Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer Zodiac signs compatibility
A union that could become strong and romantic - the compatibility horoscope makes such a judgment on a marriage between Aquarius man and Cancer woman. Indeed, this couple will encounter a meeting that will turn into love, but which at the same time, has very unclear prospects for development, and most importantly - for the outcome of the relationship.

Being romantic natures, Aquarius man and Cancer woman from the first minute will find common ground, which will show the commonality of their views on life, and will serve as a stimulus for continuing the relationship. They will feel very well together. They know how to dream, listen to beautiful music, know how to make a great romantic holiday from the most ordinary dinner. They look in one direction, they are not bored together. It turns out there is a difference in generality, which over time can make them oppose each other. Romanticism of zodiac sign Cancer - soft, family person, focused on the family, quiet family evenings. Romanticism of zodiac sign Aquarius is subject to care and thoughts about the whole world: he will be happy to lead his woman to speeches on anti-globalization, or to purchase tickets to the festival "Song about peace". Aquarian man care about high ideals and peace throughout the world more than perhaps, family problems. He argues that first, people need to do something for humankind, and happiness in the family will come by itself, and that love - is not the most important thing in life ... Aquarius man does not understand how one can sacrifice one's inner freedom even for the sake of love. He will try to fence himself, find another job or choose a hobby that would take him away farther from home if Cancer woman will put pressure on him.

Cancer woman will be deeply disappointed - after all she was confident that the commonality of characters will help them build a strong, happy family. She almost loses the Aquarius man since, by him passing care of the family on to her shoulders, he is engaged in global issues of peace... Cancer woman is inclined to think that her man no longer loves her. But this is not so: it is just that Aquarians have a fear of the sensual element, and he does not like to show his emotions and the whole scale of feelings to his partner. Cancer woman must have great patience and tact to be with an Aquarius man. And he experiences a period when he simply needs Cancer woman's support - in such moments, he will be weak, defenseless, and his Cancer woman would be that comfort that he is looking for and strives for all his life.

The compatibility horoscope of this couple claims that with time, Cancer woman's patience will be rewarded: Aquarius man having reexamined his behavior and attitudes toward his family, would be far wiser and calmer. But to achieve this, Cancer woman will need to make a truly heroic effort to keep her man near her.

Yugk 2016-06-20 06:19:50
Aquarius man often flees when the going gets tough. Dated one for 3 years and failed only to get married to another and be extremely PATIENT!
Not a readable sign! If they don't agree they just take off without a word! Only to regret after getting dumped!
If you want to be with him, be prepared to be good on your own, it's true that they will return especially when they see you happy and successful.

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Maytag j 2016-05-29 02:15:20
I'm out. As attracted as I am to him, his love does not match mine. I need a hero i don't want to be a hero. I what mine right now. I don't understand how much time iam supposed to grant. He rather be distant, and when he comes around he's Perf I can't do the Perf, then invisible thing. I don't know enough to and I'm vocal enough to say it. I can meet a person in the middle but this is not me meeting this is me settling. No thanks.
He's confirmation that I am getting closer, to the one for me.

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C 2015-09-23 06:40:01
I'm engaged to an Aquarius man, and I completely disagree. Yes, I'm way more emotional than him but.. He has always comforted me in any way possible. We both are home bodies AND free spirited. I guess that's why it works for us. I love taking him on adventurous & spending time with him. There's always an exception

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natalie 2015-07-30 01:17:06
I'm with an Aquarius male now & it does sound like us I'm a very patient and caring person he is always looking for something new to challenge him & very rare we spend time to together because he works to much

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Louise 2015-03-12 10:11:23
This is so true.. We Cancer woman need to know where we are and where we stand but being with an Aquarius male is so difficult to see that.they tell you they care for you but the love part is a totally different planet. There is a compromise.. Patience for cancer woman and there the Aquarius male will slowly but surely come around if cancers can stay that long..

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kiya 2014-12-07 16:12:27
its very sad thinking about the strong connection we you have with them.. being patience when it comes to the same hurt is hard to avoid for a cancer woman

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Samantha 2014-07-28 12:27:31
 :( so sad....

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Jennifer 2014-06-29 03:28:59
I wished I had read this reading before. I could have save our relationship..I did not know what to do then , so I left..

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