Cancer and Capricorn compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn Zodiac signs compatibility
Cancer man and Capricorn woman are in opposition to the astrological circle, but that does not mean that they will immediately and forever be in confrontation. This is an indication that the relationship between these zodiac signs may have both many fights and much love and passion. According to the compatibility horoscope, it is clear that this union will lack only one thing - boredom.

Two zodiac units - Cancer man and Capricorn woman - are opposed to each other by their qualities. This union has discipline, careless negligence in business, melancholy, and militant optimism. Capricorn woman is able to become the leader in this relationship: from the first minutes of their acquaintance, she will try to take the development of their relationship upon her own hands.

Zodiac sign Cancer is soft and immaterial, he charmed his energetic companion with his amazing kindness and childish naivety. These qualities, unknown to the Capricorn woman, disarmed her, and she did not even hesitate and surrendered to his charming smile, velvety eyes and passionate declarations of love. Zodiac sign Capricorn stunned the Cancer man with her vigor and perseverance, he saw in her all the qualities that he vainly tried to cultivate in his character - hard, inflexible, consistent, persistent. Cancer man catches every word of Capricorn woman, bows before the beautiful strong-willed woman, and this woman gladly accepts his courting. Cancer man's love opened a new world for Capricorn woman, which was closed to her until that time - a world of sensual love. Only with her chosen one that she learned about what emotions she can feel in this passion, about which depth of the soul the lovers can open to each other when they are united by a hot, sensual love. Cancer man will try to do pleasant surprises to his woman, give her gifts, and tenderly confess his love. Over time, courtesies often given may irritate the Capricorn woman, and she, in her characteristic manner, can crudely dismiss her stalking companion, which can permanently hurt him. Cancer man will consider the coldness of his darling as cooling in feelings, and this can lead him into a state of pessimism and depression.

Cancer man more than anything else wants to see his darling woman sometimes weak and gullible, and then he will have a real opportunity to defend her, and thus prove his love for her, his soul is full of passionate feelings. Capricorn woman wants her lover to be not only a good husband and lover, but also a partner in business who she can rely on in difficult times.

Lindiwe 2016-09-21 12:13:46
This is really amazing, almost everything here is true. I am a capri woman in a relationship with a cancer man and he is amazing. Great job

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Avash 2016-12-03 22:08:21
Hey lindiwe
How to keep a capricorn woman happy

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Marie 2016-06-01 13:23:23
This page is so legit, it's exactly what drew my Capricorn (I'm a female) to his Cancer.

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Skk 2016-01-06 15:02:33
This is a perfect description! I am shocked!

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isiah 2015-10-13 01:30:51
iam a cancerian but dating a capricon same age 20 and i think it will either hapen or......

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Tams Stowe-Yellowe 2015-05-06 20:15:30
I am a Cancerian man and all what is said and analyse about the Love Compatibility of the Cancer man and the Carpricon woman are factual and true. I commend the thorough findings of these two zodaic pairing. Kudos.  =)

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