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The union between an Aquarius man and a Libra woman may witness a smooth harmonious relationship that is based on similarities in character and interests of these zodiac signs. They will take care of each other, retaining each other's right to privacy. Both of these characters are so fond of inner freedom that they respect and accept the desire of a partner to have his/her personal area for recreation and creativity. According to the compatibility horoscope, their relationship is like two strips of zipper: today they are connected in such a way that no force can separate them either in life or in judgments, and then tomorrow they suddenly part ways, and there exists some time apart from each other, accounting nothing to each other.

So they will coexist for a long time, throughout life. Both Aquarius man and Libra woman are vivid examples of the respective zodiac signs. The compatibility horoscope of this couple portends long-term, equal partnership relationships based on respect for each other. Their relationship slightly does not hold out to the cloud concept of 'love', staying somewhere between fraternal friendship and light flirting. This union has no passion, they exist and build their relations on mutual interests and similarities in characters.

Libra woman may not take into account that the identity of zodiac sign Aquarius is much deeper and more sensitive than it looks from the outside. He easily understands where people agree with him only out of courtesy so as not to disturb, and where, indeed, people entirely accept his point of view. Aquarius man cannot tolerate flattery and pressure on him. Insincerity, even in small things, depresses him and undermines his feelings. He would be happy if a Libra woman decides to have her own strong views on things and will defend her views - only, in this case, he will never lose interest in his beloved, and will not be indifferent to her.

From the compatibility horoscope of this couple, one can understand: in order to preserve this union, both partners must give each other a certain amount of freedom, but at the same time, actively co-exist in one plane of interest. While Aquarius man and Libra woman have common interests and hobbies - they have things to talk about with each other, each of these zodiac signs will be interested in the opinion of the other, in his/her advice and criticism. But if the desire for independence in a relationship is overpowering - they can easily give up, even without making any attempt to change themselves.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 08:02:42
The compatibility between a female Aquarius and a male Libra can create a harmonious and intellectually stimulating partnership. However, it's important to understand that compatibility depends on individual characteristics and circumstances. Here are some insights into their compatibility, as well as potential areas of conflict:

1. Intellectual Connection: Both Aquarius and Libra are air signs, emphasizing intellectual compatibility. They share a love for intellectual pursuits and engaging in stimulating conversations. They can fuel each other's ideas and enjoy exploring various topics together.

2. Balanced Partnership: Libra is known for their ability to find balance and harmony, while Aquarius values independence and freedom. These qualities can complement each other, with Libra providing diplomacy and social grace, and Aquarius bringing innovation and unique perspectives.

3. Shared Values: Aquarius and Libra both value fairness, justice, and equality. They often prioritize social causes and have a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world. This shared value system can strengthen their connection and create a deep understanding between them.

1. Emotional Disconnect: Both Aquarius and Libra, being air signs, can struggle with emotional expression and intimacy. They might prioritize rationality over emotions, which can lead to difficulties in understanding and addressing each other's emotional needs.

2. Indecisiveness: Libra is known for their indecisiveness, and Aquarius can be somewhat detached and aloof when it comes to making decisions. This combination can result in a lack of assertiveness and delays in taking action, leading to frustrations in the relationship.

3. Need for Space: Both partners highly value their independence and personal freedom. While this can be positive, it may also lead to a lack of emotional closeness and reliance on each other. Finding a balance between personal freedom and developing emotional connection might be essential.

To make the relationship work, open and honest communication is crucial. Both partners need to actively work on nurturing emotional intimacy and understanding each other's needs. Compromise and finding a balance between independence and togetherness will play significant roles in maintaining the relationship. Embracing each other's differences and respecting individuality can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding partnership.
Librabluu82 2017-05-28 04:50:37
Im a Libra woman my first love was an Aquarian and I still think in my 35 years I have the best chemistry with them. It's such a deep seeded connection right from the start. I love the loyalty of an Aquarian. I been talking to one online and Im going to meet him next week. even my two best girl friends are Aquarians

Libra LOVE
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 14:53:19
It's wonderful to hear that you have experienced strong chemistry and compatibility with Aquarians in the past. While compatibility between individuals varies, it seems that Aquarians resonate well with you.

