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Pisces man's tender romanticism, the mysterious image and beautiful tone of his voice will at once strike down a Taurus woman, quite on the spot. Zodiac sign Pisces is very soft with refined manners. By the horoscope, he is the opposite of a Taurus woman. She will find it easy with him - it is easy to work out ones authoritativeness on him, they can be manipulated, safely to meet strong resistance.

Pisces man, from the first day of their acquaintance, will treat his partner like a queen, obediently serving and obeying her. He will try his best to fulfill all her wishes and whims, and will even displease himself to please her. Taurus woman will take Pisces man's courting as granted, and will not be very surprised that he devotes his entire life to her: zodiac sign Taurus purposed her to have a royal posture and egocentrism, characteristic only of the powerful. She is a queen, and everyone who meets her on the way must know this.

Pisces man will make a mistake if he will unconditionally obey the Taurus woman: the passion between these zodiac signs, flaring up like a match, will quickly be extinguished before it could flare up into a larger fire.

Taurus woman will soon begin to be annoyed by her partner's absolute obedience and resignation - passion, resistance, struggle, opposition and defense of one's own opinions turn her on. Taurus woman wants to have a strong personality near her that will guide her unbridled temper to a peaceful course. She wants to see softness in her partner but combined with strength and perseverance. Nevertheless, Pisces man's softness that so seduced her from the first minute, lacked a strong foundation. With time, Taurus woman will notice her man's weak knees, his inability to make important decisions, his avoidance of responsibility, and will be deeply disappointed. If the Taurus woman feels strong feelings to the Pisces man and wants to keep this relationship with every effort, she will for some time try to stimulate him. But the trouble is that Pisces man will take any attempt to push him into as a pressure on his person, and will shy away from that, hiding and maneuvering in the water column.

According to the compatibility horoscope, the responsibility for maintaining the relationship in this union lies on the Pisces man: if he will be open to dialogue, and will want to change, make active efforts to build a life together, he will make a Taurus woman very happy. His woman, watching his efforts, will make everything possible, or impossible, to save the marriage - she does not need a mama's boy, incapable of taking independent steps, but she would love the Pisces man, as an equal and consistent Partner in affairs to whom she can rely on in difficult times.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 08:11:44
The compatibility between a female Pisces and a male Taurus can create a deep and lasting bond. They share qualities that can lead to a harmonious and stable relationship. However, like any union, challenges can arise. Here's an overview of their compatibility, potential areas of conflict, and the pros and cons of this union:

Pros of a Female Pisces and Male Taurus Union:

1. Emotional Connection: Both Pisces and Taurus are inclined towards deep emotional connections. They value loyalty, stability, and security in a relationship. Their shared desire for emotional intimacy can create a strong foundation.

2. Mutual Appreciation: Pisces appreciates Taurus' consistency, dependability, and grounded nature. Taurus, in turn, admires Pisces' sensitivity, creativity, and empathy. They can find comfort and inspiration in each other.

3. Stability and Security: Taurus, an earth sign, provides a sense of stability and security that Pisces seeks. Pisces, a water sign, supplements this with emotional support and understanding. Together, they can create a safe and nurturing environment.

4. Balanced Energies: Taurus' grounded and practical nature can complement Pisces' dreamy and imaginative qualities. They can support and balance each other's strengths, bringing stability and sensibility to Pisces' emotional depth and creativity.

Cons of a Female Pisces and Male Taurus Union:

1. Communication Differences: Taurus tends to communicate in a straightforward manner, while Pisces can be more elusive and intuitive. This difference can create confusion and trigger misunderstandings if they don't make an effort to understand each other's communication styles.

2. Stubbornness and Flexibility: Both signs can exhibit stubborn tendencies. Taurus, being fixed in nature, can resist change, while Pisces might be resistant when it comes to practical decision-making. Finding common ground and compromising on important matters is crucial.

3. Emotional Expression: Taurus, being more grounded, may struggle with fully understanding and addressing Pisces' emotional needs. Pisces, on the other hand, might desire more emotional depth and reassurance than Taurus naturally provides.

What Can Go Wrong:

- Taurus' practicality and focus on material stability may clash with Pisces' more intuitive and spiritual approach to life.
- Pisces' tendency to escape into their imagination may sometimes leave Taurus feeling disconnected or neglected.
- Taurus' fixed nature may resist Pisces' need for constant emotional flow and adaptability.

