more private and might prefer smaller gatherings or one-on-one interactions, while Aquarius enjoys a large circle of diverse friends and thrives in group settings. They may struggle to find a comfortable social rhythm together.

3. Clashing approach to changes and habits: Aquarius tends to embrace change and unconventional methods, while Virgo prefers routine and tried-and-true processes. This might cause tension, especially when making decisions together on everyday life or larger plans.

4. Miscommunication: Virgo, ruled by Mercury, has a precise way of communicating, whereas Aquarius, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, can be more abstract and enigmatic. They may misunderstand each other unless they make a conscious effort to bridge the communicative gap.

5. Aquarius' unpredictability can be unsettling for Virgo, who typically likes to have things planned out. If Aquarius changes plans on a whim, it can lead to frustration for Virgo, who values predictability and reliability.

In a relationship between a Virgo woman and an Aquarius man, success largely hinges on their willingness to celebrate their differences and their ability to communicate effectively. Both must find common ground where Virgo's practicality can mesh with Aquarius's innovation. The partnership demands flexibility from both sides, as well as a deep respect for each other's unique qualities and viewpoints. If they master this balance, they can form a partnership that is not just stable but also filled with continual growth and mutual discovery.
Chaz? 2019-12-11 12:20:28
this is accurate.... I'm in a relationship with an Aquarius.... & it's a Male Aquarius at that!..... ???????????????

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