The deep-seated connection you feel with Aquarians can be attributed to various factors. Aquarians are known for their intellect, independence, and unique outlook on the world. They often possess strong values of loyalty and tend to be great friends and partners.

Meeting someone in person after talking online can be an exciting experience. It's important to approach it with an open mind and manage expectations. While there may be a strong initial connection online, it's crucial to allow the relationship to develop naturally and give both individuals the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Continue to communicate openly and honestly with the Aquarian you plan to meet. Ask questions, share your interests and values, and listen attentively to their responses. As a Libra, you appreciate harmony and balance. Use your natural social skills to create a comfortable and engaging environment during your meeting.

Remember that healthy relationships are built on mutual respect, trust, and shared values. While your past experiences with Aquarians have been positive, it's essential to approach each new relationship with an open mind and evaluate compatibility based on your personal connection and how well you align with each other's values and goals.

Enjoy getting to know the Aquarian you are planning to meet and allow the relationship to unfold naturally. Cherish the unique traits and compatibility you have experienced with Aquarians in the past, but also remain open to the possibility of connecting with individuals of other zodiac signs who may also bring joy and fulfillment into your life.
aQUA 2017-04-24 11:34:04
Dear Libras
I am an Aquarius but I think Libra born September on are the best Match for Aquarians. There is a sense of respect and mutual support. But come to think of Libra born on October there are many issues with these Libra and they are only suitable with Aquarius born on Feb, Not January
debra 2020-10-30 08:12:38
I'm going to correct that statement that I made he's a October Libra and I'm a February Aquarius and he's tries to be possessive controlling and manipulative I'm not used to nobody questioning everything that I do I'm used to going and coming as I please I just came out of a 25 plus year marriage and as a friend he's cool as a friend but he has some ways that I don't like
debra 2020-10-30 08:10:55
I to I totally agree October Libras are controlling manipulative and think they slick I am a February Aquarius I'm very open I love my freedom I like to do things with my mate but I have times when I would like to do things by myself he tally agree I totally agree
anonymous 2017-01-22 04:22:54
I'm in love with an Aquarius man I fell in love by just hearing his name.. I didn't know his horoscope at that time cause we didn't even know each other.. I just use to pray and ask god for a sign when he's sent me the right guy.. The way my heart reacted when i heard his name and the way it reacted when I saw him for the first time, I just knew then and there he is the one for me.. And he felt it to..The way my heart felt is like nothing i've ever felt before.. We got attracted to each other as we saw each other.. It lasted he loved me at the same time to, he felt we were made for each other and I do to.. Sadly now he says he doesn't love me anymore.. He's pushing me away and its because of his belief.. Will he ever come back to me??????? He's like my life and I miss him and truly love him.. I know he loves me but I just need to know if he'll come back because he keeps saying he weren't.. It hurts my heart hurts and there's absolutely no way to describe it or compare it to anything.. I feel everyday like I'm dying..
Claire 2017-05-07 19:02:33
Hi Anonymous - I get where you're coming from, been there, too. When they change their minds out of nowhere, it feels like you've had the rug pulled from underneath AND you were sucker-punched at the same time. Hurts like hell and confusing, too. What you need to do is to start researching Twin Flame relationships. Specifically, the runner and the chaser. Here's the thing: whenever someone turns his/her back on us, we need to go within and work on ourselves. We send them unconditional love and surrender to the fact that whatever will be, will be. This person cracked your heart wide open, but maybe only to prepare you for the true love of your life. It can be confusing, but trust me, all of these experiences are to help us grow - not meant as punishment, but as an advanced course. Best of luck to you, my friend. Stop fighting and just be; go within and work on yourself for a while - your true love may be just around the corner! 🙂
fa 2017-04-24 10:54:50
whats his belief. you left us hanging?
Antonio Luna 2016-08-30 22:09:10
Aquarius ROCKS!!! hahahaha 😄
older libra woman 2016-07-28 07:06:30
I am digging a much younger Aquarius man. We are friends. I like every thing about him even his dark side. He seems very wise and head strong. He does shy away from speaking on emptions. My first love high school sweetheart was also a Aquarius man. How yoing is too young.
October Rose 2016-10-02 10:56:58
I'm in a similar situation, but so far it's just a flirtation with promises of more. I'm curious how much younger your Aquarius is compared to you? While we're just testing the waters, I have an Aquarius who is 20 years younger than me who is pursuing me.
Bri 2015-12-15 09:29:55
First off I?€™m beginning to think none of you have considered the other placements in an individual?€™s chart before commenting, because the comments are so one sided, and very vague but what do you expect from Air signs? (rolls eyes)