Pros and cons of this union depend on the individuals involved and their willingness to embrace and work through their differences. Open communication, mutual understanding, and compromise are essential for maintaining a balanced and fulfilling relationship. Appreciating each other's unique qualities and finding ways to blend their strengths can lead to a harmonious and lasting partnership. With effort and commitment, this union can create a deep and loving connection filled with stability and emotional support.
Pisces Man 2017-11-06 21:27:03
Dear tauras women if u ever find a pisces guy and u know he loves u please never let him go u’ll regret it in the end cause he will love no other than u .thats a promise by another Pisces but yes not every pisces guy is the same but please if u see the spark in him that u have always wanted!! See it ? Thats your clue girl !! He is made for u keep me !!!or kidnapp by any means please do!!-ps i fell for a tauras almost been 12 years ig im just 20 guys still havent seen anyone with that spark #dontletgooffyourpisces
XsivBlonde 2017-10-13 19:37:54
i started to see a Pisces guy. He's very "alpha" male, and he is extremely charismatic, charming, intelligent, protective, and romantic. However, this guy keeps my head spinning. I'm a Taurus girl, and I do not shy away from saying what's on my mind. My friends all say one never has to wonder where they stand with me. I'm not ashamed or too insecure to speak from my heart or head. But, this man is all over the map. He tests me with questions to find out if I'm in love with him or want a commitment. I don't. But, he insists that I do. What's up with that? He also has a tendancy to charge his mind at a drop of the hat. He will literally ignore me or accuse me of "smothering" if I send him more than one text a day. I don't text him at all anymore, and if he wants to contact me, he is the one who has to initiate contact. He is at a complete loss as to what he wants. But, he's great in bed, and he makes me feel like I'm the best girl in the world when he wants to. But, he still frustrates me to no end. I'll hang around for a while longer just to have fun at the very least.
Taurus women 2017-10-06 21:36:48
Pisces man are big liars n cheaters and when they start getting bored they will leave u alone
Pisces man 2017-01-10 19:30:36
Hello 🙂 just wanted to say my experience with Taurus females. I am currently dating a Taurus female and my last girlfriend just so happened to be a Taurus female too. And if there is something I can tell you about this relationship is that at the very beginning the chase is so hot. And once we were a couple the Taurus female for some reason or another kept insisting I was dating multiple women and such. Now Pisces are known for being flirts but will never . Ever ! Be disloyal to their partner. At least in my side. We love it when the girl makes a move and shows us their interests! Humor and music is like the best thing for us! And trust me we pay attention to detail like no one else does. You'll notice we like you by the way we compliment and try to romanticize you. We give you everything about us in the sense of soul. And yes we are liars, secretive and we have a very complex way of talking but we don't do it out of malice! We love ! And we want it in return! And we demand respect. Of course once you start testing us to see if we'd do something. We're already two steps ahead of you. We can read through some of the bs and it annoys them that we can reverse it on them making the Taurus uncomfortable. We don't like to be tested when we are showing you our full intention. It offends us and hence tit for tat we reverse it in you and most than anything we will bluntly shut you down. At least that's how I am with my girlfriend atm. I love that girl ;) and she's my babes . Of course we kinda just started dating and she's not used to her new routine and that make Taurus uncomfortable. But if you have to take a lesson from me. Women will test you and it's our job to make them feel beautiful and secure with us . Don't let her go Bc they want your attention and trust me. They will repay you ten fold! Oh and make sure their bellies are full 🙂 a hungry Taurus is a moody Taurus lol
Smit Jain 2017-05-03 02:26:52
Dude the way you have written that is awesome and exactly what even i feel. Respect to you. Thank you so much.
Miyuki 2016-08-22 23:11:34
Hi! I am falling for this pisces guy and he said he likes me. We do what couples do without the commitment. Is it okay to text him first or invite him first? Is it okay to open up to him about commitment or wait for him to open up? He has plenty of girl friends and sometimes I get jealous. What should I do? I'm a Taurean,by the way... I need your opinion on this, pisces people! 🙂
C 2016-11-06 05:19:10

