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This very shaky and troubled union between an Aquarius man and a Capricorn woman begins with mutual sympathy for each other. Capricorn woman enthusiastically meets the needs of Aquarius man in freedom and independence. This will seem to her a guarantee that he will achieve any heights in life and make her finally happy. Aquarius man will be attracted by the fact that his woman stands firmly on her feet, thorough in her judgments and extremely quiet.

Zodiac sign Capricorn is pragmatic in its outlook on life: a Capricorn woman is inclined to save money by denying herself in everything, saving money to buy things that are not that necessary. Capricorn woman has very conservative views on everything, and she is very difficult to convince. Zodiac sign Aquarius has a mild character, he easily takes decisions, and equally, easily give them up in favor of new plans. He is energetic and agile. He finds it boring sitting in one place. Aquarius man believes that life is given once and that one should live it as bright as he can afford.

Aquarius man's spending and unrestrained extravagance will begin to really annoy Capricorn woman. She cannot understand how one cannot think about tomorrow, and save for the rainy day. A Capricorn woman who at the beginning of their relationship had illusions about Aquarius man's luck and tenacity in life will gradually start to be disappointed in her man. Capricorn woman will start to see his independence, which attracted her, as an unavoidable shortcoming, and will try to re-educate him. She tends to blame him on his lack of sensibility towards her, on his unwillingness to understand, although she herself will ignore his wishes and thoughts with enviable tenacity. For the Aquarius man, Capricorn woman becomes a pain in the neck, who arouses nothing but boredom. Her monotonous speech addressed to him, and her same type of behavior forced him to seek his methods of interaction with the Capricorn woman. For a long time, he will try to interest her, draw her into his circle of interests, acquaint her with his friends - but all attempts to change the pragmatic and material attitude of Capricorn woman towards life will be in vain.

As seen from the compatibility horoscope, a union of Capricorn woman and Aquarius man can be built only on friendly terms, with no opposition to each other. Capricorn woman needs to be more loyal and open in her outlook on life, while Aquarius man should sometimes avoid fight against windmills, and pay attention to his Dulcinea.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 08:00:21
The compatibility between a female Aquarius and a male Capricorn can lead to a complementary and harmonious relationship. However, like any partnership, challenges can arise. Here are some insights into their compatibility and potential areas of conflict:

1. Intellectual Connection: Aquarius and Capricorn can have a strong intellectual bond. Aquarius is known for their innovative thinking, while Capricorn brings stability and practicality. They can engage in deep conversations and stimulate each other's minds.

2. Shared Goals and Ambitions: Both signs are driven and goal-oriented. Capricorn, being an earth sign, can provide the grounding and structure that harmonizes with Aquarius' vision and unconventional approaches. They can support each other's aspirations and work together to achieve their goals.

3. Complementary Traits: Aquarius is independent and freedom-loving, while Capricorn tends to be responsible and disciplined. Their contrasting qualities can create a balanced dynamic, where Aquarius encourages Capricorn to be more open-minded, while Capricorn offers stability and guidance.

1. Emotional Disconnect: Aquarius, being an air sign, can have difficulty expressing and understanding their emotions. Capricorn, on the other hand, may struggle with opening up emotionally due to their practical nature. Developing emotional intimacy and connection might require effort from both partners.

2. Communication Styles: Aquarius tends to be more open and expressive, often valuing their social connections and causes. Capricorn, being more reserved and cautious, may have a more serious and cautious approach to communication. Understanding and adapting to each other's communication preferences is crucial for effective interaction.

3. Different Approaches to Change: Aquarius is naturally inclined towards change and embraces new ideas, while Capricorn tends to prefer stability and tradition. This contrast can cause conflicts if they're not willing to find a balance or understand and appreciate each other's viewpoints.