Anyway, I?€™m a Libra woman, I have a Pisces moon, a Leo in Venus so I?€™m very passionate and fiery in matters of the heart. Very direct when it comes to every emotion except anger. I rather calm down than to lash out when upset. Pointless arguing with a bunch of yelling and cussing and hurtful words is wasted energy to me. I will avoid it at all cost. Sitting down discussing our feelings, and views, and coming up with a solution together is more my speed. I am in NO WAY lazy when it comes to my love interest. No way! I?€™ll fight for my partner until there is nothing left to fight for. The only time I become lazy in a relationship is when I feel I have given it my all, and the other person is refusing to meet me half way, then yes at that point I?€™m not above disappearing on them because at that point I feel you are ignoring my efforts, and my words, and I will not waste another word or moment on someone that doesn?€™t respect me enough to take my needs and wants into consideration. That?€™s simply not fair, so good bye.

As for my encounters with Aquarius men I have nothing really bad to report, except the fact that they often drift off into their wonderland and it?€™s very irritating at times, as Libra may feel a bit neglected emotionally at first. The only thing about this, is after a while as a Libra woman you kind of get used to it and accept it as part of your partners personality, because you know your Aqua is not cheating on you or trying to hurt you, he just likes his space and you being the diplomatic creature you are, you reason with fairness, weigh the pros and cons and decide you will just keep yourself busy until your love returns. He doesn?€™t go away for long anyway. Every relationship needs air to breath, otherwise you?€™ll suffocate one another and the fire will eventually burn out. Now this in no way applies to water couples, they?€™ll tackle their partner and hold on for dear life, if they asked for space. I also would like to comment on the topic of Aqua males not being very emotional, this takes me back to the other placements in ones chart. Because I?€™ve dated the seemingly detached oblivious Aqua male discussed here, then I?€™ve dated the sweet and emotional, sensitive, still slightly aloof and carefree Aqua.
If an Aqua is cool and collected with you, he?€™s guarding himself from you, and it?€™s your job to make him feel comfortable to let that guard down. Like they said above, pressuring him is not going to do the trick. You?€™re a Libra woman, and you know firsthand as an air sign, that if anyone tries to boss you or pressure you into anything your out of there faster than lightening. An Aquarius is the exact same way, so chill. Just chill with him, be patient, and be his friend and lover. Tell him the new things you?€™ve learned, don?€™t make every subject about you and him. I had an Aquarius be guarded with me, and his barriers broke down the minute he thought he was going to loose me. Not saying that works for all of them, because I didn?€™t plan to give up, it just naturally happen. Like I said, at some point I get tired of talking when I feel the other person isn?€™t listening.

