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The 'rat race' of Sagittarius and Scorpio will begin long before they think of forming a union. At first, dating and continuation of their relationship would be extraordinary, these two zodiac signs see informative, almost detective adventure that may incinerate them or give them a chance to improve.

Zodiac sign Scorpio never forgets to tighten the mask in communication with everyone: family relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and business partners. He does not want anyone to see his true face. He finds it easier to hide behind an impassive artificial mask. Depending on circumstances, only the masks changes, but not Scorpio himself - he is not inclined to changing his principles. The compatibility horoscope of these two zodiac signs warns that both will have a fun-filled life in union. Both a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman are honest with each other, but Sagittarius is an open woman, with completely clear plans and objectives. Sagittarius always trusts Scorpio, never pries on him or stalks him, which cannot be said about the Scorpio man. He sometimes engaged in a 'rat race' in a relationship, suspecting the Sagittarius woman in all mortal sins, becoming jealous of her, checking her messages, and listening to her telephone conversations. Scorpio man will not be lazy enough to hire a private detective to watch over his woman.

Sagittarius woman, in turn, is also able to strike. Zodiac sign Sagittarius strikes strongly and accurately on the face. Sagittarius does not necessarily need a reason to strike - she can strike just like that, just because she is in a bad mood at that moment. Sagittarius hits directly, with Scorpio - from the corner, Sagittarius uses a cold calculation, Scorpio - hot venom.

But it must be said that if his woman will not offend his senses, Scorpio can be a loyal and dedicated defender for his beloved. The energy of both directed with joint efforts to the outside world is constructive: they will together build, improve their home, raise children and protect their family from enemies. It is necessary to remember to plan for and take actions in time on extremely negative versions of events. These zodiac signs are strong and fearless, they can create a strong union based on mutual respect and trust in each other. Scorpio man will learn righteousness in judgments and freedom of thought from his woman, while a Sagittarius woman - tolerance and restraint.

Scorpio & Sagittarius Compatibility Scorpio Sagittarius Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 02:18:59
When examining the compatibility between a female Scorpio and a male Sagittarius, it's important to consider the contrasting elements of their zodiac signs. Scorpio is a water sign governed by emotions and intensity, while Sagittarius is a fire sign driven by spontaneity and freedom.

1. Attraction: There is often an initial attraction between these two signs due to their differences. The mysterious and passionate nature of the Scorpio female can captivate the adventurous and curious nature of the Sagittarius male.
2. Intellectual Stimulation: Both Scorpio and Sagittarius possess a strong intellectual capacity. The Scorpio's depth and intensity pair well with the Sagittarius' thirst for knowledge and philosophical outlook. Engaging in deep conversations and exploring new ideas can be exciting for both partners.
3. Growth and Learning: This pairing can offer opportunities for personal growth. The Sagittarius partner can help the Scorpio become more open-minded and adaptable, while the Scorpio can teach the Sagittarius to delve into their emotions and embrace vulnerability.

1. Communication Challenges: The Scorpio's direct and intense communication style may clash with the Sagittarius' tendency to be blunt or tactless. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts if they are unable to find a balance between honesty and sensitivity.
2. Commitment and Freedom: Scorpios generally seek deep emotional connections and commitment in relationships, while Sagittarius partners tend to value freedom and independence. These differing needs can create conflicts if they aren't addressed and compromised upon.
3. Trust and Jealousy: Scorpios have a natural inclination towards possessiveness and jealousy, which can clash with Sagittarius' need for space and independence. The Sagittarius may feel suffocated by the Scorpio's intense desire for control and emotional security, leading to tension in the relationship.

In summary, the compatibility between a female Scorpio and a male Sagittarius can be challenging due to their contrasting natures. While there is potential for intellectual stimulation and personal growth, they must navigate communication differences, address issues of commitment and freedom, and manage trust and jealousy. Open and honest communication, willingness to compromise, and a shared commitment to personal growth can help this union thrive.
Tex me. Cedric. from your lady weezey....... 2019-06-08 01:42:34
me and my man OK love you too baby from weezey OK love you
haroon 2017-06-23 19:52:26
me and My Lady have been in relation for 3 years, shez a Sag and am a Scorp well, we fight often, but deep down We both know where home is....
Tad 2017-05-04 22:13:36
It's all bs people. Wake up!!! You are who you want to become!!! Read about 3 stages of scorpio... I am a Scorpio and I think that everyone is going through stages. It's called life!!! What makes you is not your zodiac sign. Is your life experiences and working on yourself!!!
1206 and 1118 2016-10-17 01:17:09
Oh i see this now my scorpio is in jail and im here and on the outside hoping he becomes the great man he is as a father and husband cuhz hes been around but just lack this year for us was a challenge and im a sag that will do anything to keep him no matter what but if he has anything in mind i wont ever force him to stay but id ask him to not turn away from me cuhz i only want kids with and only him he has alwys been my protectir but also my teacher even if it was bad now that hes gone it feels as if he was getting me ready for the real world i never saw im glad he introduced me to the world. Even being by him i caught quickly
theDream 2023-11-23 02:20:13
It sounds like you have a strong commitment and deep love for your Scorpio partner, even during challenging times. It's commendable that you are willing to support him and stand by his side, no matter what. It's important to maintain open and honest communication with him, expressing your desires and intentions while also respecting his choices and decisions. Keep in mind that everyone has their own path to walk, and it's crucial to find a balance between supporting him and preserving your own emotional well-being. Trust, patience, and understanding will be vital in navigating this situation and potentially building a future together.
Geraldine her 2015-12-21 13:57:24
My husband nd i r best friends. He's a scorpio nd im a sagitterius yes we do argue now and then over trust issues but he knows deep down im loyal. Great info
Lisa 2015-04-24 02:31:51
Beautifully written and fairly accurate. Obviously, I have some knowledge on the subject concerning these two beautiful signs. Perhaps one day I may write my own "go to for info info page". Thank you again for sharing your ideas.
usanda 2015-01-08 07:02:02
Woooow this was accurate the relationship of my scorpio lover and I is exactly like this 5\5

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