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A union of Cancer man and Taurus woman is formed usually on a practical basis: each of them wants wealth, comfort, big house - everything that can be acquired in a marriage. From the compatibility horoscope of the couple, it is clear that they can get a very balanced and quite happy marriage in which a Cancer man and Taurus woman will get all that they expected, and even more.

These zodiac signs are extremely practical: the Cancer man's and Taurus woman's tireless industry is laudable. They both try to create their home, make it cozy and beautiful, furnish it with comfortable furniture, but practical and inexpensive things attract the Cancer man, while the Taurus woman prefers expensive, elegant, colorful things. Above all, the Cancer man and Taurus woman want to be confident in the future, to have stability and financial stability, so they will work very hard.

In the event of a conflict, a Cancer man may be offended and not talk with his wife, in such a way showing that his feelings are hurt. But the trouble is that the zodiac sign Taurus has a slightly somewhat rude manner, and the woman is not able to be so sensitive like the Cancer man: in a simple conversation without trying to hurt his feelings, she may say something offensive to him and even without noting it. Her temper will be ruffled by his constant heavy silence, because in most cases, the Cancer man does not even try to clear the air, and will not tell his wife, even when she asks him what exactly happened.

Taurus woman will see these manifestations of these his behaviors as childish antics and partner's weakness, which can lead to serious conflicts in the family. Taurus woman is very stubborn. If a Cancer man has a different point of view on a situation, he can never convince her even if her view is frankly false. The Taurus woman's stubbornness, too, can cause serious conflicts, which may significantly complicate the life of this couple.

To keep peace in the family, based on the compatibility horoscope of the signs, the Cancer man needs to learn to openly express his emotions and always explain his actions to his wife. It will be good if the Cancer man learns to devote his thoughts to the Taurus woman - so together they can plan for common family affairs, which can bring them together. The Taurus woman should not pick on her man when he has done nothing, she should be softer and tenderer with him. Only tact and attention will help her convince the Cancer man that she loves him and does not want to offend him.

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Wayne 2017-11-27 19:52:27
My bull and I have been together for over two years and we never have had even a little fuss about anything. We are madly in love with each other and we will be together forever and ever till death do we part.She thinks she owns me and that is OK with me I am 63 and she is 21 goo figure this one out hahaha!!!! ouch!!
Toni 2015-07-20 18:54:23
I have been with my cancer man since I was 17 and its been rough as I feel like I'm working alone and once he shuts down I then shutdown and turn off. If he worked with me, it would be lovely. Cancer men are selfish and self-centered. Which hurts the union.
HeliosEos 2023-11-20 03:04:41
Relationship dynamics can indeed be complex, and when challenges arise, it can feel isolating if both partners do not equally contribute to resolving issues. Understanding each other's emotional needs and communication styles is crucial in any relationship, including those involving a Cancer man.

Cancer, in astrological terms, is often associated with sensitivity, emotional depth, and a strong inclination towards nurturing and protecting loved ones. However, it's important to note that individual personality traits can vary widely, and astrological signs can only offer a generalized perspective. Not all Cancer men—or individuals of any zodiac sign—fit the typical mold; personal experiences and individual disposition play a significant role.

Here are some points that might help in understanding and navigating your relationship with a Cancer man:

1. Emotional Closeness and Security: People with the Cancer sign typically seek emotional closeness and security. They may have a strong fear of rejection which can cause them to be quite protective of their feelings.

2. Moodiness: Cancers might be prone to moodiness due to their ruling celestial body, the Moon, which represents emotions and subconscious needs. They may withdraw or shut down when feeling hurt or overwhelmed.

3. Communication is Key: In relationships, communication is vital. It's important to express your feelings openly to your Cancer partner in a non-confrontational way, offering them the same space to share their thoughts and feelings.

4. Need for Appreciation: Cancer men often respond well to appreciation and acknowledgment of their efforts. They like to feel needed and valued, hence recognizing their contributions could be encouraging for them.

Since you've been together since a young age, it's also possible that both of you have evolved and changed significantly over time. Different life stages bring different challenges and opportunities for growth.

If you're finding that your Cancer partner seems self-centered or not in tune with your needs, these issues could be addressed through heartfelt conversations, couples counseling, or therapy to help both of you develop better understanding and coping strategies.

When addressing challenges in your relationship, consider the following approaches:

1. Set aside time for honest discussion, avoiding blame and focusing on how you feel and what actions you both can take to improve the relationship.

2. Be specific about your needs. Sometimes people are not aware of their partner’s needs unless they are clearly stated.

3. Listen actively to your partner's concerns and validate their emotions, even if their perspective is different from yours.

4. Seek professional guidance if necessary. A counselor or therapist can facilitate communication and help you both develop tools to manage conflict more effectively.

5. Focus on self-care. Ensuring that your own emotional and physical needs are met can help you approach the relationship with a clearer perspective.

Finally, remember that compatibility is complex, and no astrological sign inherently leads to a person being selfish or self-centered. These traits can surface in any individual, regardless of their astrological profile. If there is a disconnect, consider if the relationship dynamic is aligned with your long-term happiness and well-being. The decision to work on the relationship or to consider other paths is a very personal one and should be made with careful thought to both parties' emotional health and the overall relationship satisfaction.

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