VelliDaVinci 2016-05-09 16:17:31
I agree whole heartedly!!!! True meaning and fulfillment in zodiac knowledge not only hold true within total spiritual oneness, it's based on a FULL BIRTH CHART basis. Every sign is different with each individual. Yes a lot of foundation characteristics will be there based on your MAIN sign if you will, but the alignment of all other elements come into play. That's why I'm an AquaCorn based on averages. Nice post! Libra queen 🙂
Ranch flavored 2015-10-21 05:14:42
I ate Walmart chicken today.
Aquarius 2015-10-13 10:10:32
Libra are pathetic people and they don't settle down and if they do they wont last in any relationship. They will settle down at least after they have divorced 3-5 men -it when why wake up-but until they have aged and tired advertising themselves. Tough I never married a Libra but i have tried to date a few . They love sex topics -not with you but they will be telling who they think they have crush one and will trying to date. Ask them back how did their date go : you will hear them he did froze on bed and he did not touch me all the night . I left the bed and slept on a coach instead.. But i actually it is the opposite -She might have frozen on bed and the energy has fainted all the sudden . Some will be complaining my new bf is too demanding or dominating sexually. Some tell me he doesn't let me get take the role or be on the top ;it turns me down. The true is that Libra like erotic topics but in action ,well , they freeze. They are very indecisive and nave and short tempered people. if you are their friend you must like music otherwise it wont work. If you come across a Libra born on October save your breathes unless you want to kill your time -that's hanging around you when they are feeling lonely, taking them around and wanting to spoil them with good food at a particular restaurant. or going to a comedy or musical concert. Dont expect they will buy anything or share even when you are friends and nothing else . You have to spoil them if you want good company but don't expect even tough that you seduce them .They are very dependent and lazy people most of the time.
I never been impressed by a Libra and I always walk away if i happen to come in contact with a libra !
AleLibra 2016-07-22 08:21:10
I am a libra and we are not pathetic people. If you had this kind of experience,i can guaratee that she didn't WANT you and you were under her comunucation standards. We dont like dirty,rude,low estime guys. She simply didnt care but using you when shes bored. We always have a plan B. Aquarius is the love of my all lifes. He complete me and the chemistry is made in heaven. I appreciate his confidebt attitude,i love his brain,his games,his playful mood and he cant resist to my presence. We fall for eachother as in the first day,and that was 7 years ago. I love him cherish him and respect him. He is what reflects in my eyes My View of Beauty 🙂.
Andrew 2015-05-31 05:30:58
I'm falling in love with my best friend who happens to be a libra (I'm an aquarius man)
I don't usually believe in these kinda things, but I turned to zodiac looking for some consolation. I thought I didn't have a chance, even though we get along incredibly well as friends... but with this, my hopes are high. She is the woman of my life, and the only one I want. Hopefully everything ends well...
James 2015-06-29 16:47:18
I confessed my love ti her but my libra woman said she only treated and treats me as a true best friend.

She said she had never fall in love with any men and she is 22 years old.
JESSA MAE 2015-04-07 16:15:40
pinky 2015-01-19 06:36:33
I am a Libra and going to be married to an aquarian. WE are both over 50 yrs. old and we were classmates in sixth grade. We fell in love after our school reunion and my aquarian makes me feel like his queen. I hope he stays like that forever.

NoOneOfConsequence 2014-09-27 06:12:41
Wow...I can't belive how accurate this was. i am an aquarian man, married 20 years to a libra woman. We parted ways...with 4 children...much like a zipper.

Take this to heart, read the article again. This was remarkably accurate.
charrissiee 2014-07-08 03:20:37
honestly from experience ..I have dated two ... one of which is the father of our two kids which we where together for 13yrs and the second was after me and him seperated who we only dated for like a yr. all i can say is once they love you and you win thier hearts the will not let go. they are not ggod with doubt and they will not open up to you about any doubts they might be having..... communacation is a big downfall with them and libra women and it communacation in reference to the relationship. i happen to be a libra so by nature im very out going and people tend to draw to men and what makes it bad is men more ... which with aquiran men they may tell you they are not jealous but in reality they are it creates a doubt and one you will never know cause they will keep it silent expecting you to change but to you hey you are doing nothing wrong... you know where your heart lies and you can express and show it to them everyday but they will still question ..... this will create a slow disatnce between you two and soon or later your partner will start to seek comfort elsewhere and before you know you two are going seperate ways and you are the last person to know why... but with all that said once you get deep in thought with them and they open up to you believe me you will fall in love even more deeper than you coukd imagine. you will feel like your life has been snatched from you if you two where to ever seperate because it is a true partnership between you two its destiny!!! BELIEVE IT AND FIGHT HARD FOR YOUR AQUARIAN MAN IT WILL BE WELL WORTH IT IN THE END
bips 2014-07-01 22:06:07
Its true that aquirian man never express their deep feelings to Libra and Libra woman always misunderstood them.some people or most of the people says aquirian man r emotionless but which is not true they are very intense about emotion but it is very hard to understand for any person from any zodiac with due respect to other zodiac. And pls never ever lie or diplomatic with any aquirian man because they cannot tolerate lie or diplomacy or unnecessary cleverness they can easily digest the truth or simpleness how ugly it is but if u do prepare yourself for the concecuencess and result which is really really very ugly
cutie 2014-06-29 01:31:03
I like an aquarious man and he likes me but we haven't talked yet and im trying my best to. will we ever talk
Aramide Ferguson 2014-06-15 13:17:37
I'm in love with an aquArian. and I'm feeling lost

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