To make the relationship work, both partners will need to cultivate understanding, respect, and flexibility. Building emotional connection and finding a common ground will be essential. Honoring each other's individuality and adapting to their different communication and emotional styles can contribute to a successful partnership. Ultimately, open communication, compromise, and mutual support are key to overcoming potential challenges and nurturing a long-lasting relationship.
nakedi 2019-12-23 07:30:00
how will we know about us Aquarius women with Capricorn men
Brooklyn 2018-02-26 13:56:21
This app doesn't specify being for only male Aquarians. So why are all of the love match ups directed towards the Aquarian man? What about the women?
Jennifer 2016-07-09 19:28:29
I'm a Capricorn woman and I had an Aquarius man. He passed away four months ago. Even though I love him unconditionally I agree with this, we weren't really good relationship wise but we were great friends and business /life partners. But we bumped heads alot. He liked spending money and a certain lifestyle and I like to save and budget. I was very stubborn but I was right. I miss him though, he holds my heart always.
cappy28 2016-06-22 22:14:40
I am a cappy woman and I have an aquarius boyfie, we are really opposite as what this article is trying to say. BUT I am the one who always wants to explore. and he is the laid back one. he always wants to be in his comfort zone with me which is his home. I always ask him out to go anywhere I want but because he so love me he always agrees and he never disobey me. he knows I am planning to work abroad. before I leave we have gone through may crying moments since he always cries in front of me and begging me that I shud not leave that he will do everything to make me happy and provide what I need. but since I have so many plans in the future I told him that I am only doing this because I want our life in the future to be stable since I was only 23 and he is 22. he supported my decision. though I can see through him how much this decision of mine breaks him. and now I am already in abroad working and now I totally miss him wishing I never leave the country. I miss everything abt him. he always obeys me, he is sweet only to me, he cooks for me he do the laundry, he always wants to sleep beside me and hug me tight, we do household chores together and were both happy. now we have concluded what we only need is us to be always together. now he is doing everything to go after me here in middle east. I am dec 28 and he is feb 12.
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 15:01:55
Based on your story, it sounds like you and your Aquarius boyfriend have a strong connection, despite the differences aligning with your zodiac signs. According to astrology, Capricorn women, like you, are known to be ambitious, pragmatic, and goal-oriented, which shows in your decision to work abroad for a stable future. Meanwhile, Aquarius men are often seen as independent, outgoing, and innovative, but like all of us, they can also have idiosyncrasies and personal preferences independent of their star sign.

That he's more laid-back and home-loving, despite the usual Aquarius attributes, shows just how unique everyone is, beyond general astrological traits. Your situation highlights that no two individuals, even under the same sun sign, are alike. Each person brings their own perspectives, personal experiences, and character traits into a relationship.

It seems like you both love and support each other, even with the struggle of distance and your different life goals. His immense love for you is apparent in his willingness to leave his comfort zone to follow you. Your longing for him also indicates your deep feelings.

It's normal to miss someone when you're far away from them, especially when that person has been very close and intimately involved in your life. But it's important to remember that you chose to work abroad for the future stability and prosperity of your relationship.

Since he's supportive of your decision and is taking steps to be with you, your bond seems strong. Navigating through this complex situation will require patience, understanding, and, most importantly, excellent communication. Keep in touch regularly, express your feelings openly, and also be ready to listen to his thoughts and feelings. This will help you both stay emotionally close, even while you're physically apart, and help you maintain a healthy relationship.

Remember, your zodiac signs don't dictate the success or failure of your relationship - that comes down to your actions, decision-making, and mutual understanding. Working through challenges together can strengthen your bond and deepen your love, no matter where you are in the world.
Yolanda 2016-01-25 17:52:35
I'm a Capricorn woman and have been with an Aquarius man... I never met a man who is very good with money and takes on the bills. He truly spoils me. 7 years of love for this angel sent to me from Heaven!
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 15:00:21
That's lovely to hear! It sounds like you have found a truly caring and generous partner in your Aquarius man. Financial compatibility can be an important aspect of any relationship, and it's wonderful that he takes responsibility for the bills and spoils you. It's great to have someone who supports and provides for you in that way. The fact that you have been together for seven years speaks to the strength and longevity of your connection. Cherish and appreciate each other, and may your relationship continue to bring happiness and fulfillment to both of you.
Aquarius 2015-10-13 10:52:16
Capricorn women like to control and that doesn't work with an Aquarius. I think she dreams every time at night how to turn an Aquarius into a traditional Capricorn . Seriously !!! Capricorn cusp ( Sagittarius influence) and Capricorn -Aquarius cusp , much better i think
val 2015-09-23 08:43:39
as a capricon woman this is true for me and my aquarius man.we are so incompatible it hurts
Abhinash 2015-05-07 15:53:44
That was true..,I have just seen in my life.That is full of complication between me and capricon woman.,we are both opposite to each in every think..,but that is a one of my region ,why i like capricon girl
Shayla 2015-03-26 04:11:38
I am a capricorn female and this is totally not me. I am very energetic and spontaneous
Chrislynn 2014-12-06 04:23:24
I am a Capricorn, and this is not me at all. I live for the moment, and I spend my money. I am not careless, but I don't completely deny myself either.
Also, as a child, and now even as an adult my best friends have always been Geminis.
Teri 2014-11-26 02:53:50
I found a lot if not true of me being a cappy. I'm usually the one people think is over-energized and expressive. I love innovation and a level of eccentricity and boldness. I'll try anything once! This make me sound like a dull stick in the mud with no sex drive and I've got one of those! And I'm not boring there either...TMI, I know! I love people who generate excitement although I don't mean drama...these things are sometimes right on and others not so much...

April 2014-08-17 21:35:02
I had a first time lunch with an Aquarius yesterday, and I agree with this totally. I told him he is too high energy out and about, This man impractically had a bit of a daredevil way about him I was not interested in. Like jumping out of planes and zip lines. I like things a bit more laid back.

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