Taurus and Scorpio compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio Zodiac signs compatibility
According to the compatibility horoscope, one can see that this couple will be in eternal opposition to each other, because their interaction is under the influence of the Earth and Water elements, as well as the special position of this zodiac signs on the astrological chart. There will always be wariness in a relationship between Taurus man and Scorpio woman, the partners will always be on guard, even though they are attracted to each other.

At the beginning of a relationship, difference in character and views will seem to them as attractive. Scorpio woman will like Taurus man for his softness and tenderness. She will remember the kindness of her parents, and it is this kindness that she will feel in his attitude towards her. As an active and sharp person, Scorpio woman is used to communicating with strong and courageous men, and now the Scorpio woman seems simply disarmed without a shot being fired. She will realize that she can shield herself behind Taurus in a difficult moment, and rest on his chest from her active activities, and will gladly agree to marry, when the Taurus man proposes to her. The Scorpio woman is used to control relationships, she is a good organizer, and even an agent provoker. She will lead an active life with many adventures and trials that will deeply disturb and even insult the family peaceful Taurus. Trying to reprimand her, he will receive such an emotional resistance that will immediately lead to the beginning of a protracted war between these two zodiac signs. None of them would insist on an early break of their relationship: the Taurus man very much loves his wife and does not want to lose her, while the Scorpio woman feels at ease in conflict, as well as in passion. This does not cause her great discomfort but even the opposite: fighting will allow her manifest herself most fully so that her partner will not in the future have the slightest desire to make her a housewife and keep in the four walls of the kitchen.

The compatibility horoscope predicts that love and hate will go side by side in this union, arousing the interest of all surrounding onlookers, and that of the weary Taurus man and Scorpio woman. The sharp feelings they liked in the beginning of their relationship cause permanent emotional tension and stress that negatively affects both their marriage and health. Taurus man and Scorpio woman need to make willful efforts to talk about the values of life, their relationships, goals, and family. Perhaps these people have become strangers to one another - then it is better not to torture each other and separate. And if they still have common topics and opinion, if the hearts of both are disturbed when they look at each other - a relationship needs to be built from scratch, throwing out old ones in the trash.

enrique 2015-06-27 20:45:42
Does a scorpio female have compassion, if so why does she not show it? Is she that insecure?

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Madi 2015-08-16 01:56:04
Might be shy or she is not sure about your feelings towards her... Be open ....

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rebecca 2015-08-04 22:20:51
Its not that we're insecure, its that we have no time for nonsense. No pity at all.

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Purple Scorpio 2015-06-22 20:36:05
My Taurus man is VERY controlled, by me. I am not sure how long he will put up with this but it is the most amazing thing I have been through. I plan to enjoy all his romantic ways as long as he steers clear of my temper. Oh and I have a temper.

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jay jay 2015-06-10 20:55:27
My Scorpio woman she know esacly how to take me back when its about bad moment. but one of things i dislike how she feel that she have to hide such but i do love her very organized

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Michael 2015-05-28 10:34:26
I love my Scorpio woman

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ayesha 2015-03-10 09:55:24
if they both life happily????????

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laima 2014-11-13 22:32:02
What you want tell me? You first ok?

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SWIM 2014-12-04 20:22:35
No you first ok?

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