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'Love, like a sense of duty' - the compatibility horoscope of Capricorn man and Libra woman provides such a characteristic. Different, obscure to each other, with totally different characters seeking to completely different goals - and still a surprise on how they won each other's heart. Probably, the dissimilarity of basic personality features influenced their decision to be together.

Zodiac sign Libra, in the eyes of a Capricorn man, is a very light-minded creature that needs the support of a stronger and more serious person. He decides to become that guiding hand so that he can sculpt the Libra woman, just like plaster, to get what he needs.

Capricorn man tries to steer away from bustling activities, he is laconic and does not like showing feelings. Some of his detachment will be initially perceived by Libra woman as a reverie, of which he does not have a trace. Later that seemed mysterious, it will seem all is without emotion and Libra woman will suffer deeply from the fact that her lover could not show his feelings for her in the manifestations of hot passion. Capricorn man will criticize Libra woman's indecision and lightheadedness, but, in fact, she can take correct decisions, but all the time is afraid to make mistakes, and therefore pulls with an important decision at the last moment. Frankly, she would want her man to take all the decisions in their life together because she admires him and considers herself not smart enough for that.

Zodiac sign Libra tends to oscillate, and the Libra woman has a mass of superiority complexes, which she is trying to cope with. She hopes that with time, this partnership will bring her confidence and ability to quickly and properly resolve important issues. Libra woman's life is arranged in a strange way: she strives to dance at a ball, chat with friends, have fun, but her thoughts moreover - about the possibility to change, dreams of her own business. Probably this dissonance makes her too light-minded for the Capricorn man, and he will be ready to fight to a frenzy with the shortcomings of his woman.

According to the compatibility horoscope, it can be understood that this couple does not pass a struggle for a secret leadership in the family and clash of ideals. Each of them will pursue his/her own interests with a foaming at the mouth, and each of them will try to solve his/her problems at the expense of another. In this couple, life will be full of anxieties and joys, offense and disappointments. But one cannot talk of a hot love between Capricorn man and Libra woman: their relationship is more like a business than a love.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 03:12:06
The compatibility between a female Capricorn and a male Libra can present a unique blend of energies, as they come from different elements (earth and air). While they have differences that can contribute to a balanced partnership, there are potential challenges as well.


1. Balancing Qualities: Capricorn brings practicality, discipline, and stability to the relationship, while Libra adds charm, diplomacy, and a focus on harmony. Together, they can create a well-rounded dynamic where each partner complements the other's strengths.

2. Shared Values of Partnership: Both Capricorn and Libra tend to value partnership and committed relationships. They often prioritize working together, finding balance, and creating a harmonious union.

3. Intellectual Connection: Both signs possess intellectual curiosity and enjoy engaging in stimulating conversations. They can have a strong mental connection, appreciating each other's insights, and sharing intellectual pursuits.

4. Appreciation for Aesthetics: Libra's natural inclination for beauty and artistic tastes can resonate well with Capricorn's appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. They might enjoy cultivating a refined and aesthetically pleasing home environment together.


1. Differing Communication Styles: Capricorn tends to be more reserved and pragmatic in communication, while Libra seeks harmony and can lean towards indecisiveness. Misunderstandings can arise if they struggle to find a balance between practicality and the desire for cooperation.

2. Conflict Avoidance vs. Directness: Libra tends to avoid confrontation and conflict, while Capricorn typically prefers directness and practical solutions. These differing conflict resolution styles can lead to frustrations if not addressed with open and honest communication.

3. Emotional Expression: Capricorn can be reserved in expressing emotions, while Libra may expect more overt displays of affection and love. This difference in emotional expression can lead to misunderstandings if both partners do not understand and appreciate each other's unique communication styles.

4. Work-Life Balance: Capricorn's ambitious nature can sometimes lead to workaholic tendencies, while Libra values balance and maintaining a fulfilling social life. Balancing work responsibilities with quality time for each other's needs can be a challenge if not managed effectively.

In summary, the compatibility between a female Capricorn and a male Libra can create a harmonious partnership based on shared values and a balanced approach to life. Communication, compromise, and a mutual understanding of each other's needs are crucial for overcoming potential challenges. By embracing their differences, finding common ground, and working together to maintain a healthy work-life balance, this union has the potential to be a strong and meaningful relationship.
Cherri 2018-01-28 02:29:24
Ima libra woman...with a cap 4 6 year he is the best im so in love he treats me like a queen and when were together im glowin we flirt and complete one another
Suzanne 2017-09-22 00:37:30
I been with my man for 11 years we have our ups and downs but who dose 'nt but normally we always tell each other I LOVE,YOU I can't lie to myself when it comes to him.
Renea 2016-09-07 20:45:48
I just got with my Capricorn,& im a libra woman and when we are together its ok...his communication bothers me but we real new,but so far im taking my chances as baby steps!courious mind wanna find out!
i@S 2016-06-10 11:50:59
I am not agree with this.I am the one to his world and keeps me as his QUEEN in this universe.We are going to build a strong everlasting togetherness.To me he is my Future BHODHISAAHWA..
Chocolate Beauty 2017-02-18 15:19:50
Thank you for the positive message I feel the same way as you getting involved in one as a Libra woman

LibraSteph 2016-05-16 00:39:19
nope...$ex is great and I'm his queen... he takes care of me in all aspects I love my capricorn man to depths like no other
Trace 2015-05-06 19:38:41
I am a libra woman and I just met a capricorn, this man is the warmest sweetest man I've ever met, in only a matter of days this man has begun stealing my heart. He wears his heart on his sleeve, he is romantic and he treats me like a queen, I feel like I've met the man every woman is dreaming of.
Monet 2015-01-10 03:37:37
I do not agree at all. I am with a Capricorn man for four years and it is the best four years of my life. We are both so in love and it gets better and better. When you have that connection and passion no Zodiac sign can stop you..Pure heaven
Grace 2015-03-10 03:39:02
I agree with you too girl.. I've been with a Capricorn man and he is so loving and caring treats me like a queen always showing his love and our love gets better and better each day too and I'm a Libra woman
AutumnHensley 2015-02-07 20:57:27
Honey I've been with my Capricorn man almost 9 yrs & the 1st t were wonderful, but it's just been going down hill since. It really is more like we're business partners then lovers now
Thembeka 2014-12-28 16:21:56
I agree with this fully. It is like you were addressing my issues. I am now convenience that I must move on. It will not work but what an attraction of waste. Over two years? I should have read this prior to raising my hopes. Thank God I didn't allow we jump into bed too soon.
Denise 2014-12-24 11:50:23
I do not agree with this at all! Not at all j am a Libra woman and my boyfriend a Capricorn man and we get along fine, and have wonderful s*x.

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