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Very independent and proud, Libra man and Aquarius woman have a friendly relationship in marriage, rather than passionate love. According to the compatibility horoscope, this union has no passion or passionate love but can exist quite harmoniously for a long time.

Aquarius woman is sometimes sweet and feminine but sometimes becomes intolerant and irritated. A Libra man cannot decide whether they should register their marriage or not, and that's why the Aquarius woman periodically falls into a depression or rage. People around watch their relationship as a fun and exciting game of inflating bubbles when in fact, they are just making an effort to communicate with each other. Both partners have respect for the will of the other to be free and independent, and this personality quality makes the Libra man and Aquarius woman very similar. But in this lies the main enemy of the marriage Ц too many instances of pronounced independence: when each partner receives an excessive degree of freedom, they gradually distance themselves and are indifferent to each other. Aquarius woman at first will think that she has found a man who will understand her very well. But it is not like this in reality: a Libra man agrees in all with his woman, not because he always shares her point of view, but because he wants to please her. Aquarius woman needs partnerships and dialogue on an equal footing, while her partner's usual agreement with her views would seem to her as indifference.

Zodiac sign Aquarius is decisive in its activities, boldly going ahead and maintaining a discussion. Aquarius woman would like to always feel her partner's support, and active participation in activities with her on equal terms, but his everlasting uncertainty in views and indecision irritates her, gradually leading to an effective rejection of his views.

Zodiac sign Libra, by contrast, strives to achieve peace and harmony in their relationship. He does not like discussion because he can never immediately decide what point of view he takes. He likes clear and understandable thoughts and views, which the Aquarius woman possesses, but he agrees to watch her from the side, not participating in arguments. Libra man would not mind if an Aquarius woman guided him, and he would not have had all the time to stamp in indecision and agonizingly search for the right way.

But the partners are very fond of having a dialogue between themselves. They can speak on a variety of topics, and if Aquarius does not take the conversation into a discussion and debate, the conversation will be very long, and they will both be happy. These zodiac signs have the same quality, which can become the basis for preservation of a strong marriage - the desire for peaceful relations in the family. They both always want to ensure that every quarrel or dispute ended in reconciliation. Their intellect and noble qualities, though different, may become an excellent base for understanding each other, and firmly establish family relationships for a long time - this can be seen from their compatibility horoscope.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-22 01:42:04
Female Libra and male Aquarius compatibility can create a unique and intellectually stimulating partnership. Both signs are air elements, which means they share a love for intellectual connections and social interactions. Here's a detailed look at the potential pros and cons of this relationship:


1. Intellectual Connection: Both Libra and Aquarius are intellectually oriented signs. They enjoy engaging in deep and innovative conversations, sharing ideas, and exploring new concepts. Their mental connection can be strong and inspiring.

2. Social Compatibility: Both signs are sociable and enjoy being surrounded by a wide circle of friends. They are likely to have a vibrant social life together and enjoy exploring various social activities and events.

3. Open-Mindedness: Both Libra and Aquarius have open-minded attitudes and a desire to explore new ideas and perspectives. They can support and encourage each other's individuality and unique viewpoints.

4. Shared Values: Libra and Aquarius often share similar values when it comes to fairness, justice, and equality. They can align in their desire to create a better world and contribute to society.

5. Independence and Freedom: Both signs value their personal freedom and independence. They understand the need for autonomy and can give each other space to pursue their individual interests and passions.


1. Emotional Expression: Aquarius tends to be more detached and less openly emotional, which can sometimes clash with Libra's desire for emotional intimacy. Libra may need to communicate their needs for emotional connection and find ways to bridge any emotional gaps.

2. Commitment Concerns: Aquarius individuals value their freedom and independence. They may be hesitant when it comes to committing to a long-term partnership, which can cause uncertainty for Libra, who desires stability.

3. Unpredictability: Aquarius can be unpredictable in their actions and decision-making, which may conflict with Libra's desire for stability and balance. This unpredictability can sometimes cause tension and require flexibility from Libra.

4. Conflict Resolution: Libra seeks harmony and may avoid conflict, while Aquarius, although fair-minded, can be uncompromising and argumentative when it comes to their beliefs and ideas. Finding a balance in conflict resolution styles may require effort.

5. Emotional Detachment: Aquarius' inclination towards detachment and rationality may at times make Libra feel emotionally disconnected or misunderstood. They may need to work on finding ways to bridge this gap to ensure emotional fulfillment.

6. Difficulty with Routine: Both signs can be averse to routine and may find it challenging to settle into a structured lifestyle. This can lead to potential clashes when it comes to responsibilities and day-to-day tasks.

To establish a healthy relationship, both partners must prioritize open communication, active listening, and mutual understanding. They should embrace the uniqueness and independence of each other, while also working together to find common ground and goals. Embracing compromise, exploration, and maintaining a shared vision for the future can help the female Libra and male Aquarius create a partnership that combines intellectual stimulation, social connection, and personal growth.
Camilla 2017-08-27 05:18:27
My Libra man and have an on fire relationship in romance; he has many obligations, his mind can go from romance then this look comes on his face; I know it about business he sift gears, I'm attentive& Affectionate( in return I want to receive the same from my Libra man and what he gives me most days if it's not given 1 or 2 days I've have gone off, each time we made up; we both feel there's something deep between us we don't understand I miss him so much when we don't talk; he is stubborn but will come back "I've decided to be quiet, he don't like confrontation and will just agree.

Most said about the libra man here is true, though I like doing many things "I believe in being close to my mate as an Aquarius woman I'm very affectionate.
rochelle 2016-07-25 12:59:31
I am still trying to figure this one out...been down this road twice...but the second time around definitely is better. I am the Aquarius.
Anjali 2016-02-05 03:33:35
I will not agree your opinion. Everything you said is wrong. Libra and aquarius relations is something. That no knw one understand

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