Capricorn and Pisces compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces Zodiac signs compatibility
Full passion and love, a union between a Capricorn man and a Pisces woman is considered to be ideal. The compatibility horoscope of this couple claims that they can be together for a very long time - through life, despite explicit differences in their characters.

The delicate, fragile, crystal-like Pisces woman will successfully shade a thorough and quiet Capricorn man that has an unchanging composure. She is like trying to decorate his life with easy and unpretentious fairy story with a happy ending, like a princess - just sweet, carefree and dreamy. Capricorn man will immediately feel that his Pisces woman needs him: she needs to be protected, nurtured and defended against enemies. Her forgetfulness and absent-mindedness will be somewhat annoying to him, he wants to try and teach her how to plan and memorize the order of important things for every day - but all will be in vain after all a crystal fish swims and pours into fresh water stream, playing like patches of sunlight, and why should she remember those boring things! Capricorn man's irritation passes quickly, and it is replaced by guilt for having dared to offend the Pisces woman with his insistence. Near her, he feels like a medieval knight, ready to fight for his beloved woman, her happy and quiet life to the last drop of blood.

Zodiac sign Capricorn is proud of his lady since misunderstanding is soon forgotten, while the lightness of her character, cheerful and carefree attitude give him a sense of freshness of their relationship. He likes to hold in his hands this frail woman, he likes to lead her in life, and her forgetfulness... after all, she's got him - a strong man, a knight, fairy-tale prince who came to her only to wake her from a long sleep with a hot kiss.

Zodiac sign Pisces is a good diplomat. She knows how to negotiate with her Capricorn man no matter how he has offended her. She talks with him in a way that he never has sediment left in his soul, and he finally felt that his lady is just different in nature, and relaxes his head. Her confidence in him and happy family life, her love for him and tenderness remains important to a Capricorn man, he pampers and cherishes her as a child, allowing her to be herself.

The compatibility horoscope warns: Pisces woman should not get involved in theatricality and game - Capricorn man loves her for her sincerity and child's spontaneity, but a game can greatly alienate them from each other. Capricorn man is honest and straightforward. Game and lie are the things for which he could never forgive his beloved woman.