Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility

Sagittarius and Cancer Zodiac signs compatibility
What is common between a Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman? Nothing. The compatibility horoscope of this union sadly broadcasts: "...didn't happen". Although the relationships of these zodiac signs may start very romantically and beautifully, and there is a certain amount of charm and charisma in this couple, but they are hopelessly different.

Zodiac sign Cancer is a spineless creature that has to maintain his internal form with external rigidity, typical of a shell. As a rule, before meeting with Sagittarius, this lady has scorched a lot of time in life, and is afraid to show people her soft and gentle character. This woman is very sensitive, although others see her only cold arrogance. She is capable of distinguishing all the nuances and undertones of relations, very deeply go through conflicts and remarks, and in fact, is an extremely vulnerable person.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius does not attach any significance to semitones - only bright goals, high-profile achievements, and understandable feelings. He does not tolerate insinuations - everything should be very simple and fast. Sagittarius does not really recognize conditions that exist in society, he can easily offend his interlocutor with thoughtless words or actions.

Only a very strong attraction of their planets can make Sagittarius and Cancer meet and love each other. As already mentioned, a Cancer woman is highly sensitivity. In response to hurtful words and actions of a Sagittarius man, which, incidentally, he may not notice himself, a Cancer woman can crawl into her shell, close herself from the outside world, and weep bitterly, lamenting her fate. Under certain circumstances, when Sagittarius' impudence would go beyond all measures, Cancer woman may adopt the man-to-man fighting tactics: she will creep out from her hiding place, and will painfully pinch her abuser with pincers, until he retreats back. More than anything else, Cancer woman appreciates affection, strict framework in which she will feel safe under Sagittarius' protection. Sagittarius man is an active opponent of restrictions and barriers, he seeks to destroy the wall not only around himself, but also around other people - whether they like it or not. Cancer woman in a union with Sagittarius will get freedom - something she fears most in life. She would want strong reliable hands to always hold her.

Sagittarius may be the first not to stand. When he is tired of his companion's tears and depression, he will break their relationship much easier than a conservative Cancer woman will. Even having been severely afflicted, she will try to crawl away in the farthest corner, under the stones, but will never seek consolation in turbulent water flow.

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