How did it work out?
sandy 2016-08-10 20:36:58
They not a good match for commitment they will never grow up and will nerver make up their mind (pisces) to controlling ,ego , always like to joke around won't take you serious , they are caring warm hearted as friend . really care about you but not to moment they will committee to you . got there ways to get at you for sexual desires . being dating for almost a year and have a baby together yes responsible , it has to take a lot of him to change to actual get to tauren women ,they are too light headed and we are more grounded . they are secretive liars,flirt but I always found out of he's lies ,they are very loyal ,but all your life will be living confused and u don't want that ,we need someone on the same level ,can't get the respect and trust we want from them
April 2016-05-24 05:52:17
I'm a Taurus female n I've been with my Pisces man for 15 years and married 12. It hasn't been easy for us however I have recently acknowledged that there is no other man on this earth that will love me the way he does...unconditionally! We are soul mates and we understand that now and appreciate and love each other even more than the first day we met. I love my Pisces man n I wouldn't trade him for the world.
MIYUKI 2016-05-05 00:40:00
I dated a Pisces man for a few days. He lives in another town (2 hours from our city). He's got that sense of humor and he's very attractive but I dunno if he'll court me or just flirt with me. We communicate everyday though but dunno where this is going...
Pisces Male 2016-03-22 21:14:14
I find the mind games and the endless aggressive manipulation of Taurus Females soul destroying. No wonder we run. Not a good match.
Cathy 2015-12-26 17:42:10
definitely true, my pisces bf is really hard to read. He's too afraid of the word commitment and very secretive. I gave up, dont know where to stand. Im always the one reaching out to find out his struggles but he cracks jokes everytime i initiate a conversation regarding security of our relationship. He texts me iloveu but will ignore me afterwards. This is silly
ajjb 2016-03-06 05:18:20
This is how pisces men are... They are always in mood of fun and cracking jokes and they will never open their mouth and tell their ideas and opinions but they are most loyal and deeply in love just you need to figure it out how to handle him..
Pisces man 2015-07-21 03:20:25
Hi as the name say I'm a Pisces man
I just want to tell every Taurus woman that comes here something
If you want him to take control step a side cause there is no way a Pisces man can be rude to tell you that, also it's somehow stupid tell a Pisces man to be in charge and he will challenge him not by saying I can do that better but simply ask if he can do that
And if he doesn't reach out for you ask him to but don't ever try to push him and see if he would keep doing that, just please stop trying to push a Pisces man to his limits cause he is already there just for you.

Sweetz 2015-06-01 07:39:45
Im a Taurus with a pices now and all I can say is it's going to take Patience time and space and because there so easy to manipulate mold them to who you need them to be not a Mimi Taurus
Queteepye 2015-03-28 11:14:49
Taurean woman here and yes Pisces men can be a puzzle but with patients it can work being a taurean and a woman I am quick on my feet Pisces men I think tends to make us slow down to take more life in they do take what seems like a lifetime to figure things out when trying to have a conversation that should take about 2. Seconds to answer well may turn into 2 minutes be patient is my only suggestion they need time to make it make sense in their head first then to us if you give him this time and respect it he will love you more
Annabel 2015-02-22 00:40:27
I'm a taurus woman and currently have a crush on a very handsome pisces. We have tons in common, including surfing! However, I am always the one making the first move and it's getting frustrating as heck. I am pretty sure he likes me but is either too shy to show it or is afraid of the commitment? He seems interested in me whenever we're together; always smiling and cracking jokes. The only thing making me question him whether he likes me or not is the fact that whenever we make plans they never happen!!!!!! I don't want to keep reaching out to him and never getting a response. WHAT DO I DO
Pisces Guy 2015-09-10 10:26:47
Keep reaching out. Its like fishing. We are fish that don't know if we should bite or not. Keep trying, he likes you, he's just intimidated by commitment. Tell him he is going surfing with you and he will go. Don't give him options, he can't make up his mind and he will off in another world, without direction.
Nicole 2015-02-04 02:27:08
This is so true. It's just like my boyfriend & I.
M 2014-12-28 08:17:59
It's so true and sadly so.... My Pisces husband just can't take a stand on anything, except when it comes to the kids. He looks at my passion as aggression. I hate feeling like the stronger one in the relationship, i kinda feel not so feminine around him. Also, he is very undemonstrative of his love in a physical way outside of the bedroom....further feeding my insecurities....right now I am a very very sad taurean with a wonderful husband but a very wrong marriage :'(
ss 2015-06-10 06:31:20
Message from M
It's so true and sadly so.... My Pisces husband just can't take a stand on anything, except when it comes to the kids. He looks at my passion as aggression. I hate feeling like the stronger one in the relationship, i kinda feel not so feminine around him. Also, he is very undemonstrative of his love in a physical way outside of the bedroom....further feeding my insecurities....right now I am a very very sad taurean with a wonderful husband but a very wrong marriage :'(

I was married to a piscean ,it was lot like this,i liked his gentle persona but aint good in a marriage..he didnt man up or take responsibility..it made me feel insecure and dissapointed..he potrayed me as aggressive i went into self hate as i couldnt believe that i was no longer calm and womanlike..just that it left me restless,anxious and lonely..loneliness is common feeling they leave you high and dry just when you are looking for reciprocation..i believe they are mimatch for marriage..did i say they are secretive,liars and big flirts...a 100% NO.

karen 2014-08-26 07:20:06
That is such a direct and true reading of my boyfriend and I relationship right at this moment.

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